5 Common Powakaddy FW7 Problems And Solutions

In case you fear that your golf trolley might be stolen or lost the Powakaddy FW7 electric golf trolley is featured with an anti-temper security pin lock system such that it doesn’t move when the pin has not be entered. The Powakaddy FW7 has a lightweight frame with a modern styling that makes it stand out from most of its competitors. It is also a soft and smooth handling golf trolley with a cassette-style battery. At this point you would assume that the problem with the Powakaddy FW7 is that it is average in both function and feature, and you would be correct, but before we close the chapter on the Powakaddy FW7 let’s take a look at a couple more problems.

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1. Inaccurate Distances On The Display

The Powakaddy FW7 electric golf trolley is equipped with a couple of modern electronics and sensors, one of those sensors is supposed to calculate the distances you travel or around the golf course. These are distances from the point where you are to the selected distance or flag hole or the distances you’ve traveled so far. But unfortunately those sensors do not work so well on the Powakaddy FW7 golf trolley. In most cases you wouldn’t need such features or measurements but the problem arises when they are listed on the product’s description. It is then that you are incentivized into believing that you need them.

To Do

  • This problem is likely due to damage during shipping and transportation in which case you would need to send it back to Powakaddy for repairs if it is still under warranty.
  • Most golfers will also carry on them golf watches, golf GPS devices and launch monitor’s as well. These devices can offer more accurate distances that the Powakaddy FW7 golf trolley.

2. Doesn’t Steer Straight

This problem is due to the Powakaddy FW7 golf trolley’s front wheel alignment being difficult to maneuver and when you try to adjust it so as to make it straight, it becomes another problem altogether.  This is an especially big issue if you use the Powakaddy FW7’s auto stopping feature, which lets you select a distance you would like the golf trolley to stop at and then it will automatically start moving and then stop at the selected distance.  The Powakaddy FW7 will most likely veer off the path and end up somewhere else. It can also be because of debris on the front wheel in which case you would need to clean your wheel.

To Do

  • This problem would also need the Powakaddy FW7 to be sent back to Powakaddy for repairs, as forcing the alignment to get straight may break the wheel and void your warranty.
  • Although some iterations of the Powakaddy FW7 do not have this problem. It is worth considering before purchasing the golf trolley, if you have not yet done so.

3. Bad Button Design

The poor quality of the Powakaddy FW7 doesn’t stop there, the buttons located just above the handle bars (which are unsteady and shaky) are too close to each other, that sometimes it becomes a problem to push one without pushing the other. And this happens quite often because you can change the speed setting via those buttons. The buttons include the left arrow button, the start/stop button and the right arrow button.

To Do

  • You would have to make sure that you are looking directly at the buttons when you want to change the speed setting or any setting for that matter. Because the handle bar area is just that small.

4. Loud Squeaky Noise

This is a problem related to the Powakaddy FW7’s gearbox and is caused by damage or fault during the manufacturing process. Because you can effectively change the speed on your Powakaddy FW7 electric golf trolley’s speed there is a small but equally effective gearbox present in the golf trolley.  Now this gearbox needs to be lubricated with grease during the manufacturing process before it is placed in the golf trolley, when it isn’t lubricated the gearbox is susceptible to damage after a few months. The loud squeaking noise is the problem of damaged mesh gears in the Powakaddy FW7 golf trolley’s gearbox. This can make it very difficult for the golf trolley to climb even slightly steep hills.

To Do

  • Unfortunately there is no way of knowing if your gearbox is lubricated or not without opening up the Powakaddy FW7 golf trolley. Which will definitely void the warranty.
  • If this issue occurs in between the warranty period (3 years) you can take back your golf trolley for repairs or a refund.

5. Flawed Wheels

The wheels of a golf trolley need to be able to support the load of a battery, the frame of the golf trolley, and a golf bag and all its accessories. The Powakaddy FW7’s problem is that it cannot do this, at least not for a long time. It doesn’t take much for the wheels to deform and crumble under the weight of the loads it carries over time. This is because they are made of a type of plastic that breaks easily, to cut the costs of the manufacturing process.

To Do

  • It would help to use the Powakaddy FW7 with caution after having considered this problem.
  • You can easily purchase new wheels on the Powakaddy FW7 web page, so that you can continue using your golf trolley.
  • When storing the golf trolley make sure that it is stored in a place that is away from direct sunlight. Usually in a garage on a top shelf.


For the many problems that the Powakaddy FW7 golf trolley brings to the table, it can be seen as an expensive golf trolley (for the additional costs you have to for repairs) because there’s plenty. It is a prime example of a product that does not improve the livelihood of its buyers and only serves the manufacturers. It is not a recommended golf trolley to look into because it might just ruin your day, like it did mine.