Ferris ISX 800 Problems : 7 Common Issues (Explained)

Ferris ISX 800 Problems

The Ferris ISX 800 mower also known as Ferris Commercial Zero Turn Riding Mower is well made and comfortable. It is extremely efficient. Its unique suspension mechanism puts it a notch higher than most lawn mowers. It is tough and versatile yet simple to use. However, just like many modern machines the Ferris ISX 800 is prone to some defects which thankfully can be solved by the operator in most cases. Below are some of the common problems that it experiences and their solutions.

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1. Starting Problem

It is all well and nice to start trouble shooting for problems when the mower is running but when it can’t even start it becomes startling. When it can’t start it is usually a result of a minor challenge which can be easily traced and fixed in no time. Whatever the reason behind its failure to start the following are suggested options to check.

The fuel tank needs to be checked to see if there is enough fuel and also that the energy level is adequate. Sometimes the mower might not start because of fuel restriction. This might be a result of clogged and/or malfunctioning components in the fuel system. If all is well in this area then it will be handy to check if the carburettor and the hydraulic system are all in perfect working order. Another aspect to check for is the air circulation in case the air filter is malfunctional. Sometimes the starting problem will be electrical, emanating from of a poor battery. So checking the battery’s adequacy will be essential. Part of the solutions for starting problems of the Ferris ISX 800 also include check for any weak connections in case there will be any. Closely connected to this will be the need to check for any broken electrical components in case this might be the problem.

2. Inequitable Cuts

Another problem that the Ferris ISX 800 is also prone to is that of uneven cuts which are also called inequitable cuts. This comes as a result of undulating slopes with high angles. Sometimes it might be a result of moving too fast or not overlapping the rows in such a way that all grass is cut properly. Apart from the need to have an extreme spinning blade as a solution there are a few issues that can be looked into. It’s needless to say, but still important to note that the level of the deck has to be adjusted properly to avoid improper cuts. The lawn mower deck should also be freed of clippings. If the deck has problems it will need replacement. Checking if the blades have not worn out or have become dull is also another solution to this problem. If it appears that the blades are under performing then they will need to be sharpened or replaced as well.

3. Brake Not Working

If over time the brake functionality of the Ferris ISX 800 develops a problem this becomes a nightmare to operate the lawn mower. This will mean stopping at desired points and times becomes unachievable. When this happens it is important to check and see that the brake is not broken. Also, check what the manual says in terms of adjusting the brake correctly. At times it might be that a re-alignment to correct position is needed for the lawn mower brakes to start functioning properly. At other times the problem might be that the brake calipers have been worn out and might need to be replaced. Once they are replaced, an adjustment of the blade needs to be done.

4. Continuous Vibrating

After using the Ferris ISX800 lawn mower for a prolonged period of time the problem of continuous vibration might develop. If this happens the mower will experience excessive vibrations which become cumbersome. It will be ideal to stop the machine immediately and trouble shoot. When trouble shooting you many realise that the continuous vibrating might be a result of lose blade mounting bolts. If this is the case the bolts will need to be tightened enough so that the excessive vibration disappears. At other times, the continuous vibration might be a result of pulleys, belts and blades which might not be straight in their angles or positions. If this is the case then they will need to be re-adjusted accordingly. Another solution to continuous vibrating is to ensure a smoother lawn. This will mean checking for the composition structure of grass cut. You may also need to adjust the throttle or the choke to correct this anomaly. This will cater for the mowing of grass at higher angles without the excessive vibration. It will also help when mowing wet grass. Slowing down the engine can also be a great help in this regard.

5. Wet Grass is Difficult to Mow

The Ferris ISX800 is capable of cutting dry grass without many problems as such. However, when cutting wet grass it might face challenges.  When this happens, one should check the engine first and ascertain if the oil level is not too high. This will go hand in glove with checking the spark plugs as well. Slowing the engine might be another solution. If this does not prove to be the culprit then it could be an issue of the fuel mix or the spark plugs. Still if nothing much has helped it might be high time the blades got sharpened. Another remedy would be to clean the air filer and adjust the choke.

6. Problems with Hydro-Gear System

Another common problem of the Ferris ISX800 lawn mower is to do with the hydro-gear system since it uses hydrostatic transmission. This problem comes mostly as a result of air entering the transmission. This will result in the inability of the pump to create pressure since it will be filled with air and not oil. Some of the solutions to this include taking the control lever out of neutral. One will also need to disengage the clutch and brakes. Once this has been done the motion control levers will need to be pushed forward and stay in that position for about five seconds and then held back in their place again for five seconds. This process will clear the transmission system of any traces of air. After that, turning off the engines should ensue then if a few seconds lapse the relaunching of the mower can be done. At this moment all systems should return to normalcy.

7. Traction Problem

The Ferris ISX800 lawn mower sometimes develops problems of traction which result from being used over a long period of time. If such problems surface, it is important for one to inspect the deck. It might be that attention is needed on it. However, if it turns out that the deck is all fine then the blades could be faulty. They would probably be in need of replacement.

In the event that traction problems are caused by clogging of the air filters the remedy to this will be cleaning the filters by removing the debris in them. It might also be handy to inspect the bearing in case it too is clogged with dirt which should be removed.