5 Common Motocaddy M3 Pro Problems

The Motocaddy M3 Pro is an electrically powered golf trolley that is designed and built with golfers in mind. Because it is electrically powered the Motocaddy M3 Pro hosts a wide range of features you wouldn’t normally get on a traditional golfer’s trolley, like a 2.8 inch LCD display. The Motocaddy M3 Pro is also equipped with motorized functionality which can be fully utilized while climbing up a steep hill. At this point it would not be farfetched to say the Motocaddy M3 Pro is perfect, but not completely. The electric golf trolley does tend to be problematic at times. Giving users a reason to doubt their purchase of it from time to time.

Table of Contents

1. Your Golf Trolley Isn’t Moving

Because the Motocaddy M3 Pro is electrically powered, the wheels are run by a motor. When electricity is not moving through the golf trolley it will cause the wheels to hault completely and thus the trolley will not move. The problem can also be caused by a faulty control box, which would not be letting electrical current flow through the trolley. Another reason could be that the fuse of the battery has been blown. Or one of the connection cables has been loosened.


  • If the case seems to be a faulty motor or control box, then replacing these parts at a Motocaddy repair shop would suffice.
  • If unsure about whether there are any loose connections between the cables, it would help to unclip the battery case to then check if the connections are secure.
  • If your Motocaddy M3 Pro is not moving, the golf trolley has an amazing feature to specifically cater to this problem. You can slightly pull out the wheels, not completely though, this will override the electric motor and allow you to push the Motocaddy M3 Pro manually without any lag or restraint from the electrical components of the trolley.

2. Your Trolley Isn’t Completing 18 Holes

The Motocaddy M3 Pro is designed specifically for golfers and to play a game of golf, a golfer must complete 18 holes. That is, hitting a golf ball (with a golf stick) such that it enters into these holes in the most minimum amount of strokes (hits.) This problem is usually because of Motocaddy’s battery, a Lithium-ion battery.


  • If your Motocaddy M3 Pro is not completing 18 holes then it is best to recharge it as soon as possible to a complete and full charge. Once charged fully try to run the 18 holes again from the beginning.
  • If the problem continues, the check the charger to see if it is supplying the battery with the right amount of voltage. If the charger is at fault it would be wise to replace it immediately.
  • If it is not the case of the charger, then the battery has a problem and needs to be replaced immediately. The Motocaddy M3 Pro’s battery and charger are both covered under a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase. If you’re still under the warranty period, you can contact them and ask for a new battery and charger.

3. You Can’t See The Display

One of the features the Motocaddy M3 Pro boasts about is that it is 11% smaller than any other electronic trolleys on the market. But some innovations are just a compromise, and it is true for the Motocaddy M3 Pro. Some people are tall, perhaps too tall for the electric golf trolley and that becomes a problem when trying to view the 2.8 inch LCD display. You will not be able to see.


  • Although the Motocaddy M3 Pro comes with an adjustment feature for the part that holds the display, the adjustment can only go so far. So it only caters for some users.
  • It would be wise to purchase a trolley with your height in mind.
  • Some trolleys, like the Motocaddy M3 Pro are small because they’re solving a problem (but they also create many more) and the problem is that of storage and portability of the electric trolley.

4. The Motocaddy M3 Pro Is Expensive

Generally most, if not all, electrically powered golf trolleys are a tad more expensive. This is because they have motors, batteries and LCDs, basically all the fancy high-end stuff. And because all this stuff helps in one way or another, the electric trolley is bound to be costly, this problem is also true for the Motocaddy M3 Pro.

  • If you want more accessories to come with the electric trolley like cup holders or GPS systems, you will also have to pay more money on top of the already costly trolley.

5. Your Trolley Is Moving At One Speed

To control the Motocaddy M3 Pro’s functionality is a knob dial and two arrow-like buttons below the LCD screen. This problem sees you rotating or turning the knob dial on the Motocaddy M3 Pro (to set the speed) but to no avail. Because the Motocaddy M3 Pro is electrically powered, its speed can be adjusted using the knob, the speed level is from 1 to 9.

Depending on your walking pace you can change the speed to suit your pace.


  • If you’re turning the knob and nothing is happening the knob is at fault. It is likely broken from the inside. If you can change the speed setting on the LCD but nothing is happening (that’s to say the speed isn’t changing) the motor of the Motocaddy M3 Pro is the problem.
  • If it is either one of or all the above cases that are causing you Motocaddy M3 Pro the one speed problem, then it is advised to take the entire trolley in for repairs, at a credible shop.


The one thing all electric golf trolleys are good for is to help you lessen the load whilst climbing a steep hill on a golf course. They do not solve any real world problems. I think so of the Motocaddy M3 Pro, all it brings to the table is a colorful display and some motor I could really do away with. Most electric devices that are made, claiming to be solving a problem end up creating even more. I think a traditional golf trolley is good enough.