ICON i40 Golf Cart Problems

The ICON i40 golf cart is hailed for its sophisticated features however, just like any other golf cart on the market, the ICON i40 experiences problems of its own. The article below highlights some of the most common ICON i40 golf cart problems which you need to be aware of before deciding to purchase one.

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What Is ICON i40 Golf Cart?

The ICON i40 golf cart is a high performing electric golf cart which is manufactured by the company known an ICON Electric Vehicles. This golf cart weighs approximately 1 215 pounds and accommodates 4 passengers.

ICON i40 Golf Cart Problems

NB: ICON golf carts are sold without any malfunctioning parts and because of that, the problems listed in this article are as a result of wear and tear of the golf cart.

1. Faulty ICON Battery

This is one of the most popular ICON i40 golf cart problem which is mainly caused by wear and tear of the vehicle. In order to solve this problem, the first thing you need to do is to check the terminal wires, there might be a chance that they are corroded or disconnected to the battery. Therefore, you can either clean the terminals or replace them with new ones if they are corroded. Another option is to just connect the terminal wires if they are disconnected from the battery. Another reason why tour ICON i40 might have a faulty battery is because the battery chambers might be running out of water. If this is the case you might be forced to replace the battery with a new one.

2. Uneven Tires

This is also another common problem with the ICON i40 golf cart. This problem is usually caused when there is inadequate pressure in the tires or when the tires are leaking or expired. In order to solve this problem you need to start by ensuring that your fill your tires with enough pressure and check whether any tire is releasing air before taking it to the golf course. You should also check if the tires have not expired because if they have, this could be the reason why they are always running out of pressure. In such cases the option would be for you to purchase new tires for your ICON i40 golf cart.

3. Brake Problems

Another common ICON i40 Golf cart problem are the brakes which start to malfunction overtime. One of the main causes of brake problems in the ICON i40 is loose bolts on the lift kits. This can be solved by tightening these bolts so that the brakes can become stronger. Tangling wires and stuck cables can also be the reason why your ICON i40 golf cart is experiencing brake problems. In order to solve this problem you need to untangle the wires and replace stuck cables with new ones. This might need the help of a professional repairer.

4. Solenoid Problems

The ICON i40 golf cart experiences solenoid problems just like any other golf cart on the market. A solenoid is a cylindrical wire that serves the purpose of transmitting electric current to the golf cart. If your golf cart has a difficult time starting but the battery is in good shape then there is a high chance that the solenoid is damaged and needs to be replaced.

5. Lack Of Availability Of Spare Parts

Another common ICON i40 golf cart problem is that the spare parts are very hard to come by. This is mainly because the company sources most of its parts from China and other parts of Asia and as a result it might take time for them to receive the materials, which can be very frustrating. In order to solve this problem, you need to approach ICON way ahead of time if you need spare parts so that you avoid any inconveniences.

6. Accelerator Problems

An ICON i40 golf cart that has been operating on the golf course for a long period of time usually develops accelerator problems. In order to determine whether your ICON i40 has an accelerator problem simply pay attention to the way it operates. If it has a hard time starting or gaining speed on the golf course then the accelerator is damaged and needs to be replaced with a new one.

How To Avoid ICON i40 Golf Cart Problems

One of the easiest ways of avoiding ICON i40 golf cart problems is to regularly service your golf cart. This well help to ensure that your golf cart is always in good shape and it reduces the rate of wear and tear. If you would like to service your ICON i40 golf cart make sure you get in touch with a reputable ICON dealer.

What Is The Difference Between ICON i40 And i40L?

The main difference between ICON i40 and i40L is that the ICON i40L is a lifted version of the ICON i40. Furthermore, these two golf carts have different weights, ICON i40 weighs 1 215 pounds whilst the i40L weighs 1 226 pounds. These 2 golf carts are similar in that they accommodate 4 passengers.

Is An ICON Golf Cart Worth The Money?

Yes, an ICON golf cart is worth the money. This is because it has sophisticated features which can transform the way you see golf carts. ICON golf carts come in different models like the i20, i40, i60 and i80 just to mention a few.

What brand is ICON Golf Cart?

ICON golf carts are a brand of electric golf carts manufactured by the company known as ICON Electric Vehicles. These golf carts are very durable and compete with some of the most renowned brands like EZGO and Club Car.

How Fast Do ICON Golf Carts Go?

ICON golf carts can travel at a maximum speed of 25mph. This makes them one of the fastest golf carts on the market which you should definitely consider buying.


The ICON i40 golf cart might seem like a problematic golf cart but that is not the case. The problems listed in the article above are mainly influenced by wear and tear of the vehicle and as such you should make sure that you regularly service your ICON i40 golf cart.