Powakaddy CT6 Problems : 11 Common Issues (Explained)

In order to progress in the golf sporting discipline a golfer needs to practice consistently with the right tools at hand, which are the golf clubs. This means a golfer needs to have several different types of golf clubs accessible when the need arises. Traditionally to solve this problem most golfers use golf carts that can carry both the people and golf clubs along with other essentials, however golf carts have several problems. They are big and bulky as such cannot navigate some terrains effectively. Some also use fuel with is expensive. Purchasing golf carts also requires significant amounts of money. The cheaper alternative which is the Powakaddy CT6 golf bag trolley can do 36 holes on the 30V lithium battery. It also solves the problems plagued by golf carts and offers other inherent benefits. It is small and compact hence can go anywhere and promotes excising which is good for the health of the golfer.

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Powakaddy CT6 Operation Principle

The Powakaddy CT6 is an electric trolley that is designed to carry a golf club bag around the golf course with little or no human effort applied. The Powakaddy is sold with one 36V lithium battery, charger and three wheels. The trolley uses a combination of two rear axle mounted removable wheels and a smaller front retractable wheel. This triple wheel setup gives the trolley greater stability and load bearing capacity. A removable lithium battery pack is installed on the main frame along with the retractable handle for easy assembly and disassembly. When fully assembled the Powakaddy CT6 trolley can hold a golf club bag which will be held in place by a latch on the height adjustable handle and another locking point near the front wheel. The handle is height adjustable to suit the individual user. The Powakaddy CT6 controls for aspects like speed are located on the handle. The Powakaddy CT6 trolley does however have a few problems that will discussed below.

1. Slipping On Steep Slopes

Wet or loose grounds conditions can cause the wheels to lock and slip especially on steep slopes. To solve this problem when walking up, down or traversing slopes, maintain a firm grip on the trolley handle to assist it and avoid injury or damage to the Powakaddy CT6.

2. Battery Range Problems

The Powakaddy CT6 uses a lithium-ion battery which is affected by conditions such as long or exceptionally hilly courses, wet ground conditions and excessively heavy golf bags. The additional load due to these circumstances depletes the battery energy faster hence resulting in limited range. Store the battery in a cool dry place and charge once every 3 months to ensure the battery health is not compromised. Once the Powakaddy CT6 battery is rendered obsolete, ensure it is disposed of properly and if possible, give the battery to proper recycling facilities.

3. Long Battery Charging Times

The lithium battery used in the Powakaddy CT6 golf bag trolley has problems with charging time, it takes approximately 8 hours to charge the battery hence to solve this problem it is advisable to charge at night when the trolley is not in use. The battery can also short circuit if small metal components touch the battery terminals hence to solve this issue parts such as paper clips, coins, keys and other metal objects should be kept away from the battery terminals.

4. Battery Safety Issues

One problem with the lithium battery used with the Powakaddy CT6 golf bag trolley is that it is highly reactive. The battery shouldn’t come into contact with liquids such as water as it can ignite and burn. The battery is sensitive to temperature variations hence should only be charged in temperatures ranging only from 14 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 degrees Celsius) to 105 degrees Fahrenheit(40 degrees Celsius) or alternatively to solve this problem avoid charging in excessively cold and excessively hot environments like metal buildings in summer. The battery is not serviceable hence should never be opened for maintenance purposes. It is advisable to wear personal protective equipment as injury to skin or eyes may result if the battery or any other electrical components explode during maintenance.

5. Battery Charger Problems

The Powakaddy CT6 should be used with the approved charger supplied with the golf bag trolley to eliminate most battery problems. The battery as well as the battery charger should not be opened as this could result in electrocution or short circuiting of the electrical components. The Powakaddy CT6 charger gets warm when charging hence to solve this problem ensure proper ventilation. The charger plug can get damaged hence first check the charger cord for wear and tear before charging the battery. Also avoid using extension colds as they could cause electrical faults.

6. Greasing The Wheels

The Powakaddy CT6 golf cart trolley wheels occasionally need greasing as such apply grease to the axle and moving parts for smooth operation of the wheels.

7. Powakaddy CT6 Golf Cart Trolley Price

Due to the use of cutting edge technology such as the lithium battery, GPS and powerful electric motor,the Powakaddy CT6 golf cart trolley is not a cheap purchase. Its cost can be well above US $700. In order to reduce any issues developing with the Powakaddy CT6 golf cart trolley it is not advisable to use it excessively to carry heavy luggage.

8. Axle Block Issues

The Powakaddy CT6 golf cart trolley axle can develop problems such as corrosion at the point where it passes through the frame. To solve this problem, wipe the axle with a lightly oiled cloth to remove any dirty and debris which may lead to corrosion and rusting. Also check the front mini wheel for any sign of corrosion and apply a light grease coating with petroleum jelly before putting the wheel back on. Also check the wheel bearings to ensure they are not worn out and hence replace if they are worn out. Also check the front wheel bearings to ensure they are not worn out.

9. Tire Problems On Main The Wheels

Problems can develop with the Powakaddy CT6 golf bag trolley wheels, particularly the clutch and limited slip differential hence this should be checked regularly to ensure they function appropriately. If the clutch is slipping or failing the wheels will turn freely about the axle. When this problem develops clean the clutch to remove debris and dirty. Also check tires to ensure they are not worn out and are in good working order.

10. On/Off Switch Malfunction

Problems can develop with the Powakaddy CT6 golf cart trolley’s on/off switch hence always check to ensure it is working properly, especially the weatherproof seal, it should be working to ensure rain doesn’t penetrate the electronics that control the switch.

11. Lack Of A Dedicated Remote Handset

The Powakaddy CT6 does not come with a dedicated remote handset to remotely control the golf bag trolley from far. The user needs to be up-close on the golf trolley in order to control it. This can be a problem if the golf bag trolley is moving on its own unattended. It can collide with people or other objects resulting in injury or damage to the trolley itself.