EZGO Golf Cart Charging Problems

EZGO Golf Cart Charging Problems

EZGO electric golf carts are powered by rechargeable batteries. This brings to the fore the crucial importance of the charging dynamics. It is not surprising for charging problems to arise from time to time. Our discussion today is on EZGO golf cart charging problems. We are looking at the most common ones that users experience. We will also include the possible solutions to those problems. Ultimately you will be able to know how to personally address charging problems of EZGO golf carts. Even as a first timer looking to purchase an EZGO golf cart you will know what to expect.

EZGO Golf Cart Charging Problems Overview

Charging problems on EZGO golf carts are more or less the same from user to user. The most common one is that the cart will not be charging. Another variant to this problem is that charging might start but will stop before full charge is reached. In other cases charging will reach full charge but the charging cycle will be very slow. Then there are scenarios where charging occurs intermittently i.e. it will not be steady or constant by stopping and starting at intervals. The other prevalent one is that of not keeping the charge for long. This means after a full charge the charge will dissipate too quickly. All these are the basic EZGO golf cart charging problems users encounter. While they do vary from context to context, the approaches to addressing them are the same.

Standard Operating Procedures On Addressing EZGO Golf Cart Charging Problems

Many users of EZGO golf carts encounter charging problems of those natures. These particular problems can be caused by numerous possible reasons. Broadly, it can be stemming from the battery or the charging systems. That is why it is important to explore both sides to be sure.

Ascertain The Obvious (Often Overlooked) First

You must first make checks on often overlooked areas such as faulty switches or short circuits. Try using different sockets or chargers to see it is really an issue with your cart. At times there might be nothing wrong with the battery, charging system, or charger at all. It is important to note that waiting too long to charge can present what might appear to be a problem. Yet it will not actually be a problem. The rule of thumb for golf cart batteries is to not let them discharge to below 20 percent. Some users make the mistake of letting them discharge completely. When you charge a completely discharged battery, at first it might seem like the charger is not working. This will be because the battery will be undetectable to the charger. Once you rule out all those variables then you can start making checks on the batteries.

Battery Checks

There being a battery pack can imply that the problem can be on one battery or more. If a battery is dead or the voltage is too low, that can disrupt charging. You can make voltage checks using a voltmeter or multimeter. It would be best to get yourself a multimeter since it is a voltmeter, ohmmeter, and ammeter all in one.

You can also do water checks, watering a battery might be what is needed. You can also conduct a hydrometer test which if failed will show the battery is dead or the voltage is too low. It is imperative you check the batteries separately and as a unit; at times just one of them might be the culprit.

The other thing to check is the connections at the battery terminals. If the connections are loose that might be why there is no charging taking place. The terminals might be dirty due to corrosion or build-up of things like mud or other substances. When you notice any form of dirty you must clean it off and try charging again.

Battery Charging Aspects

From the battery check the cabling to see if something is wrong. The next stop is the charging systems. There are two charging systems to note here. The first one is that of the EZGO golf cart. The second one is the charger i.e. the cable and even the wall socket. If you plug the charger in and it produces some unusual sharp, high-pitched sound it means it is faulty. Granted you can try to figure out what is wrong with it but it can much easier to just get a new one.

The charging port of the cart can be where the issue is. It might be an internal issue with the charging system of the cart. The charger cable can be faulty and so can be the wall socket. It is also wise to check the connector cables to the battery. There might be discrepancies between the socket end and the port end.

EZGO Golf Carts Charge Wiring

EZGO golf cart charging problems in these areas (often related to wiring) usually entail disrupting or stopping the smooth flow of power. There is also a cable that connects to the solenoid – check to see if the fuse is not loose, blown, or damaged somehow.

Another wiring check to make is that of wiring arrangements. It is the basic positive goes to positive, negative goes to negative arrangements. It can be possible that terminals may be mismatched thus leading to no charging. You must also check to see if voltages match. If the voltage of the charger is not the same as that of the battery pack, charging will not happen.

EZGO Golf Cart Charging Problems : Conclusion

EZGO golf cart charging problems may be varied but relatively easy to detect and address. Having the knowledge we discussed today will save you from inconveniences and spending unnecessarily. A number of users when they experience charging problems on their EZGO golf carts, rush to make replacements. While that seems like a faster route it might not be the most cost-effective one. Consider going to professional mechanics or purchasing replacements when you have exhausted all angles. Remember to not forget that batteries generally deteriorate in performance as they age. Thus charging problems are most likely to become frequent on old batteries.