9 Ezgo Ex1 Engine Problems And Their Fixes

Powered by the all new Ex1 closed loop EX1 gas engine the Ezgo Valor golf cart offers the versatility and flexibility that is tailored to the unique needs of each golf enthusiast. The EX1 engine raises the bar for performance a golf cart can deliver. The EX1 engine uses advanced technology that allows the operator to go further on one fuel tank full. The Ezgo ex1 golf cart offers other advantages such as a smooth, quiet and refined ride, it also offers best in class fuel economy, less downtime and more responsive acceleration that rivals that of electric models. However, despite these wonderful features, no machine is without its problem and as such the Ezgo ex 1 engine also has some problems that will be discussed below.

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Ezgo Ex1 Engine build

The Ezgo ex1 comes with a single cylinder OHV, 4 cycle engine, which offers 11.5 horse power(8.6KW) using a closed-loop electronic fuel injection system. This is good for 19mph top speed. This configuration offers better fuel economy and range while being smooth and needing less down time. Several problems do arise however, due to the use of this engine in the golf cart, the Ezgo ex1 engine needs regular maintenance and troubleshooting to address these issues.

1. Fuel flammability

One problem is that gasoline which is the fuel used by the Ezgo ex1 engine as the source of energy is very flammable and it can be also explosive hence care is needed when handling it. All sources of fire such as sparks and cigarettes should be kept away from the Ezgo ex1 golf cart engine to eliminate the possibility of a fire engulfing the golf cart. Also ensure the Ezgo ex1 golf cart engine is off when refueling to eliminate any possibility of fires. Check for leaks at the tank, cap, system lines, filters, pump and carburetor and address any problems if they arise.

2. Engine exhaust

The Ezgo golf cart ex1 engine produces exhaust gases such as carbon monoxide that cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive defect problems. It is imperative therefore to ensure the Ezgo ex1 engine is properly serviced and proper exhaust channels are installed to ensure these gases are properly contained so as to reduce problems caused by these gases. Check the muffler for leaks and any other problems.

3. Spark Plugs

The Ezgo ex1 engine has one problem where the spark plugs could be affected by moisture accumulated from the water used to clean the Ezgo golf cart exterior. To solve this problem, remove the sparkplugs wires by pulling the spark plug boots, and never let them touch wires each other. Dry all the connections with forced air and reinstall them. This should allow the Ex1 engine to run smoothly as intended. Running the Ezgo ex1 engine on full throttle for more than 4 to 5 seconds while the golf cart is in no load condition could damage it hence this should not be done frequently, only for troubleshooting purposes to resolve this problem. The spark plugs also don’t need any moisture and when fouled are indicated by a wet, black appearance.

4. Air filter

The Ezgo ex1 engine air filter is very sensitive hence problems could arise if it is cleaned using compressed air. Doing so could damage the filter which may result in total damage to the engine. Proper care should be taken when cleaning the Ezgo ex1 engine filter. Clean only the inside of the cover, canister and dust collector to avoid any problems with the air filter.

5. Engine Heating

The Ezgo Ex1 engine functions by burning gasoline to produce power as such this produces a lot of heat which could severely damage the engine components such as the piston. To solve this problem engine oil should be maintained. A dip stick can be used to check the engine oil level. The Ezgo ex1 engine also uses an air intake and cooling fins to rapidly cool the engine. One problem that could develop with the cooling fins and air intake is that they could get clogged with dirt and debris hence cleaning is essential to reduce accumulation of dirt in the air intake and cooling fins. Also keep linkages, springs and controls clean and also the area around the muffler free of any combustible materials.

6. Engine Oil and Leaks

The Ezgo ex1 engine makes use of oil for cooling however overfilling the engine could cause smoking or cause spark plug fouling. If the engine oil is overfilled the oil could enter the air filter enclosure and clog up the system. To resolve this problem in the Ezgo ex1 engine, the oil level should be checked with the engine warm and the Ezgo golf cart should be on a level surface with the parking brake engaged. It is also important when addressing the problem of oil level in the engine to allow adequate time for the oil to drain into the crank case before checking. To check the engine oil level, use a dip stick that has been wiped clean before dipping it in to the dipstick hole. When putting oil in to the Ezgo ex1 engine ensure there is no mixing of different oil brands as these may have different viscosities causing problems in how the engine functions. Also ensure no leaks have developed in the oil channels as running the engine with insufficient cooling results in the Ezgo ex1 engine having overheating problems leading to total engine failure.

7. Starter/Generator belt Tension

The tension of the starter/generator belt in the Ezgo ex1 needs to be checked after the first 15 to 20 hrs and set to 75 to 80Ibs. (34-36kg) of tension. This is because a loose belt in golf cart can result in audible vibrations and squeal problems. To resolve this problem a new belt needs to be checked manually and tightened to 115 -125Ibs (52 to 57 kg) of tension. Ensure a maximum deflection of 10mm is allowed so as to allow the Ezgo ex1 engine starter belt to run smoothly.

8. Engine electrical system

The Ezgo ex 1 engine electrical systems can develop loose connections hence check coil/spark plug wires and any other electrical wires for cracks and loose connections to resolve this problem, without these the engine cannot function.

9. Carburettor Problem

If the Ezgo golf cart is left for long periods of time without usage (30 days or more) a problem could arise where there is a build-up of varnish and gum in the Ezgo ex1 engine carburettor and corrosion in the engine. To resolve this problem first run the engine until it stops due to lack of fuel then remove the spark plug and pour 1oz (30ml) of engine oil in to the cylinder. Replace the spark plug, ground spark plug wire and use the starter to turn engine over a few seconds to distribute the oil. One can also add a gasoline additive to the tank in accordance with the manufacturer ‘s recommendations