Club Car Battery Charger Troubleshooting

The Club Car battery needs to be charged fully before being used on the golf course but, what do you do if the charger is not working. Below we discuss some of the Club Car battery charger troubleshooting hacks which you can easily try out.

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What Is A Club Car Golf Cart?

A Club Car golf cart is a high performing golf cart which is produced by the American company known as Club Car. This golf cart is loved by many because of its durability and sophisticated features.

Club Car Battery Charger Troubleshooting

While most Club Car golf carts come with durable chargers, it’s still very common for them to start malfunctioning after a long period of time. Below are some methods you can use to troubleshoot the battery charger of your Club Car.

1. Check Power Supply

One of the reasons why your battery charger might not be charging your battery is because there is a break in connection from the original power socket to the battery charger. This means you will have to check the connections and scrutinize whether power is flowing into the battery charger. Once you figure out if there is a break in connection you should fix that problem before turning the charger on.

2. Check Batteries

In order to troubleshoot a Club Car battery charger you need to ensure that batteries have some charge left in them. This is because if the batteries are empty the charger might fail to detect the batteries. Therefore, you need to always have specific chargers that can help your Club Car golf cart batteries to stay charged even when the golf cart is idle.

3. Use Voltmeter

If the power supply socket is supplying enough power to the battery charger then the charger could be the problem. In order to troubleshoot the Club Car battery charger you need to use a voltmeter and connect it to the batteries. If the voltmeter shows that the charger is not producing enough power to charge the batteries then that means it’s damaged and needs to be replaced by a new one.

4. Check Charging Cables

When troubleshooting a Club Car battery charger it’s important to also check the chargers cable so as to ensure that they are not damaged. If the cables are damaged that could be the reason why the golf cart charger is refusing to charge the batteries. Therefore, you need to replace the charging cables with new ones.

5. Check If Charger Is Correctly Connected

Sometimes the battery charger of a Club Car will not charge simply because it is connected the wrong way. Therefore, in this case you will need to make proper reference to the manual of your specific Club Car and check how you are supposed to connect the cables.

How To Determine If Club Car Battery Charger Has Problems

Produces A Clicking Sound

When a Club Car battery charger has problems it usually produces a clicking sound when it is connected to the batteries. This shows that the charger knows that it’s time to charge but its failing because of some reason. If this happens you need to engage a professional to look into the problem.

Charger Charges For Too Long Or Not Long Enough

If the battery charger of your Club Car charges for too long or for a short time then this means that there is a problem with “brain” if your charger. In broader words this means that your charger is malfunctioning and does not know when to stop charging. In this case you might just need to replace the “brain” component of the battery charger.

Can Golf Cart Battery Chargers Be Repaired?

Minor golf cart battery charges can be repaired but, if your club golf cart has major problems like a faulty circuit board or burnt transformer then you might need to buy a new battery charger as it can prove to be expensive to repair these parts.

What Do The Lights On A Club Car Charger Mean?

The Club Car battery charger indicates different colours based on the charging status. A solid red light means that there is a charger error. A flashing orange colour indicates that the charger is unable to complete the charging process. The solid green colour means charging is complete and a flashing green colour means charging is in progress and the battery will be full soon. A solid blue colour indicates that AC power charger is present.

How To Test A Golf Cart Charger To See If Its Working?

The best way to test a golf cart to see if the charger is working is to use a voltmeter. You can place it on the batteries and then calculate if the batteries are receiving enough current from the battery charger. If this is not that case then your battery charger is not working and needs to be fixed or replaced.

Should I Leave My Golf Cart Plugged In All The Time?

Although battery chargers are designed with a charger controller that does not mean you should leave your golf cart plugged in all the time. This is because a break in connection can happen and this can affect the cells of your batteries. In most cases your golf cart batteries will not be able to retain power for a very long time.

Can You Overcharge Batteries In A Golf Cart?

You cannot overcharge batteries in a golf cart because they have an automatic charger controller. However there is always a risk that a break in connection can happen which can cause your batteries to become overcharged thus, damaging the battery cells. Therefore, it’s always wise to switch off the charger once your batteries indicate that they are full.

What Drains A Golf Cart Battery?

Usually electric components are the ones that drain a golf carts battery. So if you leave the lights of your golf cart on there is a good chance that the battery will get drained.


Troubleshooting a Club Car battery charger is an easy task especially if you follow all the methods highlighted above. It is worth mentioning that if you need to fix a battery charger you should seek help from a professional mechanic.