Types Of Golf Carts

There are several golf cart brands making different types of golf carts. Some of the top global golf cart brands are Club Car, Yamaha, EZGO, Garia, and Cushman. The golf cart market is projected to reach US$2.25 billion by 2026. The industry periodically tends to go through interesting trends. The latest trend currently is the rising demand for solar-powered golf carts. The COVID-19 pandemic and the social distancing issue also led to another interesting trend. It became commonplace to see golf cart manufacturers making carts strictly meant for one individual. Our focus in this article is a discussion on the different types of golf carts.

Table of Contents

1. Electric Golf Carts

Electric golf carts as the name suggests are powered by electricity. They typically have a number of batteries comprising what is termed a battery pack. The batteries are thus charged and the charge they take up is used to power the golf cart. It is worth noting that more and more users are opting for solar-powered golf carts. There are variations to this but some actually have solar panels of the body of the cart – usually the rooftop.

Generally, electric golf carts are considered the golf cart industry favourite. This comes as no surprise given how efficient they are. They are mostly low-maintenance, are characterized by low operating costs, and run quietly. However, electric golf carts generally have slower speeds and they tend to struggle to navigate rough or steep terrains.

2. Gas Golf Carts

They are popularly called that but the ‘gas’ is short for ‘gasoline’ i.e. petrol. This means they operate using fuel just like your typical car does. You will even find that their engines have components familiar to those of cars. The unique selling point is that they wield more power than electric golf carts. This makes it easier to operate gas golf carts on rough terrains and to pull heavier loads. Gas golf carts also have more mileage than electric golf carts.

A full tank for a gas golf cart covers more mileage than a single charge for an electric golf cart. Another convenience is that you simply fill up and go; no lengthy waiting time. One of the notable downsides of gas golf carts is the noisy engine sound when running. Gas golf carts are also heavily reliant on regular maintenance the absence of which creates problems. Ultimately this makes them high-maintenance.

3. Diesel Golf Cart

There are also diesel golf carts with mostly the same characteristics as gas golf carts. Major difference between the two is that you get more fuel economy with a diesel golf cart. Plus you can get more power with it than you get with a gas golf cart. Just like with gas golf carts, the major concern with diesel golf carts is noise and air pollution. The use of diesel or petrol causes pollution through the emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs). That is why these two types of golf carts are no longer as popular nowadays.

4. Pull Carts

These are neither electric nor gasoline-powered; they are manually operated. They are usually designed with 2 wheels to make it easy to pull them as you move along. Their design also mostly entails a foldable mechanism, making it easy to pack and handle. Notwithstanding that weather such as rain can complicate movement due to muddy grounds. By nature they are small and do not weigh that much. They can only accommodate few golfing items. They are designed with golfers with a few pieces of golfing equipment in mind. No wonder pull carts are a perfect fit for entry-level or teen golfers in general. They are quite cheap and one can even prefer to just rent one.

5. Push Carts

For non-electric non-gasoline-powered golf carts, these are a hit amongst many golfers. They are still widely sought after today despite having been around for ages. They are typically comprised of 3 wheels which provide stability and ease of movement. Pull carts are significantly big thus accommodating lots of golfing equipment. The way they are designed makes it easy for a golfer to push it themselves as they golf. It is clearly the most cost-effective golf cart since it is cheap to get, cheap to maintain, and eliminates the need to pay for a caddy.

6. Custom-Built Golf Carts

These are golf carts made or remade following some tweaks related to users’ needs or preferences. This means they can be custom-built right from the initial manufacturing process. The other approach is when already made golf carts, particularly gas, diesel, or electric ones are customized. Some big golf cart brands such as Club Car and EZGO make custom golf carts. The custom element can be any or more of several possible tweaks.

For example, a cart can be designed to have a passenger carrying capacity of up to 6 people. Canopies can be customized and so can the suspension. Customization can also entail adding more features such as headlights. In fact, in a bid to make golf carts legally suitable for use in places like public streets, almost anything can be added.

Determining The Type Of Golf Cart To Settle For

There are a number of considerations to make in making such decisions. Do you intend to purchase one or you would prefer to rent one? This is usually informed by your financial muscle and even how often you play golf. The chief consideration to make is where you will regularly play golf. You have to be intimately familiar with the nature and terrain of the golf course(s). It is also essential to find out from their respective authorities about any regulations to note. This is because some regulations or ground rules may exclude the use of certain types of golf carts.

It is also wise to settle for a golf cart for which you have reviewed lots of social proofs. Many current users of golf carts are quite generous with candid reviews of their user experiences online. There are helpful online discussions as well about golf carts by users on platforms such as Reddit and Quora.