Powakaddy FX3 Problems : 6 Common Issues (Explained)

The Powakaddy FX3 electronic golf trolley removes all the strain of carrying a golf bag across an entire golf course which is quite a tedious task and may even lead to back pains. The Powakaddy FX3 offers one of the best entry level solutions to this problem. The Powakaddy FX3 electric golf trolley is uncompromising and offers unbeatable performance and reliability. It is equipped with a wide range of features and a powerful electric motor that offers relief from all the weight which would otherwise be carried on one’s shoulders. This allows the golfer to focus all their energy on the next putt. It also offers an electronic brake system for downhill slopes, a 20% smaller fold and a plug and play 30volt battery system.

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Powakaddy FX3 Specifications

The Powakaddy FX3 electric golf trolley offers a full color 2.3” OCA widescreen display, a high power 30-volt speed controller system which improves speed control and low-profile sports wheels which are both stylish and silent when running on hard surfaces. The Powakaddy FX3 is powered by a high-power plug and play 30-volt lithium-ion battery system which is very thin and light. The energy from this battery pack is used to power the 30-volt, 230-watt, whisper quiet electric motor that drives the wheels. This allows the trolley to be propelled forward with exceptional power on all types of terrains. The Powakaddy FX3 is equipped with a battery top isolator switch with an LED indicator and a battery fuel indicator. The Powakaddy FX3 has the ability to pull off at the same speed it stopped at and offers a simple one click fold system which folds 20% smaller. It also comes with a new anti-tamper dial control and a 2-year trolley warranty.

1. Battery Challenges

The Powakaddy FX3 electric golf trolley has many problems associated with the battery. The battery is sensitive to water and reacts very violently when in contact with water. To avoid any problems developing with the battery one must ensure the battery does not come into contact with water. The Powakaddy FX3 battery also has long charging times and hence the battery should be charged at night when the golf trolley is not in use to solve this problem. The Powakaddy FX3 Lithium-ion battery needs to be turned off using the power button, as leaving the battery on with the Green LED illuminated could result in the battery discharging or the Powakaddy golf trolley activating while it is being transported and this can be problematic. Powering the golf trolley in a confined space could result in injury or damage to the Powakaddy FX3 golf trolley itself.

2. Electronic Brake System Problems

The Powakaddy FX3 electric golf trolley features an electronic brake system which maintains a constant speed when using the golf trolley, preventing it from running away from the user. This is an assisted braking system for hill descent and not a parking brake. One problem with this braking system on the Powakaddy FX3 electric golf trolley, is that it must be powered and the wheels engaged with the clutch for the braking system to function. The drive system uses a limited slip differential to allow braking and easy maneuverability however problems can arise. Traversing a steep slope may cause the trolley to lose traction and the wheels may start to spin uncontrollably. It is recommended to reduce the speed of the trolley and apply even pressure to the handle to increase traction on both wheels. Wet or loose ground conditions are problematic and may cause the wheels to lock up, and slip on steep slopes. A firm grip must be maintained when traversing through these conditions.

3. Maintenance Challenges

The Powakaddy FX3 golf trolley is fairly easy to maintain but it does have some strict requirements that can be problematic. One problem is that it should never be jet washed or immersed in water as the electronic components and battery are very sensitive and can experience water damage. Thus, the Powakaddy FX3 should always be cleaned using a sponge and warm water to remove grass, mud and other debris. The wheels should be occasionally removed, and grease should be applied to the axles and wheels to prevent friction and ensure smooth operation of the Powakaddy FX3 golf trolley without any problems developing with it.

4. Charging Problems

One problem with the Powakaddy FX3 electric golf trolley is that it cannot charge while the battery is inside of it. There is no way to charge the trolley with the battery inside of it. The battery needs to be removed from the Powakaddy FX3 electric trolley in order to charge it. Other than the actual effort and extra step of removing the battery it also makes room for common mistakes like forgetting the battery when herding to the golf course. The battery and battery charger have heating problems and it is advisable to charge them in a well-ventilated room with ambient temperatures. The battery has a constant need to charge and it should be charged within 24hours of use. Failure to do this may result in battery problems and reduce the battery life. To charge the battery, it should be turned on via the power button on the Powakaddy FX3 electric trolley battery and when charging is completed the power button should be pressed to preserve battery life and avoid discharge problems.

5. Front Wheel Alignment Issues

Another problem with the Powakaddy FX3 is that the front wheel alignment can easily be scrambled and this makes the golf trolley unable to run straight, and may be a bit problematic to fix for the most part. This may be caused by mud or debris which may clog the wheel mechanism. To fix this problem, the front wheel may be adjusted using a standard 4mm hex key also known as an Allen key which comes included. There are 2 visible hex screws on the lower side of each wheel, when tightened or loosened, they angle the wheel left or right. Make sure to clean out whatever may be clogging the front wheel as well.

6. Front Wheel Fold Problems

The Powakaddy FX3 electric golf trolley provides a very simple one click folding system. This makes it very simple to fold and the 20%-fold reduces the size to a very reasonable size for most car boots and allows it to stand on its own. However, the problem is that the front wheel does not fold in, making it less compact and a very awkward shape for car boots. The none foldable front wheel may also stain the car boot with grass and mud stains if it is not covered.


The Powakaddy FX3 electric golf trolley is a great all round entry-level solution for any golfing needs with a 2.3” full color display, a plug and play lithium-ion battery and electronic braking system. It also offers a wide host of features with only a few problems. Regular troubleshooting is essential to ensure the golf trolley functions as intended.