ICON Golf Cart Problems

ICON golf carts have sophisticated features however, just like any other golf cart on the market they do develop problems overtime. The article below discusses some of the ICON golf cart problems which you should definitely brace yourselves for especially if you are considering on buying one.

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What is ICON golf cart?

ICON golf cart is a high performing golf cart that rivals some of the biggest brands of golf carts like Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha and Evolution Golf Carts. ICON golf carts come in a variety of models and sizes and some of them include; ICON golf cart i20, i20L, i40, i40L, i40F, i60, i60L and i80. So if you are looking to settle for a high performing golf cart then you might consider any of these options.

ICON golf cart problems

NB: ICON golf carts are sold without any malfunctioning parts and as a result the problems listed below are as a result of wear and tear experienced by the golf cart.

Faulty battery

This is one of the most popular ICON golf cart problems which is caused by wear and tear of the vehicle. In order to solve this problem you can either start by checking the terminals of the battery to make sure they are not corroded or faulty or you can check the water level in the battery chambers. If all these are in good shape then there is need for you to replace the battery with a new one.

Poor brake functionality

Another ICON golf cart problem is that the brakes start to function poorly over time. This is usually caused by loose bolts that help to lift the kit or by stuck cables or tangling wires. In order to solve this problem you have to tighten the loose bolts and untangle or replace cables and wires of the ICON golf cart.

Limited number of spare parts available on the market

The ICON golf cart company imports most of its spare parts from China and as a result you might not be able to get the spare parts when and where you want them especially when they are out of stock. This can be a bit frustrating thus, you should always approach them way ahead of time if you are in need of spare parts.

Solenoid problems

This problem is not only peculiar to ICON golf carts but, it is a common problem amongst all golf carts. The solenoid is a cylindrical coil of wire, responsible for transmitting electric current to the golf cart. If your ICON golf cart has a problem of starting intermittently then there is a high chance that the solenoid is damaged. In order to solve this problem you just need to replace the old solenoid with a new one.

Tire problems

Another common problem with ICON golf carts are the tires. They usually have inadequate tire pressure or they will be flat. This is usually caused by a tire leak or an expired tire. In order to solve this problem, always ensure that your tires are fully aired and inflated to the proper pressure. You should also change tires that have leaks or are expired with new ones.

Faulty Accelerator

If you have been using an ICON golf cart for a long period of time then it’s likely that it will develop problems with the accelerator. If you want to know that the accelerator of your Icon golf cart is damaged simply check the performance of your golf cart on the field. If your golf cart is having a hard time starting or not gaining speed then it’s definitely damaged and needs to be replaced.

How to avoid ICON golf cart problems

Although the ICON golf cart is prone to all the problems listed above, there are actually a few things you can do to slow down the process.

Regularly service your Icon golf cart

In order to reduce the occurrence of most of the problems stated above you need to regularly service your ICON golf cart. This will help to slow down the process of wear and tear and improve the performance of your golf cart.

Battery should always be charged

The ICON golf cart is an electric golf cart and as such you need to ensure that the battery is always charged. This helps to improve performance of the golf cart. There is nothing as boring as having a golf cart stuck on the golf course simply because the battery has died down.

Regularly check tire pressure

Another way of reducing the occurrence of these ICON golf cart problems is to regularly check tire pressure of your golf cart. A golf cart that has adequate tire pressure performs well on the golf course which is what you should aim for.

Does ICON make a good golf cart?

Yes, ICON makes good golf carts and it has a wide variety of models and sizes to choose from. Some of the best ICON golf carts include the i40, i20, i60 and i80.

How fast are ICON Golf Carts?

ICON golf carts are one of the fastest golf carts on the market and they operate at a maximum speed of 25mph. ICON golf carts can be operated on the road and to ensure that they are road worthy, the manufactures of the golf cart installed tail lights, signal lights, head lights, side mirrors and seat belts.

How fast is the ICON i20?

The ICON i20 has a maximum speed of 19mph and it can travel a range of 30 to 40 miles. The ICON i20 is also amongst one of the best golf carts on the market and it can accommodate 2 passengers at a time.

Does ICON make gas golf carts?

Unfortunately, ICON does not make gas golf carts. This is mainly because they specialise in electric golf carts and as a result all golf cart models from ICON are electric.


Every golf cart has its flaws and while the ICON golf cart seems to be more flawed than others it’s still one of best electric golf carts on the market.