How Much Is A 2012 Ezgo Golf Cart Worth?

The Ezgo 2012 golf cart is a great bargain which is worth its price. Whether one buys the golf cart new or on the used market, they are assured to get a good return on their investment. The 2012 Ezgo golf cart is packed with a lot of features that punch above its weight making the use of the golf cart a true joy. The Ezgo golf cart comes in both an electric model such as the Ezgo TXT electric and RXV, and the gasoline model such as the TXT gasoline fleet. The worth of an Ezgo golf cart can vary depending on condition and features. However prices especially for used Ezgo RXV golf cart models can start from as low as $3000 to $5000. For example the used 2012 Ezgo RXV golf cart comes as low as $3500 on sites like Long Horn golf carts site.

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Buying New

The worth of a new 2012 Ezgo golf cart varies depending on the accessories and features that are offered.  The price also depends on where the golf cart is purchased from, for example the 2012 RXV Ezgo golf cart with a flip seat and big custom rims and tires costs $9,295.95 when bought from The price also varies depending on whether the golf cart is an electric variant or a gasoline variant. When buying the 2012 Ezgo golf cart new, it is advisable to do some research and check for different pricing from physical dealers around your location or online retailers like long horn golf carts and the official Ezgo website.

Advantages of Buying New

When buying a new 2012 EZ-GO golf cart look out for discounts especially on the official Ezgo website. Discounts will allow one to pay a significantly lower price or even receive additional accessories for the same price.

Buying the 2012 Ezgo golf cart new can also have the advantage of a warranty. This allows one to claim a cash back if one receives a defective product or return the old golf cart for a newer one. This also allows one to get some repairs free if they are covered by the warranty. This generally ensures one is paying a good price and getting their money’s worth for a very reliable 2012 Ezgo golf cart.

New golf carts usually come with accessories like custom rims and tires, and this usually costs significantly less than buying those items separately. Buying the 2012 Ezgo golf new also ensures one buys the golf cart with significantly fewer problems that need to be addressed and the golf cart will go longer without needing repairs however this can mean buying new can be expensive, the price worth can rise to above $10 000 dollars for the newer 2012 Ezgo golf cart.

Draw Backs of Buying New

The 2012 EZ-GO golf cart loses a majority of its worth as soon as one buys it, and hence the golf cart cannot be sold at that same price if one decides to resell it. Buying a new 2012 Ezgo golf cart can generally be more expensive as such one has to consider all the alternatives when buying the 2012 Ezgo golf cart.

Buying Used 2012 Ezgo Golf Cart

The average worth of a used 2012 Ezgo golf cart varies depending on its condition. When buying one can anticipate a price range of $2,000 to $5,000 for most used Ezgo golf carts. Lower-priced 2012 Ezgo golf carts however typically have issues with their design or construction. It is therefore wise to anticipate that more money will have to be released further down the line for repairs and replacement of parts. By contrast higher priced 2012 Ezgo golf carts are bound to be more reliable and offer more options. This of course significantly increases their prices and worth. Good research however is of paramount importance to ensure one gets a good worth for their money and a golf cart that goes the way. When buying the 2012 Ezgo golf cart ensure accessories such as golf cart mirrors, cart covers, steering equipment, protective gear, rocker panels, fender flares, cart lights, lift kits and radios are present as they could be worth more to buy separately.

Advantages of Buying Used

Buying a used 2012 Ezgo golf cart on sites like CraigsList, Facebook, and eBay can be a much cheaper option and one can negotiate better pricing.

A used 2012 Ezgo golf cart can cost much less than a newer one and can be upgraded easily. Prices can be low as $3500 for the 2012 Ezgo golf cart RXV Freedom, electric.

Disadvantages of Buying Used

When buying the 2012 Ezgo golf cart used, there can be unforeseen problems that may later need to be addressed as such it is advisable to buy from trusted retailers.

What To Look Out For

Additional Features

Additional features such as DVD players, stainless steel accessories, high quality tires and even heaters drive up the worth of the 2012 Ezgo golf cart. An Ezgo golf cart with such features usually cost upwards of $6,000 to $10, 000 to purchase. Extensive customizations of the 2012 Ezgo golf cart such as higher-powered engines and tweaked paint jobs-can affect the worth of the Ezgo golf cart as well.


Whenever buying a used 2012 Ezgo golf cart, the condition of the golf cart is an important parameter that can affect performance and the overall worth of the golf cart. Buying a TXT 2012 Ezgo golf cart can cost about $5,499 on sites like

Wear And Tear

Wear and tear or a poorly-installed engine or bad custom electrical wiring are also likely to reduce the worth of the 2012 Ezgo golf cart. Another factor to look out for is the location where the golf cart has been used in as it affects the condition of the 2012 Ezgo golf cart as well as its worth. Wear and tear of the tires is also a big factor to consider as fixing the tires separately can be costly. A used TXT 2012 Ezgo golf cart can cost as low as $2,999.00 depending on the condition.

Selling The 2012 Ezgo Golf Cart

When selling the 2012 Ezgo golf cart it is important to look at what other golf carts with similar specs are selling for. Compare with other brands like Yamaha and Club Car to ensure you get a fair price. It is also advisable to repair and replace broken parts on the Ezgo golf cart as this will increase its worth and allow for the selling of the golf cart at a significantly higher price. You can check places like Craig’s list and Facebook marketplace to reference prices. Selling can also be done via these platforms or any other traditional methods available to the seller. One can sell their 2012 Ezgo golf cart for as high as $5000 depending on the condition of the golf cart.


In conclusion the worth of the 2012 Ezgo golf cart can vary depending on its condition and accessories offered, starting from as low as $3500 and going to as high as above $8000. It advisable to do extensive research to ensure one negotiates better pricing and gets the best deal. Also, when selling the 2012 Ezgo golf cart the price can depend on the condition. One should look around to see what others in a similar position are offering and charge around that figure.