7 Common Problems With Pro Rider Golf Trolley (Easy Solutions)

The Pro Rider golf trolley is a wonderful alternative to the traditional golf cart that is both big, bulky and expensive. The Pro Rider golf trolley rivals’ other brands in the electric golf trolley space. It offers competitive pricing while providing a fully packed electric golf trolley. It is both quiet, responsive and easy to operate. The golfer does not need to carry a heavy golf bag around the golf course as the trolley does all the heavy lifting, carrying the golf bag and clubs to where they are needed with little or no human effort. The golfer needs only to enjoy the sport and walking exercise. The electric motor allows for minimal effort when pushing the trolley around the course. The operator only has to hold the handles and guide the trolley’s direction.

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Pro Rider Golf Trolley Build

The Pro Rider golf trolley features an innovative three-wheel design that allows the trolley to be very stable and easy to maneuver. The two rear wheels on the electric trolley are coupled to the motor and propel the trolley forward while also supporting the weight of the of the golf bag on top. Other models of the Pro Rider golf trolley come with no motor and battery and hence have to be pushed by hand. The single front wheel is used to support the weight of the trolley and also steer it in the desired direction. The trolley uses a 12V, 36ah lead acid battery to power the electric motor and this is good for 36 holes at a maximum speed of 8km/hr. This allows a maximum load capacity of 30kg. The Pro Rider golf trolley uses an aluminum plastic frame for structural rigidity. Despite the many advantages of the Pro Rider golf trolley, it does have a few problems that will be discussed below.

1. Battery Weight

The battery used in the Pro Rider electric golf trolley is very heavy weighing 11kg which is above the trolley weight of 9kg. This large battery weight on the Pro rider golf trolley is a problem as it adds on to the weight of the golf bags that will be placed on the trolley. The battery has to produce more energy and the motor do more work to move the trolley and this significantly reduces the trolley range. One solution to this problem is carrying lighter golf bags and avoiding uneven or wet terrains that may require more power to maneuver.

2. Water Damage

The Pro Rider golf trolley electronics can get severely damaged if exposed to water. Ensure moisture doesn’t enter the trolley ‘s electronic system, motors and gear box. To address this problem, ensure the trolley is not dipped into water sources such as ponds and lacks. It is also advisable not to clean the trolley using high pressure jet washers, rather use a damp cloth to wipe mud, moisture or grass from the frame, wheel, chassis and battery if they develop dirt.

Water damage can also cause corrosion of the trolley frame hence ensure the trolley is kept dry. In the event of heavy rain fall cover trolley with an umbrella. Remove the wheels every few weeks and remove any debris that might cause the wheels to drag. You might also apply lubricant, such as WD-40 to keep moving parts smooth. Thoroughly inspect the trolley at least once a year for any symptoms of wear and allow a trained professional to address the problem if there is need or alternatively contact the Pro Rider service center for assistance.

3. Difficulty In Assembly And Disassembly

The assembly and disassembly of the Pro Rider golf trolley can be a bit difficult, especially the first few attempts however continuous trial can make the assembly and disassembly process easier with time. The long assembly and disassembly time can be a problem in rainy weather or when one is in a rush. To solve this problem and reduce the time needed for assembly and disassembly it is advisable to use the trolley manual that offers steps on how to successfully do the process of assembly and disassembly. The frame lock can also be easily damaged if the trolley is not used cautiously which can render the trolley obsolete. The trolley also has a narrow wheel stance which can affect stability of the trolley and a small scorecard holder hence there may be need to carry additional storage to address the problem.

4. Damage To The Trolley Controller

The Pro Rider golf trolley controller controls the electrical operations of the trolley such as the trolley speed. When the trolley controller gets broken adjusting the trolley speed using the speed control knob may not produce the required speed setting as the trolley may ether fail to start or run at an undesirable speed. To solve this problem, it is advisable to change the trolley controller if it gets damaged.

5. Battery Heating Issues

The Pro Rider golf trolley battery can heat up especially when charging as such it should not be charged in a sealed container or upside-down position. To solve this problem, it is recommended to charge in a well-ventilated area. Avoid charging the battery near a heater, or where heat accumulation may occur or in direct sunshine. In order to prolong the service life of the Pro Rider golf trolley battery, avoid complete discharge of the battery and always charge after use. It is recommended to charge the battery once in a month. Mismatching the battery positive and negative terminals can severely damage the battery while disassembling the battery or throwing it in to a fire can cause problems such as explosions.

6. Long Battery Charging Times

The Pro Rider golf trolley battery takes a long time to charge up to 5 to 12 hours. The trolley also needs to be charged after every round of golf as such it is recommended to charge the trolley at night when it is not use. Care is needed however to ensure the Pro Rider golf trolley is removed from the charger once it is full to stop any problems developing with the battery. Always disconnect the battery when storing the Pro Rider golf trolley and put the trolley together before re-connecting the battery. If not planning to play golf for at least a month, store the Pro Rider golf trolley battery in a warm and dry place (not on concrete floor) to avoid any problems developing with the battery.

7. Trolley Veering To Left Or Right

The Pro Rider golf trolley may veer to the left or right if the wheel is not fitted over the clutch and latched to the axle as such check if the clutch pin is visible at both sides of the axle. Also check if the clutch turns freely and in one direction only and correct if necessary, by properly fitting the wheel into the clutch. If the motor is running but the wheels are not turning check to see if the wheels are secured to axle by a split pin, also check the right and left wheel positions and correct the problem if necessary.