Motocaddy M7 Remote Problems: 7 Common Issues (Explained)

Winner of the My Golf Spy “Most Wanted” award, the Motocaddy M7 is the perfect solution for any golf enthusiast that is seeking an easy and reliable way to transport their golf club bag around the golf course. The Motocaddy M7 electric golf bag trolley allows the golfer to be able to bring all the necessary golf clubs to where they are required without carrying them themselves. The Motocaddy M7 remote trolley also allows the person to control the golf bag trolley using a remote handset hence the operator can control the trolley’s forward and reverse motion from afar.

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Motocaddy M7 Remote Build

The MotoCady M7 remote is an electric golf trolley that uses the energy stored in the battery to power the motor that drives the wheels. A remote handset can also be used to control the Motocaddy M7 golf bag trolley from afar. The remote handset provides forward, left, right and reverse controls. This allows the operator to remotely control its direction of motion as well as its speed. It also has a stop and lock button to stop the motion of the trolley if there is need. The rechargeable remote handset control conveniently clips to the trolley frame for easy access and storage, it also offers ergonomics controls which increase usability and precision when controlling the trolley. The trolley uses a stable 3 main wheel arrangement with a fourth additional anti-tip wheel for extra stability when carrying heavy cargo on steep descents. The Motocaddy M7 remote however has a few problems that will be discussed below.

1. Long Motocaddy M7 Remote Handset Charging Times

The motocaddy M7 remote handset has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is charged via a mini-USB cable. It takes 4 to 5 hours to charge which can be a problem if there is need to use the remote handset. To solve this problem, ensure the remote handset is charged along with the trolley at night when the trolley is not in use.

2. Motocaddy M7 Steering And Control Difficulties

The Motocaddy M7 remote electric trolley speed and steering characteristics are not consistent and will vary depending on the surface the trolley is being used upon. The Motocaddy M7 remote trolley turns much quicker on harder surfaces and will behave differently on the grass. Since grass is widely used on most golf courses this can cause under steer or over steer problems hence ensure the trolley is used with lower speeds especially during the first few trials. The weight of the golf bag also affects speed and steering hence ensure the trolley is not over loaded in order to get optimum performance. Also ensure the trolley is used to carry golf bags alone as other weights such as humans can cause problems with the trolley.

3. Motocaddy M7 Sensitivity To Water

Ensure the Motocaddy M7 trolley is not submerged into water or lakes as the trolley could have damaged weather proof seals hence water may penetrate and cause problems with the trolley electronics. The trolley also uses a metal frame that can develop rust if in contact with moisture hence ensure the trolley does not come into contact with water especially for long and extended periods. Avoid using pressure washers when cleaning the trolley to prevent water damage problems. Using high pressure air hoses can also result in problems especially with the moving components hence it should not be used. It is advised to use a damp cloth to remove dirty and mud especially when cleaning the front wheels that can get clogged up with mud and dirt.

4. The Motocaddy M7 Remote Handset Range Limitation

The Motocaddy M7 remote control handset has a specific distance range where it can remotely control the trolley hence ensure the trolley is always within this range when being controlled remotely.

5. Battery Care Problems

The Motocaddy M7 trolley battery needs to be charged as soon as possible after use as leaving the battery discharged for long periods of time will affect the battery life. The battery also requires to be charged using the designated Motocaddy M7 charger in order to ensure it doesn’t develop any problems. The battery needs to be stored and charged at temperatures ranging between 10 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius, anything beyond these limits can cause problems like battery deterioration to occur. To prevent problems like short circuiting the battery, ensure the connections of the battery and the Motocaddy M7 remote trolley match up black to black and grey to grey. The battery should always be unplugged before folding the trolley to avoid damaging the battery and trolley.

Long Battery Charge Times

Battery charge times can also be long, up to 3 to 5 hours hence the Motocaddy M7 trolley battery should be charged over night when not in use. When storing the battery for long periods of time it should be stored half full and recharged before usage so as to protect the battery from damage. The Battery management system (BMS) also switches of the battery when it becomes too low or is over discharged hence ensure the battery is always fully charged before use to eliminate any problems.

Battery Moisture Issues

Avoid getting the Motocaddy M7 remote electric trolley battery wet as lithium violently reacts with water and the battery can swell up or explode. To eliminate the chances of moisture getting into the battery use a damp clean cloth to clean dirt rather than dipping the battery in water or using pressurized washers. Dropping the battery can result in damage to its internal cells hence to avoid this problem don’t lift the battery using the cable.

Battery Charger Issues

The battery charger needs to be connected to an earthed socket outlet in order to protect the user as well as the battery from electrical surges. The charger may develop problems as such should be checked by authorized personnel.

6. Slopes Inclination Limitation

The Motocaddy M7 remote trolley can tip over backwards on steeper inclines if its stability is compromised hence to eliminate this problem attach the back anti-tip wheel, it is recommended to fit the wheel especially when navigating the trolley using the remote-control handset. The anti-tip wheel should also be cleaned as it can develop dirt and mud which will hinder its motion.

7. Front Wheel Alignment Problems

The front wheel alignment of the Motocaddy M7 remote trolley can be affected by several factors including a slightly loose bag support or an unevenly packed golf bag. This then affects the ability of the trolley to move in a straight line. To address this problem, adjust the front wheel alignment by moving the metal dials clockwise or anticlockwise depending on the direction the trolley is veering to. If the trolley is veering to the right, turn the left-hand dial clockwise and the right-hand dial anti-clockwise. If it is veering to the left, turn the right-hand dial clockwise and the left-hand dial anti-clockwise. This should address the problem.