Makita Lawn Mower Problems : 5 Common Issues (Explained)

Makita lawn mowers are a common range of cordless lawn mowers. They are electric lawn mowers which are quite eco-friendly due to absence of emissions. It is important that you acquaint yourself with Makita lawn mower problems. That is our focus today.

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What Is A Makita Lawn Mower?

This a mower often used by gardeners; either novice or professional ones. A Makita lawn mower is cordless. This means it is battery-powered. Its two core operating modes are self-propelling and push-along (or push drive). Makita lawn mowers are usually suitable for both residential and commercial use. They do have some problems as follows:

Makita Lawn Mower Problems

By virtue of being electric lawn mowers, you would probably think Makita lawn mowers are not problematic sometimes. Sure enough there is no gas engine which often presents problems. However, that does not mean Makita lawn mowers cannot have problems. Here are some:

1. Mower Not Starting

When about to start a job you may notice that the Makita lawn mower fails to start. At times whilst in operation it can switch off and fail to start again. This is a problem that can be caused by:

  • Not having installed 2 batteries.
  • The batteries may be faulty or flat.
  • Battery connections may be loose.
  • Lock key may not be inserted.

Troubleshooting Mower Not Starting Problem

When your Makita lawn mower does not start it is usually battery-related. Of course other related aspects may be at play. Here is what you can do:

  • Ensure 2 batteries are installed.
  • Ensure batteries are charged and connected properly.
  • Replace damaged batteries.
  • Ensure lock key is inserted.

2. Motor RPM Inconsistencies

When using the Makita lawn mower you may observe RPM inconsistencies. The RPM may be too low or the mower may fail to get to maximum RPM. This reduces the mower’s cutting efficiency. Probable causes are:

  • Batteries may be installed wrongly.
  • Batteries may be faulty or worn out.
  • Drive system may be faulty.

Troubleshooting Motor RPM Inconsistencies Problem

Once you notice your Makita lawn mower’s RPM issues, do some checks. Again this is often related to the batteries. Some of the solutions to explore are:

  • Ensure batteries are installed correctly.
  • Replace batteries with new ones.
  • Get drive system checked by a professional technician.

3. Motor Stops Abruptly

This is yet another common Makita lawn mower problem. Whilst running, the Makita lawn mower’s motor can abruptly stop. This could be due to:

  • Low battery charge.
  • Low cutting height.
  • Drive system may be faulty.

Troubleshooting Motor Stops Abruptly Problem

When your Makita lawn mower’s motor stops abruptly, wait and start it again after a while. In some cases it can go back to normal operation. If it does not start or it starts and abruptly stops again then consider the following remedies:

  • Recharge the batteries or replace.
  • Adjust the cutting height.
  • Get drive system checked by a professional technician.

4. Blade Complications

You may experience some complications with the cutting blades of your Makita lawn mower. For example, the cutting tool may not rotate at all. In some cases the blades may not deliver satisfactory and or consistent cutting. It is also possible that there may be unusual vibration. Possible causes of this are:

  • Blade stuck or obstructed due to foreign object(s) e.g. stone or stick.
  • Blade could be out of alignment.
  • Blade may be blunt or worn out.
  • Drive system may be malfunctioning.

Troubleshooting Blade Complications Problem

This is a problem you can easily detect since you get to inspect the blade and other connected components. Once you do that you have an idea of the root cause. Then you can consider these possible solutions:

  • Ensure there are no foreign objects affecting the blade.
  • Ensure the blade is properly in place.
  • Sharpen or replace the blade.
  • Get drive system checked by a professional technician.

5. Mower Overheating

It may seem like overheating problems are confined to gas-powered lawn mowers only. However, cordless or battery-powered lawn mower such as the Makita lawn mower can overheat. This is a problem that can be caused by:

  • Cutting height too low.
  • Grass too wet or thick.
  • Blocked air vents.
  • Damaged blade.
  • Cutting deck is clogged.

Troubleshooting Mower Overheating Problem

When your Makita lawn mower overheats know that the motor is being overworked. That is why you have to inspect components that can lead to that. In pursuit of that the following remedies can help:

  • Raise the cutting height.
  • Ensure grass is not too wet or too thick.
  • Get rid of debris in the air vents and cutting deck.
  • Readjust, fix, sharpen, or replace blades.

How To Avoid Makita Lawn Mower Problems

The most important elements in avoiding Makita lawn mower problems are handling, care, and maintenance. Do thorough checks on your Makita lawn mower before and after every use. Clean the mower regularly, particularly the battery compartments and undercarriage. Lubricate where needed and always ensure that all components are firmly in place and aligned. Keeping the blade sharp and firmly in place is pertinent to avoiding Makita lawn mower problems. It is also necessary to get the mower serviced from time to time.

How Long Does A Makita Lawn Mower Run?

According to Makita, you can get as many as 40 minutes of runtime. This is from using 2 18V LXT 5Ah batteries. Generally battery capacity and age contribute to runtime. In principle you have to replace batteries every 5 years. Otherwise you may get lesser runtime when batteries age.

What Is The Difference Between Cordless And Electric Lawn Mowers?

Cordless lawn mowers, such as Makita Mowers, have limited runtime. You have to recharge the batteries at some point. The most runtime you can get from a cordless lawn mower is around 1.5 hours. They also have much lower torque which means they have much lesser power. Electric lawn mowers have more power and unlimited runtime.


The Makita lawn mower has quiet operation which is a huge advantage. It is also eco-friendly. Likelihood of problems is substantially lesser compared to gas-powered lawn mowers. You just have to ensure you operate your Makita lawn mower responsibly and you take proper care of it.