GoKart Golf Trolley : Common Problems And Solutions

GoKart golf trolleys are designed to cope with every situation whether on or off the golf course. The golf trolleys are designed with new materials for extra strength and even weight balance. These new materials are made of reinforced thermoplastic polymers, making the GoKart golf trolleys stand out from the competition. The GoKart electric golf trolleys have high-end electric technology, sparking a lithium battery for easy and safe rechargeability and automation sensors that are second to none. Instead of having knobs and buttons to operate the golf trolley, it is fitted with high-tech sensors that automatically adjust the golf trolley’s speed in relation to the pace you will be walking at. It would be enough to end here and deem the GoKart golf trolley a marvelous feat of golfing centered technology, but there are on occasion problems from the electric golf trolley and we will be taking a look at them.

Table of Contents

1. No Knobs or Buttons

Not a very big problem yes? No, it can be very problematic to operate the GoKart electric golf trolley correctly. The electric golf trolley has sensors instead, the sensors will be able to detect your pace and then adjust the GoKart golf trolley’s speed accordingly. This is first of all a problem because you wouldn’t be able to tell if the golf trolley was electric or not from just looking at it. And most importantly when technical difficulties arise you wouldn’t be able to toggle with the golf trolley’s settings to try and perhaps solve the issues.


  • When you hold the GoKart golf trolley’s handle, the pressure sensors located on the handles will cause the golf trolley to either accelerate or decelerate. When walking faster you will naturally clench your fists more, this will then cause the golf trolley to speed up as well.
  • The GoKart golf trolley has what is known as an isolator switch, this switch makes sure that the golf trolley is isolated from the surrounding environment to keep it stationary. That’s to say if you leave the golf trolley unattended, manually pushing the GoKart golf trolley will not make the motors start (essential if you’re worried about theft.)
  • Once you’re on the golf course, the GoKart golf trolley will automatically start to move on its own (because of its sensors.)

2. Needs Battery To Be Stable.

The lithium battery on the GoKart golf trolley is an essential part of the entire golf trolley’s build. The problem is that the battery is built such that when the GoKart golf trolley is unfolded and being setup, the battery locks the frame of the GoKart golf trolley in place. The GoKart golf trolley is not a manual push trolley.


  • However if you just so happen to start having battery problems, you can technically manually push the golf trolley in front of you.
  • You would still need to make sure that the battery is securely in place so that it locks the frame of the GoKart golf trolley into place.

3. Entirely Made Of Plastic

The problem with a plastic build for the entire GoKart golf trolley is that it is prone to breaking. Plastic is a flimsy material that will break under very intense weight and pressure. And for some golf trolley users this might be the deciding factor because other golf trolleys brands made entirely of plastic break easily.


  • The GoKart golf trolley is made up of thermoplastic polymers. This is a very different kind of plastic. It is moulded with the right formulation to produce the best performance in terms of the strength and efficiency of the golf trolley. It’s structure is very solid.
  • In fact the GoKart brand has won numerous international awards for the innovation and quality of their golf trolleys.

4. Scorecard Holder Snaps/Breaks

This is a part on the GoKart golf trolley located just below the handle that can hold numerous things like golf balls, scorecards, et cetera. The problem is that it more often than not breaks on the GoKart golf trolley. Mostly due to the weight that is either put in it or on it. Although the plastic is very strong it is liable to breakage under the worst conditions. The scorecard holder is quite a small and delicate part.


  • It is advised to not overload the GoKart golf trolley’s scorecard holder.
  • Do not use the scorecard holder as a weight balancing platform when you’re on the golf course.
  • Be gentle when using the scorecard holder, such that you aren’t too aggressive with it.
  • When this problem occurs on your GoKart golf trolley you should always call GoKart customer support and they will provide you with an adequate replacement.

5. Straps Can Break

These are the straps on the GoKart golf trolley that hold your golf bag in place. This is so that the golf bag does not fall off when your golf trolley is speeding or when it hits an obstacle. This problem will make your bag fall off the trolley if unregulated.


  • The straps on the GoKart golf trolley are made up of very strong elastic, it would help not to be very aggressive when you’re about to put them on.
  • Golf bags have a universal specification for the part where the straps from a golf trolley are placed. So of your golf bag is large it is most probably a reject or faulty one.
  • Make sure to avoid sharp objects that may cut the straps.
  • You can call the GoKart golf trolley hotline and ask for a replacement. Which you can easily setup yourself.


It was a very taxing endeavor to try and find problems from the GoKart golf trolley because the golf trolleys are simply amazing. The GoKart company is very innovative in every aspect of the word. Their golf trolleys are second to none on the golf trolley market. It was equally hard to find negative things people had to say about the brand or any bad experience, and that honestly says a lot about the company and its products. Their customer service is very responsive and when faced with a problem with one of their golf trolleys they react as quickly as they possibly can.