How To Register A Golf Cart In Florida

There has been a steady evolution in the industry of golf carts. Golf carts are defined in Florida Statutes section as a motor vehicle that is designed and manufactured for use on a golf course mainly for purposes of sporting or recreation with maximum speed less than 20 miles per  hour. The statutes also distinguishes golf carts from low speed vehicles. Low speed vehicles are defined as any four-wheeled vehicle with speed ranging between 20 and 25 miles per hour. There are many rules and regulations governing operation of these vehicles as discussed below which calls for registration. These regulations usually differ from city to city and hence operators should familiarize themselves with the statutes for each respective city they wish to operate the carts in.

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Golf Cart Registration in Florida

According to Florida statutes, golf carts registration is not a requirement. Golf carts are not required also to be insured for personal injury protection and property damage liability insurances. Additionally, it is not a requirement that any person operating a golf cart be in immediate possession of a valid driver’s license. However, there are certain guidelines that governs operation of these golf carts. Golf carts are allowed to be operated on particular roadways already designated for them with speed limit signs of 30 miles per hour or less. Florida statutes allows golf carts to also cross a portion of a county road intersecting a road way approved for golf carts, or golf course. This implies that there is a limit to access for all roads by golf carts in comparison to low speed vehicles. The road ways in both cases should have signs erected that golf carts also use the roadway. There are also some restrictive ordinances enacted by local government that any golf cart must comply with and be verified before being operated. Golf cart operators must be at least fourteen years old to operate golf cart on the public road.

Florida Golf Cart Operation Guidelines

Golf cart operation does not require registration but the guidelines mentioned here are important. Golf cart operators shall not operate the vehicle under the influence of alcohol. This applies even to all other vehicles. Additionally, all the rules of the road that applies to other vehicles also apply to the golf cart. Golf cart operators should pay attention to various road signs and obey them. Another guideline is operation of golf cart at night. Generally, golf carts may be operated during day but the regulations vary from city to city. Some city municipalities allow golf cart owners to operate their golf carts even during night as long as headlights and other safety equipment, including brake lights, reflectors, and turn signals are functional. Golf carts can also be modified to low speed vehicles in which case they should be titled and registered.

Converted Golf Carts

All converted golf carts should be titled and registered with registration and title date reflecting date of registration and title rather than date of manufacture. The first step in registration and titling of a converted golf cart is for the vehicle to go for inspection by the Motorist Services Regional Office and assigned a Vehicle Identification number. The converted cart must be street legal prior to tittle and registration application. It must have the safety features including turn signals, headlights and tail lights, rear view mirrors, parking brakes, seat belts and wind shield.

Multiple documents should be presented to the Motorist Services Regional Office accompanied by various fees for the registration process and inspection.

  • Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin. This can also be a bill of sale for the golf cart.
  • Affidavit form for Golf Cart Modification to a low speed vehicle.
  • Original bill or receipts for all parts used in the conversion of the golf cart to a low speed vehicle.
  • Weight certificate of the converted golf cart.
  • Application form for title (Form HSMSV 82040).
  • Proof of Florida insurance for both personal injury protection and property liability insurances.
  • Sales tax or sales tax exemption information for all parts of the vehicle.
  • Personal identification in form of driver license, ID card or passport.
  • Applicable fees including inspection fees, plate fees, title fees, registration fee which varies by weight of vehicle and initial registration fee where applicable.

These are the registration and title requirements for converted golf carts operating as low speed vehicles. More details are available on respective cities for application and requirements.

Miami City Golf Cart Registration

There are some cities that requires golf carts to be registered like Miami city. The procedure is the same for converted golf carts which operate as low speed vehicles. It is important as highlighted above to ensure that your cart is compliant to all road and personal safety standards applicable to the city authority. The golf cart must also be insured for personal injury and property damage prior to registration. After that the golf cart registration form and affidavit are completed and can be found on town websites or offices.  Completed golf cart permit application, affidavit, valid driver’s license and proof of insurance accompanied by application fees must be submitted to the city offices for verification and processing. The permit holder is then subject to the laws or regulations governing golf carts in the city and should always ensure that he abides by the statues.

Updated Florida Golf Carts Statutes

Various Florida cities including Cutler bay, Palmetto Bay and Ocala city have updated statutes with provisions for golf cart registration. This would allow those intending to drive on roadways with speed limits prohibited for golf carts to be allowed being subject to low speed vehicle regulation. The registration procedure is almost the same for all the cities with registration documents available on various company sites and offices.

This document is a guideline for the general registration and title application for golf carts. Detailed information as mentioned before can be availed from respective city authorities for those intending to register their golf carts and operate them within the confines of the law.