Ferris 400S Problems And How to Solve Them

The Ferris 400S lawn mower is one of the best lawn mowers found on the market. However, just like any other lawn mower on the market, it can develop problems which can be easily fixed. The article below discusses some of the common Ferris 400S problems and how you can solve them.

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What is the Ferris 400S?

The Ferris 400S is a zero-turn riding mower produced by the company known as Ferris. The engine of the Ferris 400S is designed by Briggs and Stratton and has a 5.5 gallon tank. This mower has the ability to cut through wet and dry grass and is also hailed for its efficiency and reliability when cutting grass.

Ferris 400S problems

NB: the problems noted below are as a result of wear and tear. Ferris products are not sold with any defects but, they may develop these problems over time.

Starting problems

This is one of the major Ferris 400S problem which may develop if you have been using the lawn mower for a very long period of time. Unfortunately there a multiple diagnosis that might be causing the mower not to start and it can be a cumbersome process to fix the problem. However, the first thing you need to do is to check your fuel tank, if its empty then that could be the main reason why your lawn mower is refusing to start. The next step is to check the spark plug, if it’s broken try to replace it with a new one. Also check the battery of your Ferris 400S to see whether they are any corroded battery connections which might need replacing. Also make sure that you are using the right type of engine oil for your Ferris 400S because using the wrong oil can force the engine not to start. Therefore, make sure you try out all the solutions listed above but if everything fails then seek help from a professional repairer.

Cuts grass unevenly

Another Ferris 400S problem is that it cuts grass unevenly when the blades are not sharp anymore. Therefore, always make sure that the blades are sharpened before you start using the lawn mower. Furthermore, make sure that you inspect the blades for dents or gouges which are caused by debris or rocks that might have been kicked into the blade system. Lastly, check the bearing of the mower and remove any dirt that may have clogged inside. If you try any of these hacks, there is a good chance that your Ferris 400S will start mowing grass evenly.

Excessive vibrations

This is also another common Ferris 400S problem which may develop overtime. This problem is mainly caused by unbalanced or worn out blades on the mower. Therefore, always make sure that the blades are angled correctly. If the blades are worn out you can easily replace them with new ones.

Engine may run poorly

Due to wear and tear the engine might start to run poorly. In order to solve this problem, the first thing that you need to do is to clean the air filter. This is because if the air filter is clogged, it will not provide the engine with enough air. If the ferris engine problem persists adjust the choke and reset the spark plug gap.

Difficulty in mowing wet grass

Although the Ferris 400S is designed to cut through wet and dry grass this might not be the case especially if you have been using it for a number of years. In order to solve this problem you need to start by sharpening the blades of the mower. After that you should slow your engine down and start mowing the grass very slowly so that you give the blades enough time to cut through the wet grass.

Brake problems

The Ferris may develop brake problems in the future. This is mainly as a result of broken or worn out brake callipers. In order to solve the problem make sure that you replace the brake callipers with new ones and if you cannot do this on your own, we advise that you seek help from a professional repairer.

Poor traction

Another Ferris 400S problem is that it develops traction problems as a result of debris clogging in some parts of the lawn mower. In order to solve this issue you need to start by removing debris in the blades of the Ferris 400S mower. This will help to improve the mowers traction.

Difficulty in turning wheels

This is also another common Ferris 400S problem which is caused by lack of steering oil or uneven wheels. Therefore, always make sure that the wheels are levelled and there is enough steering oil before starting the lawn mower.

Is the Ferris 400S a commercial mower?

Yes, the Ferris 400S is a commercial lawn mower which is powered by a Briggs and Stratton engine. The Ferris 400S mower has a 5.5 gallon tank and weighs approximately 753lbs. This lawn mower also has the ability to cut through wet and dry grass efficiently and effectively.

Is Ferris mower worth the money?

The Ferris mower is worth the money mainly because it has sophisticated features that enable it to cut through wet grass. Most Ferris zero turn mowers are worth the money because they contain Kawasaki and Briggs and Stratton engines which are known for their durability and efficiency on the market. So if you are looking to buy a new lawn mower then I highly recommend the Ferris zero turn mower as they are worth every penny.

Who is Ferris mowers made by?

Ferris mowers are made by Briggs and Stratton. The company purchased Ferris in 2004 and ever since they have been helping design the engines and functions of the lawn mower.

Are Ferris mowers good on hills?

Ferris mowers are not good on hills. The manual for Ferris zero turn mowers clearly prohibits users from using the lawn mower on hills or sloppy areas. Therefore, never attempt this as you might end up getting hurt.


The Ferris 400S has a number of problems but, that does not mean it’s a bad lawn mower. If you maintain this lawn mower it can last you for a long period of time without needing any repairs.