Motocaddy M1 Pro : Common Problems And Solutions

The Motocaddy M1 Pro is an electrically powered golf trolley having both lead-acid and lithium battery options to choose from. However simply because this is an electrically powered golf trolley, it does have some problems that can prove to be major deal breakers for most golfers. And yet, the electrically powered golf trolley has some of the best features you can ever find on an electrically powered golf trolley. One of the best features on the Motocaddy M1 Pro is it’s ability to fold down to a very compact size. It has a simple one-to-five numbered clip system that allows it to do this. The front wheel of the electric golf trolley also folds down too. How compact a golf trolley can be is an important aspect to its overall functionality.

Table of Contents

1. Golf Trolley Moving At One Speed

This problem on the Motocaddy M1 Pro electric golf trolley is likely caused by a faulty ON and OFF switch. This is the single knob located on the center of the handles just below the LCD screen. It is also used to change the speed setting on the Motocaddy M1 Pro, in which the motor will respond by moving the golf trolley faster. When you can change the speed setting (from one to nine) but the motor is still moving at one speed the problem will then be a damaged or faulty motor.

To Do

  • In both of these Motocaddy M1 Pro one speed problem cases, you would need to replace the parts with new ones.
  • Always buy the replacement parts from accredited Motocaddy dealers or from the official Motocaddy website.
  • If your Motocaddy M1 Pro is still under warranty you will get these parts for free.

2. Golf Trolley Isn’t Moving

Most people can totally forget to do the simple things that may lead to this problem for the Motocaddy M1 Pro. Although this problem can be due to negligence, it can also be a result of a damaged or faulty control box, which an average person will not be able to fix. The control box is the channel or medium through which which input (when you dial the knob) and then processed and then again an output is produced either by moving the trolley or stopping it.

To Do

  • The control box’s functionality can be seen or diagnosed via the first light located on it. When the light is lit the LED board in the handle may be damaged, causing the LED to stay on. In which case you would need to replace the control box.
  • If the LED light is not turning on, the fuse of the control box may be blown. Or the cable connection is loosened. In which case you would need to replace the fuse or make sure that the cable connection to and from the battery isn’t loose.
  • Make sure that your battery is charged using the right charger with the right amount of voltage. A faulty battery can cause problems for the fuses in the Motocaddy M1 Pro electric golf trolley, which will cause even more problems for other parts of the electric golf trolley.
  • Make sure to keep water away from the control box area and when an accidental spillage occurs that you wipe it down immediately to avoid it from going into the electric golf trolley’s inner circuitry.

3. Golf Trolley Doesn’t Finish Golf Course

Since the Motocaddy M1 Pro is a golf trolley, it is meant to carry your golf bag through the entire golf course. And since it is electrically powered, this should be fairly easy as the task is aided by powerful 280 Watt motors. However the Motocaddy M1 Pro can have the problem of not completing the entire golf course, taking you (your golf bag) up to a certain point and then shutting down completely.

To Do

  • It is advised that when first using your Motocaddy M1 Pro electric golf trolley to fully charge it before taking it out to a golf course.
  • If you have the same problems even after fully charging the battery, then it would be best to consider getting a replacement battery.
  • It can be advantageous to carry with you two batteries so that when such a problem occurs, you have a backup ready in place.
  • Do not expose your battery to direct sunlight as this may cause it to expand, and lead it to having a shorter lifespan.
  • When purchasing your Motocaddy M1 Pro you have the option of two types of lithium batteries. Either an 18 hole lithium battery or a 36 hole lithium battery, the latter lasting (running) longer than the former. However the 36 hole lithium battery is considerably more expensive than the 18 hole lithium battery.
  • You can also contact the Motocaddy technical support team for more advice on this problem.

4. Golf Trolley Can Veer (Change Direction)

Since the Motocaddy M1 Pro is an electrically powered golf trolley, sometimes you will let go of the handles so as to let the golf trolley move by itself. This is especially true if you use the automatic stop feature, whereby you select a distance (in yards) at which you would like the golf trolley to stop and watch it run entirely by itself. This is useful if you want the Motocaddy M1 Pro to be at the hole you want to shoot your shot to but you don’t want to walk there and then come back. However when left to its own judgement the Motocaddy M1 Pro does have a problematic tendency to veer off a straight path and ultimately move towards the wrong direction.

To Do

  • This problem is because the front wheel of the Motocaddy M1 Pro electric golf trolley becomes misaligned, which is a result of an unevenly balanced golf bag or loose bag support () In which case you would need to remove the bag and place it evenly.
  • Make sure that the wheel nut and push down lever are locking the front wheel in place.


The Motocaddy M1 Pro electric golf trolley is one of the best electric golf trolleys from the company. It is packed with features golfers of all levels have come to know and appreciate from the Motocaddy brand, and at a reasonable price too. Although it has its fair share of problems, you will be surprised to know that these are not the worst problems an electric golf trolley is prone to having. And that makes the Motocaddy M1 Pro electric golf trolley seem not so bad.