5 Most Common Ben Sayers Golf Trolley Problems

Ben Sayers golf trolleys offer simplicity and convenience that is unmatched in the golf trolley industry. Not only does the company offer simple manual push golf trolleys but electrically powered golf trolleys as well. Some of their most prominent golf trolleys are their Lithium battery electric trolleys, which feature a 200W motor that tackles even the steepest of slopes. Ben Sayers’ lithium batteries have a life span that lasts up to five times longer than most traditional lead-acid batteries. The golf trolley frames are built with lightweight aluminum that make the golf trolleys easy to carry. But the Ben Sayers golf trolleys, like most things, have their share of problems. Some of which arise from the company’s urge to manufacture affordable golf trolleys.

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1. Rods That Support The Wheels Break

This is a very serious problem that shouldn’t even exist on golf trolleys, but it does on Ben Sayers golf trolleys. This problem sees the supports of the wheels (back wheels) completely breaking and the wheels coming off. This is because the weight of the golf clubs and golf bag become too heavy for the Ben Sayers golf trolley to support and so gives in to the weight .

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  • Extreme heat can cause metal to expand, in which case it will be more likely to break. Even in very cold weather metal is prone to breakage. Although these scenarios are very rare, they are very worthy of acknowledgement.
  • Unfortunately this problem is also a result of the build quality of your Ben Sayers golf trolley. If this problem occurs within one year of purchase then it would be wise to immediately return the golf trolley as it will still be under warranty.

2. Battery Loses Power Quickly

One of the features of electrical golf trolleys on that they have batteries, the Ben Sayers electrical golf trolleys boast about their Lithium battery’s long-lasting capability but the problem is that it is not long-lasting at all. Golfers will see the battery being able to put them through less and lesser holes, even though the battery is claimed to last for the maximum of 36 holes for a golf course.

To Do

  • It is important to make sure that on the first day of purchase, your Ben Sayers golf trolley’s battery is charged fully. This can take a maximum of about seven hours.
  • Make sure that the battery isn’t stored in very hot or very cold conditions as this will inevitably shorten the battery’s lifespan.
  • Make sure that the right amount of voltage is making its way into the battery, if not, it will probably result in the battery getting hotter and hotter whilst it is being charged.
  • Make sure to never expose the battery to direct sunlight, especially whilst on the golf course as this is where the electric golf trolley is most used.

3. On & Off Button Isn’t Working

This problem sees the on and off button on the Ben Sayers electric golf trolley not working, thus you cannot either turn the golf cart on or off. This is because the button is not making contact with the microswitch underneath it. In which case it would definitely be broken.

To Do

  • With such a problem you would have to take your Ben Sayers electric golf trolley in for repairs at a qualified repair technician.

4. Speed Is Difficult To Set

With electrical golf trolleys, as opposed to manually pushed ones, you set a speed usually according to your own walking pace via the control/ navigation knob of the electric golf trolley and it will move according to the set speed. This problem happens when the knob has been damaged from the inside out, such that you can only turn it but no real change happens to the Ben Sayers electric golf trolley.

Or sometimes the knob becomes too responsive such that when slightly turned the speed selection flashes uncontrollably over the display screen.

To Do

  • In such a case the control microswitch on the under side of the button is most likely broken and needs to be repaired urgently.
  • It helps not to be too aggressive when dealing with delicate or smaller parts of the Ben Sayers electric golf trolley.

5. Only Moves At One Speed

This Ben Sayers electric golf trolley problem is caused by a damaged control module. Usually from impact when you’re storing the electric golf trolley or from unfavorable weather conditions like rain. When the control module gets damaged, no matter what the LCD will display, the Ben Sayers electric golf trolley will misbehave in ways such as this.

The knob may move and the display may give the correct output in response but the electric trolley will still move at one speed. This is because the Ben Sayers electric golf trolley isn’t loaded with sensors.

To Do

  • Always make sure that elements like rain do not dampen the electric components of your Ben Sayers electric golf trolley.
  • If rain or water (from spillage) makes its way make sure to wipe the components thoroughly with a dry cloth. Or use a compressed air can to spray away the water.
  • Water should never make its way into the inner parts of your Ben Sayers electric golf trolley.
  • It is also important to make sure that your battery is charged according to the number of holes you want to complete, which is almost always a full charge.


Ben Sayer golf trolleys are very basic tools to say the least and for some reason I think that is good, they don’t offer the most high-end features like a mode for the electric golf trolley to automatically follow you around the golf course. They cater to the very fundamental functions you would expect from a golf trolleys and that is to help you carry your bag whilst you complete your holes. Their faulty electronics are proof that electrical components do not actually help improve the quality of golf trolleys but rather makes them all the more unbearable. Manual Ben Sayers golf trolleys are simple and good enough to push up a slightly steep hill.