Spartan Mower Starting Problems (Solutions Included)

The Spartan mower is nice looking, fast and has considerable speed. With greater maneuverability and better fuel efficiency it has brought changes to the world of lawn mowing. However, some problems associated with the mower’s start up do exist. The successful starting of a mower depends on the successful and consistent coordination of several components and connections within it. The following problems and solutions of the Spartan mower are associated with starting it. Most of these hiccups can easily be identified and fixed without necessarily taking the lawn mower to a local dealer.

Table of Contents

1. No fuel

Generally, the first step to address the Spartan mower starting problems will be to check if there is fuel in the fuel tank. Begin by filling the mower with fresh fuel which is not necessarily the one used the last season when grass was mowed. Old fuel has higher chances of failing to start the engine of a Spartan mower. There is a need to make sure that adequate fuel fills the mowers tank for it to start.

2. Wrong fuel

Rarely does this happen as most lawn mower users of the Spartan mower are quite careful about it. However, for one reason or another if wrong type of fuel is placed in the fuel tank the result is that most likely the lawn mower won’t start. The remedy here is to flush or siphon out of the tank and replace the incorrect fuel with the right fuel type. Usually unleaded gasoline with a maximum ethanol content of 10% is recommended as fuel for a Spartan lawn mower.

3. Unventing fuel cap

One of the problems that the Spartan mower has in starting can be caused by a fuel cap that will not be venting air through it. This problem normally comes about because the vent is clogged. This then creates a vacuum in the fuel tank which leads to no fuel leaving the tank and as a result the mower won’t start. The solution to this Spartan lawn mower starting problem is to remove the clog in the unventing fuel cap so that it becomes clean and good to go. Usually this should work out pretty well. However, if it does not then replacement of the fuel cap will need to be carried out.

4. Bad spark plug

A loose connection or bad spark plug can equally be responsible for a non-start problem with a Spartan. Make sure the wires are secure enough as a corrective measure. The spark plug shouldn’t be cracked around the porcelain insulator either. Likewise, it shouldn’t be dirty as well with for example carbon deposits. Closely connected to these indicators of this problem is when the position of the spark plug is set incorrectly. That too will cause starting issues for the Spartan and if that is the case it has to be adjusted accordingly. For a bad spark plug, replacement with a new one should be done.

5. Plugged air filter

A very dirty air filter will most likely make the engine not start because it will be lacking air. When a dirty air filter is identified it should be cleaned. The use of a clean air filter allows the engine to function more efficiently since it allows clean air to pass through. This efficiency is also enabled by the air filter’s ability to trap dirt from accessing the cylinder which can cause huge damage to the engine.

6. Bad fuel pump

Another Spartan mower starting problem is caused by a faulty fuel pump. Since the function of the fuel pump is to pump fuel up against gravity to the carburettor, if this does not happen then the mower won’t start. This is because the engine won’t start if the carburettor doesn’t receive fuel.

What wears out a fuel pump is the fuel itself over a prolonged period of time. Eventually, when a pump becomes degenerated and can’t withstand pressure required to pump fuel this becomes a sign for the need of a replacement. The replacement of a pump may also be necessitated by leaks that may develop in it. A thorough pump check is needed if no obvious or visible signs can be detected.

7. Plugged Fuel Filter

A fuel filter of the Spartan mower can get plugged with dirt and deposits from fuel thereby causing starting problems. A fuel filter is at the centre of starting problems if it is clogged. Its replacement will solve the starting problem in this regard. In order to avoid having plugged fuel filter it is handy to change it every once in a while even if no problem has been detected. When replacing a fuel filter with a new one care must be exercised to make sure that it is fixed properly with proper directions of insertion followed.

8. Blocked fuel line

If a blockage in the fuel line exists then the Spartan might have the problem of starting. Usually this blockage is identified when a test for the fuel pump is done. Once it is identified that the mower’s problem is caused by this then the removal of the blockage should be done. This can be done by spraying carburettor cleaner into the line. The effect is that it will loosen the blockage and create a normal flow of fuel.

9. Dirty carburettor

A dirty or clogged carburettor can be the reason why the Spartan can develop a starting problem. The problem comes when the carburettor is unable to balance the right amounts of air and fuel received by the engine for combustion to occur. Deposits in the carburettor may result from using old fuel. When the carburettor does not work properly, cleaning it will be required. It might also become necessary to replace damaged or stuck parts that might not be able to be cleaned. Subsequently, a complete replacement of the whole carburettor assembly might become necessary should the situation warrant that.

10. Bad ignition switch/coil

The Spartan mower sometimes also has an ignition switch or ignition coil problems which might hinder it from starting. The solution to this problem will be to use a multimeter to test for the ignition switch. This test will reveal if the switch is faulty and if it is a replacement will be needed so that the mower can start normally.

Final words

In the cutting world, Spartan mowers are ranked amongst the most muscular and powerful lawn mowers. They definitely provide a response to many users’ needs in terms of usage and functionality. Once a starting problem is realised within the mower it is essential to immediately address it before it creates several other problems. Generally, the starting problems are not so difficult to diagnose and attend to.