EZGO Golf Cart Troubleshooting

When problems arise with your EZGO golf cart, be systematic in your approach. There are foundational things you ought to know before going much deeper. Troubleshooting is paramount in many ways that benefit the user. For instance, being able to troubleshoot can save you from spending money going to mechanics. This is because a number of issues can be addressed without engaging any professionals. Bear in mind though that troubleshooting only caters for only so much. Some problems might be too intricate for the user to notice as they troubleshoot. All the same, troubleshooting is the first step before paying for mechanics to check. Let us discuss some things to know about troubleshooting EZGO golf carts.

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Not Everything Is Necessarily A Problem

In operating an EZGO golf cart you might notice some ‘problems’ which are not problems per se. For example, EZGO golf cart batteries do not function optimally right away. On average, it takes over 100 charges or discharges for a new battery to reach that optimal level. Any indication of poor battery performance before that mark might actually be normal. You also have to check simple things like the transmission. A cart might not start just because it is not in park. A battery not charging might not be an issue with the battery. It could be the socket that has issues which is why you must ascertain it is working well. These are just some examples of issues that are not necessarily problems.

Possible Scenarios Necessitating Troubleshooting

It could be that the EZGO golf cart will not start at all. It could also be that it starts but will not move. Sometimes it can be that the cart moves slowly even when you try to accelerate. Other times it can be the EZGO golf cart abruptly stopping out of the blue. These are some of the possible scenarios though of course there are variations to the scenarios. These scenarios can be caused by numerous possible things. You would have to follow a series of steps in order to eliminate the possibilities. The working assumption is that you would have ruled out the obvious ones e.g. checking transmission, charging, and so on.

Core EZGO Golf Cart Troubleshooting Focuses

The common first area to check is the EZGO golf cart battery. You can do so by the aid of gadgets such a hydrometer. A voltmeter would come in handy to test the charging socket. There can be loose connections on the battery terminals. The terminals could possibly be dirty e.g. due to corrosion. The EZGO golf cart battery might not have adequate water or overall, the battery might just be old.

From the battery you can proceed to check the motor. Opening the casing and doing physical check you can notice if there are anomalies. The other thing to check is the solenoid. The wiring might not be in proper order or there can be corrosion or some form of damage.

EZGO golf cart usually have speed control challenges. For example, a cart might have a tendency to move slowly. This is common when a user wants to accelerate and the cart remains slow. This is usually an issue pointing to a problem with the speed controller. The good thing is you can make physical checks and changes on a speed controller. If you exhaust all of these golf cart troubleshooting steps and problems still persist, professional assistance becomes inevitable.

In summary, when performing EZGO golf cart troubleshooting, the core areas to check are: Battery, Charging Dynamics, Electric Motor, Solenoid, Speed Controller.

EZGO Golf Cart Battery Troubleshooting

First of all, do immediate physical checks around the battery. Are the terminal connections well done? An issue can simply stem from loose connections so check for that. Check the terminals themselves; are they free from any dirt? Corrosion or build-up of any form of dirt can affect the proper flow of power. Cleaning them can solve the issue if it is the actual cause. When all that is in order, you have to conduct a hydrometer test. This test is to check whether or not water and electrolyte levels in the battery cells are normal. If a EZGO golf cart battery fails a hydrometer test the best solution is to replace the battery.

EZGO Golf Cart Charging Dynamics Troubleshooting

You have to check that your EZGO golf cart charging mechanism is in good working order. It could be the socket with issues, it could be charging cable, or it could be the charging port on the cart. The battery itself might be malfunctioning in a way that causes it not to accept a charge. You have to make all these checks especially when there seems to be problems related to the battery’s charge. Usually it is refusal to charge, not charging at all, intermittent charging, or quick dissipation of charge. You can use a voltmeter to check socket, cables, or port.

Electric Motor

First you open the casing that houses the electric motor. Check for any loose connections or any anomalies. If all that is in order you can just reset the EZGO golf cart electric motor. This simply takes you pressing a red reset button. If there is nothing serious that should address any motor-related issues. This component is critically important so do not attempt anything further beyond resetting if you are unsure.


The best analogy to liken checking a solenoid to is how you check an ordinary plug of an appliance. It is all about checking the wiring for any loose connections or physical damages. You also will be checking for any short circuits.

EZGO Golf Cart Speed Controller Troubleshooting

When checking the speed controller the basic approach is the same. You want to check if the wiring is in order. You want to check if possibly there are any physical damages. This all to ensure that power is flowing as it should. Your main thrusts here can be achieved by using a voltmeter.

When it comes to EZGO golf carts, these are the details you need bear in mind when troubleshooting. It is a matter of checking the obvious first then systematically eliminating possibilities. When you have tried everything and nothing works then you engage a professional mechanic.