8 Common Ferris IS2100Z Problems and Solutions

The Ferris IS2100Z is one of the best zero turn mowers however, just like any other mower on the market, the Ferris IS2100Z may develop problems in the future. The article below highlights some of the most common Ferris IS2100Z problems and how you can solve them.

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What is the Ferris IS2100Z?

Ferris IS2100Z is a commercial zero turn lawn mower that has a Briggs and Stratton Vanguard Engine. This mower has a weight of approximately 1 295lbs and a fuel tank of 11 gallons. The Ferris IS2100Z has a hydro-gear system engine that is efficient and highly reliable.

Ferris IS2100Z Problems

1. Malfunctioning of the hydro-gear system

One of the most prominent Ferris IS2100Z problem is the malfunctioning of the hydro-gear system especially if you have been using the mower for a long period of time. The hydro-gear system usually allows air to enter which causes a break in connection and prohibits the mower from functioning effectively. In order to solve this problem there is need to clean the transmission system. If you are not familiar with the process of cleaning the transmission system it’s highly recommended that you engage a professional repairer.

2. Too much vibration

The Ferris IS2100Z is designed with mechanisms that cause it to vibrate however, over time the vibrations can become too much, making it difficult for you to cut the grass comfortably. In order to solve this problem you need to make sure that the blades are correctly angled and also remove any debris from the bearing of the mower such that the blades can spin effectively without hitting onto the bearing and causing vibrations.

3. Trims grass unevenly

Another common Ferris IS2100Z problem is that it trims or cuts grass unevenly. This is mainly caused by blunt blades, therefore, you should sharpen the blades frequently. Another reason that can force the Ferris IS2100Z to cut grass unevenly is if the blades have dents or gouges and as a result you will need to replace the blades with new ones. Lastly, check if the mower is balanced because if it’s not that could be one of the reasons why you are getting uneven cuts. Therefore, always level your mower according to specifications in order to get even cuts on your grass.

4. Struggles to cut wet grass

Although the Ferris IS2100Z is designed to cut wet grass this lawn mower seems to face troubles in doing so. In order to solve the problem you need to ensure that the blades are well sharpened. This will help the mower to trim off the wet grass easily. You also need to slow down the engine of your mower and cut the grass slowly such that you give the blades enough time to cut your grass.

5. Poor functionality of wheels when turning

This is a common problem amongst the Ferris IS2100Z and it usually happens when someone forgets to put steering oil or to balance the wheels. Therefore, always make sure that all the wheels of your mower have equal pressure and there is sufficient steering oil so that when you are turning you do not face any challenges.

6. Traction problems

The Ferris IS2100Z has a tendency of developing traction problems as a result of debris or clogging in some parts of the lawn mower. In order to resolve this issue, you need to start by removing debris in the blades of the Ferris IS2100Z mower. This will help to improve the mowers traction.

7. Engine malfunctions

Although Ferris IS2100Z is made using a sophisticated Briggs and Stratton engine, its normal for any engine to malfunction especially if it has been operating for a long period of time. In order to solve this problem you need to start by checking the air filter and removing any debris. This is because any dirt in the air filter can prohibit the engine from starting. Furthermore, you need to check if the spark plug is still intact or whether it needs to be repaired. If any of these hacks fail, this means you need to find a professional mechanic who can fix the problem for you.

8. Trouble raising mower

Another Ferris zero turn mower problem is that it does not raise especially when cutting grass in an uneven terrain. In most cases the mower will either not raise or raise slowly. In order to solve this problem ensure that you replace any worn out or damaged lifting linkages. If you do not have any knowledge on how to do this than its best that you contact a professional.

Why did my zero turn stop moving?

If your zero turn mower has stopped moving it means there is a problem with it. For starts maybe the fuel in your zero turn mower got finished and as a result it can’t keep moving. Another possibility is that the spark plug could be faulty and needs repairing or replacement. The other reason why your zero turn could have stopped moving is because the air filter is clogged and needs to be cleaned. Also check the battery of your engine to see whether there are any corroded wires. If you are failing to locate the problem then it’s best to take your mower to a professional repairer and have it checked out.

Is Ferris worth the money?

Yes buying a Ferris lawn mower is worth the money. This is because it is a zero turn lawn mower and most of them are commercial lawn mowers meaning they can cut huge amounts of grass without facing any difficulties. Furthermore, Ferris zero turn mowers come in different varieties so you can choose that one that goes hand in hand with your budget.

Do zero turn mowers ride rough?

Ferris zero turn mowers do not ride rough it’s just that they were designed using mechanisms that cause them to vibrate. If you feel excessive vibration which is rough when you are riding the lawn mower, chances are high that the mower has a fault and needs to be fixed.


The Ferris IS2100Z has a number of problems just like any other lawn mower on the market. Therefore, you need to do a bit of research before settling on buying on.