9 Common Icon I40 Golf Cart Problems And Solutions

The Icon I40 is a splendid solution for golf lovers who seek simple and easy transportation on the golf course. It offers good maneuverability and handling that allows the golfer to navigate around the course with relative ease. The Icon I40 is an electric vehicle hence it eliminates some of the problems that plague gasoline golf carts such as noise, pollution and the increasing cost of refueling. The icon i40 electric golf cart uses a 4kw ac drive motor to drive the wheels at a maximum speed of 19 mph. The use of the electric motor also allows fast and responsive rides on most suitable terrains, however like any other machine it does come with a few setbacks discussed below.

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Icon I40 Golf Cart Working Principle

The Icon I40 is an electric vehicle as such it uses a large Lead acid 8V  6 pieces battery pack to power the 4kw AC drive motor. This allows the Icon I40 golf cart to carry a maximum of 4 passengers while offering good range of 30-40miles. The batteries are rechargeable and frequently need to be charged before use.

1. Windshield Problem

The Icon I40 golf cart comes with a glass windshield that offers good protection from wind turbulence while moving, however the glass is not full proof and does not protect against flying objects such as golf balls at high velocity. Interaction with such could result in serious injury. It is recommended therefore not to drive the golf cart in the line of fire or where golf balls are expected to fly towards. Also, consideration needs to be taken when packing to ensure it’s in a place where there are no moving projectiles.

2. Battery Issues

The batteries used this electric golf cart uses lead acid technology, hence they come with a few disadvantages, namely

Toxic Fumes

Explosive and toxic fumes are produced when the battery is charging or discharging hence care is needed as to ensure there is adequate ventilation. If charging in a garage ensure it has adequate ventilation and the golf cart is located in a place free from sparks, flames and cigarettes which may ignite. Ensure the batteries don’t always run till empty before recharging as this may degrade the batteries over time.

Sulfuric Acid

The battery uses sulfuric acid which is corrosive. It can burn skin, eyes and clothing hence do not tip the batteries. Keep the battery vents tight and level to ensure acid does not trickle out. In the event of injury, rinse with water and see a physician immediately for proper medical care. Also keep away from the reach of children who may open the caps unknowingly hence putting themselves and others in danger.

Electric Shocks

The Icon I40 golf cart batteries produces considerable amounts of current and voltage(48V) hence there is risk of electric shock which can result in severe burns. To eliminate the risk of electric shocks always use with caution and wear proper insulation. Also use insulated tools to eliminate the possibility of shorting out the batteries. Never allow a tool to touch the positive and negative terminals of the battery at any point as it will short the battery and lead to damaging the battery or an explosion. It is recommended to allow only a trained professional to handle the batteries for maintenance or trouble shooting purposes.

Battery Health

The battery is a crucial component of the golf cart however it can degrade over time. The electrolyte level may need to be checked using a hydrometer to ensure optimal conditions. Also check battery voltage using a voltmeter and replace dead batteries.

3. Open Concept

The golf cart uses an open concept hence it is not ideal for instances of heavy rainfall or excessively windy days as it does not offer any protection from incoming side projectiles and wind. Minimize driving in such conditions to decrease discomfort or even injury from possible side collisions. Ensure it is not also driven in rainy whether to minimize exposing the golf car components and passengers to moisture or risk of lightning strikes.

4. Charging Problems

Due to the use of large batteries to power the Icon I40 golf cart considerable amounts of electricity are needed to charge the battery. The Delta Q On-board battery charger needs a special designated socket outlet that can provide the necessary current and voltage. The socket also needs to be properly grounded. Due to the large amounts of current drawn by the golf cart charger there is need for proper ventilation. This is to allow cooling of the battery charger and the batteries themselves as these can overheat when charging. Ensure the batteries don’t always run till empty before recharging as this may degrade the batteries over time.

5. Maintenance Problem

The Icon I40 golf cart is an electric vehicle and these can be complex and need trained personnel to carry out the maintenance. When carrying out maintenance on the golf cart ensure the chassis is blocked to prevent any unexpected vehicle movement. The golf car ‘s electrical system also needs to be disabled to avoid electrical shock or damage to it. The safety devices of the golf cart including the brakes, steering mechanisms, warning devices and governor need to be kept in a safe operating environment and receive proper maintenance to ensure they are in good working condition at all times. The owner is limited as to any and all modifications that can be done to the golf cart as this may lead to electrical or mechanical faults. After maintenance is carried out the cart needs to be driven by a trained professional to ensure it is functioning properly. The car also uses a Toyota 350ah NEOS controller which needs to be checked regularly to ensure it is operating optimally.

6. Weight Capacity and Range Problem

The Icon I40 golf cart is limited as to the maximum amount of range and weight it can deliver. The golf cart maxes out at 1215 pounds of weight including batteries. It can only carry a maximum of 4 people and do maximum range of 30-40 miles with a maximum load capacity of 661 pounds before needing long charging times. It is recommended therefore not to exceed these limits in order to not damage the golf cart. It also has a ground clearance of just 4 inches which limits where it can go, it cannot effectively navigate uneven, rocky and excessively muddy terrains hence the driver needs to be worry of where the golf cart is driven to reduce damage to the tires and suspension system.

7. Wire Damage and Corrosion Problem

The wires in the electrical components of the Icon I40 golf cart can get damaged or corroded over time hence they need to be manually tested to ensure there are still in good operating condition.

8. Tires, Shock Absorbers and Steering Mechanisms

The tire pressure and tread depth need to be regularly inspected to ensure good operation and minimize damage. Tire pressure needs to be at 137Kpa, 1.4 kgf/(psi). All bolts and nuts along with screws and reverts need to be constantly checked to ensure good operation. Shock absorbers and the entire suspension need checking to ensure a smooth ride along with the steering mechanism to ensure it is performing as required.

9. Brakes Problem

Brakes are crucial to the smooth operation of the golf cart; without them the cart can’t be effectively stopped hence ensure they are in good working order to solve this problem.