Motocaddy Wheel Problems (Solutions Included)

Motocaddy has definitely created a name for itself when it comes to creating quality electric golf trolleys however, in as much as these golf trolleys may seem perfect, they tend to face problems if they are used on a regular basis. In this article we are going to focus mainly on the wheel problems that a Motocaddy golf trolley usually experiences, and how you can easily resolve them.

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What Is A Motocaddy?

A Motocaddy is an electric golf trolley that is manufactured by the company known as Motocaddy. There are different models or versions of Motocaddy golf trolleys, with the latest versions being powered by lithium batteries.

Motocaddy Wheel Problems

NB: Motocaddy electric golf trolleys are sold with wheels that are in perfect condition, and the problems indicated below are influenced by wear and tear experienced by the trolleys on the golf course.

1. Wheels Do Not Move

The wheels of your Motocaddy may refuse to move whilst you are on the golf course. This problem is usually caused by any of the following factors;

  • A faulty control box.
  • A dead fuse.
  • Loose connection cables.

Troubleshooting Wheels Do Not Move Problem

If the wheels of your Motocaddy are refusing to move, here are a few techniques that you can use when trying to resolve the problem;

  • If the control box is faulty, you should take it to a reputable repairer and have it fixed.
  • If the fuse is blown out, make sure you replace it with a new one.
  • If there are loose connection cables you need to tighten them.

2. Wheels Swerve

Another wheel problem which you may experience when using a Motocaddy golf trolley is that the wheels might start to swerve either to the left or to the right. This problem is usually caused by;

  • An unevenly packed golf bag.
  • Loose bag support
  • A misaligned wheel.

Troubleshooting Wheel Swerves Problem

When the wheels of your Motocaddy are swerving or veering, you will need to follow a series of steps in order to troubleshoot the problem. Below are a series of steps which you need to follow in order to resolve the issue;

  • Start by checking whether your golf bag is packed evenly. If it is not, you should repack it the correct way.
  • Check whether bag support is tight and adjust accordingly.
  • If the wheel is misaligned you will need to adjust the front wheel housing by either turning the small metal dials to the left if the wheel is swerving to the right or turning to the right if it is swerving to the left.

3. Front Wheel Jams Up

Another Motocaddy wheel problem which you may experience is that the front wheel might get jammed. This problem usually occurs when;

  • Debris or dirt gets stuck in the wheel.

Troubleshooting Front Wheel Jams Up Problem

When the front wheel of your Motocaddy jams up, you should switch off the golf trolley and try to remove any dirt or debris that may be stuck in the front wheel. If you are unable to do this, you can seek assistance from a reputable repairer.

How To Avoid Motocaddy Wheel Problems

The best way to avoid Motocaddy wheel problems is to always care and maintain for your golf trolley. This means that you shouldn’t use it for an extended period of time on the golf course and also you should regularly check it to see if the wheels and other parts are in perfect condition.

How To Care For Your Motocaddy

Regularly Check Your Motocaddy For Any Problems

It’s important that you regularly check your Motocaddy for any problems so that you can fix them earlier rather than waiting for the problems to manifest into an even bigger problem. Some of the important things you should check are the battery, axle, wheels and battery connections. Checking these important elements regularly will help to ensure that your electric golf trolley lasts you a lifetime.

Never Use A Pressure Washer To Clean It

If you have a Motocaddy, never clean it using a pressure washer. This is because it uses a lot of pressure to clean the trolley and as a result it can end up stripping paint or removing grease intended for lubricating your wheels. So if you want to clean your Motocaddy, its best that you use a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Always Charge The Battery

When you finish using your golf trolley, it is important that you charge it immediately. This is because leaving the battery uncharged for long periods of time can reduce life span of the battery. So if you want your battery to remain in good condition, always charge it after every use.

Never Use A Cheap Charger

If you have a Motocaddy electric golf trolley, it is impornt that you also use a Motocaddy charger to recharge your trolley. Using cheap chargers to recharge your trolley can cause you problems with your battery. So to avoid any problems always use a charger that is compatible and recommended by Motocaddy.

Why Does My Electric Golf Trolley Keep Cutting Out?

Your electric golf trolley might be cutting out because the battery is defective or the control box has a problem. There might also be loose connections within the trolley. Therefore, you may need to take the trolley to a qualified repairer to have it fixed.

Why Does My Golf Trolley Pull To The Left?

Your golf trolley might be pulling to the left because your golf bag is unevenly packed or because the wheel is misaligned. In order to resolve this problem you can either repack your bag or realign the wheel.


Motocaddy produces the best electric golf trolleys however, they are not always flawless as one would think. The article above as highlighted some of the common wheel problems that this trolley usually experiences. It is important to remember that most of these problems can easily be troubleshoot at home, so you do not have to worry about spending more money whilst trying to get the problem fixed.