Stewart Golf Trolley : 4 Common Problems

The Stewart Golf electric golf trolley is great for users who would like to keep their hands free whilst the golf trolley follows suit. The golf trolley manufacturing company is one of the pioneers of this type of technology on electrically powered golf trolleys. The Stewart Golf electric golf trolley has one of, if not, the best following features in the industry. The following feature is what makes the golf cart follow you automatically; self driving or propelling itself to your exact pace so that it doesn’t fall behind. It is also a remote control powered golf trolley that lets users control the golf trolley whilst they walk behind it hands-free. The design is simple and modern offering form and function in the same box. However although the electric golf trolley is packed with features, it is susceptible to problems that some users may find off-putting. One being that the golf trolleys may be delivered to your door in already damaged or faulty packaging. Let’s find out more of what those problems are.

Table of Contents

1. The Main Feature Doesn’t Work Properly

This is the follow feature, the one that Stewart Golf keeps bragging about and bringing up as revolutionary. Unfortunately though it does not work as intended. It is a little jerky or unstable because of the Stewart Golf electric golf trolley’s hyper sensitive sensors. With the Stewart Golf electric golf trolley’s follow feature the electric golf trolley only knows how to follow you because of the remote control you will have to hold, it acts as a beacon or checkpoint so that the golf trolley knows where you are at any given time and what to follow. The problem that then ensues here is that the Stewart Golf electric golf trolley ends up veering off a straight path because it doesn’t know where you are.

To Do

  • As stated before for the hands-free follow feature to work you need the remote control that comes with the golf trolley on your person. Make sure you’re as close to the electric golf trolley as possible.
  • When the golf trolley starts to veer off whilst on the hands-free follow mode you can quickly take back control using the remote control to avoid it from veering off in the wrong directions.
  • When using the follow feature, do not lead the golf trolley into tight quarters. The feature works best in open fairways.
  • Make sure that nothing is obstructing the connectivity or range between the remote control and the Stewart Golf electric golf trolley.

2. Bad Remote Quality

For the Stewart Golf electric golf trolley to work it has to have the remote control present, it is after all advertised as a remote controlled golf trolley. So naturally the most used part of the electric golf trolley will be the remote. The problem here is that the remote isn’t very well built, in fact some users only claim it lasts for a month before needing a totally new replacement. Some of the golf trolley’s functionality is also severed by this.

To Do

  • Make sure to get in contact with Stewart Golf’s customer support if your remote control happens to break or cease to function so that you get a replacement.
  • Make sure to get your golf trolley from an accredited dealer or the Stewart Golf website itself to minimize the risk of such a problem.
  • It would help to be as gentle with the Stewart Golf electric golf trolley’s remote control that you preserve it to last a little longer.
  • Since the Stewart Golf electric golf trolley is not from the USA but instead from the UK, error in package handling may cause some of the parts to get damaged in transit. In this case the remote.

3. Unstable When Moving

The Stewart Golf electric golf trolley has a stability problem. This is a design flaw from the company because this is one of the most important factors a golf trolley should account for as it will be purchased fundamentally for carrying a golf bag with golf clubs, golf balls and the lost in it. It needs to be able to carry all these things whilst moving steadily on the golf course. Unfortunately the Stewart Golf electric golf trolley does not possess this steadiness, in fact the golf trolley is liable to tipping and following over because of this flaw. Some users go the distance of using weight from other objects to balance the Stewart Golf electric golf trolley.

To Do

  • It is recommended that your golf bag weigh not more than 15 kilograms (33 pounds.)
  • It is also advised to use a cart bag instead of a stand bag or pencil bag, these are essentially types of golf bags.
  • Make sure to only carry the number of golf clubs you will be using.
  • You can also use your golf balls to counteract the weight instability of the golf trolley.

4. Slow Speed

The Stewart Golf electric golf trolley is not for users who want to get things done in a hurry. The problem here is that the golf trolley is quite slow, sometimes to the point of you walking past it. But this is said to be intentional by the Stewart Golf company. It is said to reduce battery consumption and rightly so, this electric golf trolley can do a maximum of 54 holes before needing to be fully recharged again.

To Do

  • Unfortunately that is how the Stewart Golf electric golf trolley is built, there’s no switch, button or setting that can change this. It is so that the golf trolley conserves as much power as possible because most power consumption is from the golf trolley’s motor.


The Stewart Golf electric golf trolley has an amazing feature but the technology is not quite there yet. And apparently neither is their customer service, it is very much selective, only catering to a small number of customers when they should be catering to all of their needs. How you take care of people who support you says a lot about how you run your business.