9 Common Ferris IS700Z Problems and Solutions

Owning a Ferris IS700Z mower can seem like the most spectacular thing however, just like any other lawn mower on the market, the Ferris IS700Z develops problems over time. The article below highlights some of the most common Ferris IS700Z problems.

NB: Ferris IS700Z mowers are sold without any malfunctioning parts and as a result the problems listed in the article below are as a result of wear and tear.

Table of Contents

1. Problems with the hydro-gear system

The Ferris IS700Z mower has a hydro-gear system which uses hydraulic fluid to transmit energy. This hydro-gear system is reliable, efficient and reduces wear and tear of the mower. However, in as much as the hydro-gear system has a lot of benefits its strongest downfall is that it allows air to enter which can cause a break in the whole connection. In order to solve this problem it is highly recommended that the transmission system be cleaned in order to get rid of the air.

2. Difficulty in starting the Ferris IS700Z

The other prominent Ferris IS700Z problem is that sometimes the engine does not start or it drags when starting. There are many reasons that could be preventing the Ferris IS700Z from starting and you should check your mower. For starters try checking the spark plug on your Ferris IS700Z, there is a chance that it could be broken thus, preventing the engine from starting. If the spark plug is okay, move on to check the air filter to see whether or not it’s clogged. If the air filter is clogged remove any debris. The last thing to do if your Ferris IS700Z will not start is to check the carburettor to make sure it’s also not clogged. If all these options fail you will have to take your Ferris IS700Z to a reputable mechanic.

3. Excessive vibrations

Another common Ferris IS700Z problem is excessive vibration. Whilst these mowers are designed with mechanisms that cause them to vibrate, excessive vibration on the other hand can be noted for Ferris IS700Z mowers that have been in use for a long period of time. This vibration eliminates the comfort of the mower and you won’t even enjoy mowing your lawn anymore. In order to solve this problem you should ensure that your Ferris IS700Z mower is well balanced. This means you need to check if the blades are angled correctly. You also need to clean the bearings often so as to remove dirt that can inhibit the blades from spinning.

4. Difficulty in cutting wet grass

The other Ferris IS700Z problem is that it faces difficulty in cutting wet or damp grass. Whilst the manufactures clearly note that the mower is ideal for cutting both dry and wet grass, this is actually not the case. In order to solve this problem one has to make sure that the blades are well sharpened and then slow down you engine when mowing. Allow the blades enough time to cut the wet grass. This method can also be implemented when mowing an uneven terrain.

5. Brake problems

Another Ferris IS700Z problem is that the brakes do not function very well especially when you want to make precise cuts. In order to solve this problem make sure that the brake callipers are adjusted properly. If the callipers are worn out make sure that you replace them.

6. Cuts grass unevenly

The Ferris IS700Z develops problems of cutting grass unevenly when it is used for a long period of time. In order to solve this problem, make sure that you sharpen the blades of your Ferris IS700Z mower before or after every cut. This will help to ensure that the blades can effectively and efficiently cut through the grass. If you sharpen the blades and the problem persists then there could be a chance that the mower is not well balanced. This means that you have to have to level the mower according to specifications. You should also check the bearing to ensure that it is not clogged as this can prevent the blades from moving smoothly and yielding an even cut.

7. Persistent engine failures

The other Ferris IS700Z problem you should look out for is having an inefficient engine. While the Ferris IS700Z has a Briggs and Stratton engine which is hailed for its durability, overtime the engine starts to experience failures as a result of wear and tear. The first step to take when you experience an engine failure is to check the air filter and remove any debris if it is clogged. You can also reset the spark plug gap in order to solve the engine failure problem. If these DIY options do not yield any positive results then you need to take your Ferris IS700Z mower to a reputable company for repairs or service.

8. Difficulty in turning wheels

Another Ferris turn mower problem is that the wheel can be difficult to turn especially if you have been using the mower for a long period of time. In order to solve the issue, make sure all the wheels are levelled and have equal pressure. This helps to stabilise the mower and makes it easier for the wheels to turn. You should also ensure that the mower has enough sterling oil which helps with lubrication.

9. Difficulty in raising the mower

The Ferris IS700Z has a problem of cutting grass when there is an uneven terrains. In most cases the mower will either not raise or raise slowly. In order to solve this make sure that you replace any worn out or damaged lifting linkages. It is highly recommended that you get a professional to do the job for you as you can worsen the situation if you are not skilled.


The Ferris IS700Z can develop any of the problems listed above. However, this should not prevent you from buying it mainly because most of the problems develop as a result of wear and tear. It’s important to remember that most lawn mower brands have their downsides and whilst many customers are in search of the perfect brand, sometimes the perfect brand doesn’t exist you just have to purchase a brand whose positives outweigh the negatives.