Why Your Ferris Mower Isn’t Starting (Reasons Explained)

The Ferris mower is one of the brands of mowers in the market. As with other mower types, the Ferris mowers often encounter starting problems and this article discusses some common starting problems with this brand. The starting system on its own comprises of mechanical and electrical components and fuel system all responsible for the starting operation. The performance of the whole starting system depends on performance of these individual starting units.

Table of Contents

1. Engine Won’t Start

Some Ferris designs have in built safety devices/ mechanisms that prevents the engine from running until certain safe operation conditions are met. The models are programmed to detect the park brake and PTO state. Starting an engine without park brake and having PTO switch ON creates safety risk and therefore the Ferris Mower engine won’t start. To solve this Ferris Mower starting problem simply engage the parking brake. The (PTO) switch is responsible for power transfer and hence starting of the machine with the PTO switch in ON position will result in engine failing to start and switching it off will solve the problem. If the parking brake is also disengaged, the engine will not crank. This is a safety feature meant to ensure that there is no accidental motion resulting in injuries. Therefore it is important to check the park brake if engine is not cranking and engage it. Other safety features that prevents the engine from cranking are operator absence on the driver’s seat and motion control handles. These are meant for operator safety as well and they should be checked. Ferris mower operator must ensure that he is seated on the driver’s seat before starting the equipment otherwise it will not start.

2. Battery Problem

Ferris Mower engine requires power to start running. This power is provided by batteries through connecting electrical wires or cables. When the battery or any of its components is faulty, this will reduce the amount of voltage available to initiate the engine rotation. Starting of engine with faulty battery system will result in engine failing to start. If the terminals are corroded and or broken, this will also result in Ferris Mower starting problems due to low voltage. To get rid of this problem, first measure your battery voltage using voltmeter. If battery voltage is ok, move to next step otherwise recharge the battery as per manual from supplier. Next the battery terminals, if these are broken or excessively worn out repair or replace the faulty battery. Thirdly check all electrical cable connections for loose or broken electrical connections. Replace all damaged cables and tighten all lose connections to ensure adequate electrical signal is available to switch on the engine. Check also fuses for continuity otherwise replace all blown fuses.

3. Fuel Problems

Some Ferris models are designed with low oil shut off. This prevents the engine from running if level falls below preset levels. Check the oil level and refill if levels are too low. Operating the Ferris with contaminated fuel, low fuel levels also leads to starting problem. If the equipment runs out of fuel, no energy is available to support combustion and therefore check and refill the tank if empty. In case fuel is contaminated, drain and replace with fresh fuel to avoid these Ferris Mower starting problems. Kindly note the risk of fire during refueling process. It is recommended to allow hot engine to cool prior to refilling process.

4. Mechanical Faults

Mechanical faults on the engine or ignition system may also result in Ferris Mower  starting problems. Damaged spark plugs also results in Ferris mowers failing to start. Analyze the electrode and insulator for buildup. In case of buildup use brake cleaner to clean the spark plug allowing it to soak for some time prior to wiping it dry. If this Ferris mower problem persists, consider changing the spark plug. It is recommended to check the spark plugs for corrosion and wear and tear and replace any faulty spark plugs. Incorrect gaping also affects the starting of the equipment. If gaping is excessively big, the car won’t start. To correct gaping, contact the recommended personnel to avoid further damage to the components. Combustion in Ferris Mower engines demands a correct or balanced fuel mixture so that it starts and runs smoothly. Contaminated and defective air filters affects the integrity of the fuel air mixture and hence they need to be cleaned and replaced as per supplier recommendation. This improves the efficiency of the combustion and allows smooth equipment starting operation.

5. Hard Starting

This problem is common with the Ferris brand. One of the major reason behind Ferris Mower malfunction is abuse or misuse of equipment. Equipment suppliers provide manuals that directs equipment operation, care and maintenance. Use of manuals and procedures is highly recommended to achieve better equipment life span. The Ferris model requires deck to be free of debris. If the mower deck becomes clogged over time with debris, the starter rope might be stuck as a result and results in starting challenges. This requires constant check on mower deck for clogging which puts extra load on the engine to run from rest. Contaminated vents on the mower cap also affects the starting performance of the Ferris mowers. The purpose of the vent on the fuel cap is to maintain the pressure difference which allows the fuel to always to the carburetor from the tank. Without this pressure difference provided by the venting on the fuel cap, pressure will build up to the extent that the vacuum created will block fuel flow to the engine and machine suddenly stops running. Remove and clean the vent before replacement. This should solve the problem and you are good to go.

The other cause of hard starting in Ferris mowers is starting the engine with flywheel brake fully engaged. When the flywheel brake is engaged, this makes the starter code hard to pull and thus start the engine. Usually the engine tries to turn over but suddenly dies. To solve the problem, simply check and always ensure the flywheel brake is fully disengaged when starting the Ferris Mower. Some models are built with control modules which wear with time. As the Ferris Mower gets older the response of the module deteriorates and results in slow starting and in worst cases the engine won’t start. This is also another area to look at when trouble shooting the Ferris mowers starting problems.