4 Motocaddy M7 Problems You Should Be Aware Of

This is a remote controlled golf trolley from Motocaddy and it is ideal for golfers looking to enjoy their rounds on the golf course without having to touch or maneuver the Motocaddy M7 itself. The two large rear wheels of the remote controlled golf trolley are fitted with strong motors and they again serve as the steering wheels for the golf trolley. This feature works as such; if one wheel spins or rotates faster than the other, the Motocaddy M7 golf trolley will also turn and move towards that direction. This method of steering is known as ‘skid’ steering. Unique to the Motocaddy M7 golf trolley is a smaller fourth wheel that protrudes from the back to prevent things like the golf trolley tipping off from the front (wheelie) on inclines like hills that are present on the golf course. It is especially useful for when starting the Motocaddy M7 and it jolts into motion. By now the Motocaddy M7 seems to tick each and every box a golf trolley needs to tick, but the remote golf trolley does in fact carry a lot more problems than features. Here they are.

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1. Range Limit

The Motocaddy M7 golf trolley is a remote controlled golf trolley, users can control the Motocaddy M7 from a relatively far off distance. The problem being, not that far off. The range of connection has a certain limit and if that limit is passed the golf trolley will not be able to be controlled. Other factors like weather and trees on the golf course can cause the connection to also be severed.

To Do

  • When using the remote control of the Motocaddy M7 golf trolley, be sure to use it within the range of the golf trolley to ensure a stable connection.
  • Make sure that the path or distance between you and the golf trolley is unobstructed.

2. A Sensitive Battery

The battery of the Motocaddy M7 is the heart of the golf trolley. It is essentially what powers the golf trolley when moving around on the golf course. The problem with the Motocaddy M7’s Battery however is that it is very sensitive, that’s to say a slight change in conditions can cause the battery to misbehave, or worse completely die. The battery needs to be charged for about 3 to 5 hours which is a really long time if you’re eager to get to the golf course. When the battery gets just a little wet, which can oftentimes happen on a golf course, the battery is liable to swelling or worse exploding. Even when the battery is dropped it can result to some very serious problems like damage to the internal connections.

To Do

  • It would help to charge the Motocaddy M7’s battery over night, so that you don’t have to when leaving for the golf course.
  • When visiting the golf course in the mornings there’s likely to be some dew on the grass. It would help to visit the course when the sun has evaporated the dew, usually from 10AM going onwards.
  • When there’s spillage on the Motocaddy M7 golf trolley be sure to wipe it off effectively using a dry cloth.
  • Do not use pressurized water cleaners with the Motocaddy M7 remote golf trolley.
  • Be sure to handle the battery with extreme care to avoid it from falling from your hands easily.
  • The Motocaddy M7’s battery has a management system that turns off the battery when it’s charge becomes too low. This helps preserve the battery’s lifespan.
  • The Motocaddy M7’s battery charger needs to be connected to an earthed socket in order to protect it from power surges and the likes.

3. Front Wheel Isn’t Great

Although the wheels on the Motocaddy M7 golf trolley are engineering marvels, they do present quite a number of problems. One being that the front wheel of the golf trolley, this wheel controls the direction in which the entire golf trolley will go. The problem is that the golf trolley will not move in a straight line or path when you happen to unevenly pack your golf bag, which you place on the golf trolley, or when the golf bag isn’t placed securely onto the Motocaddy M7’s mounting

To Do

  • Therefore be sure to evenly balance your golf bag, such that weight is distributed evenly. Even with the back wheel the Motocaddy M7 is still slightly unstable, and can be unbalanced easily. Also make sure that the golf bag aligns with the golf trolley’s golf bag clips.
  • To adjust the front wheel’s alignment, move the metal dials on the wheel in the direction the golf trolley will be veering off to. That is, if the golf trolley is veering to the right, turn the lefthand dial clockwise and vice versa.

4. Remote Control’s Charging

The Motocaddy M7’s remote is an enigma, it is a small handset that easily fits into the size of your palm and allows you to control the Motocaddy M7 golf trolley. The only problem is that it takes the same amount of time to charge the small remote handset as it does to charge the entire golf trolley’s battery. Which is about 3 to 5 hours.

To Do


The Motocaddy M7 is a great golf trolley, you wouldn’t expect anything less from the brand. Although riddled with problems that might make you second guess your preference of it, the Motocaddy M7 golf trolley has no more or no less the same problems you would find on any other golf trolley. It is beautifully designed to cater for the needs of the modern golfer which isn’t easily featured on most golf trolleys these days. The Motocaddy M7 does not compromise on usability and that is an awesome feat altogether.