PRGR Launch Monitor Problems

Feedback and accuracy are very important to a golfer especially when one needs to hit a ball several yards away. In order to know how to improve one’s golfing abilities, club speed, ball speed and carry distance are very important parameters that need to be recorded and reviewed. The PRGR launch monitor does just that thanks to its doppler radar-based sensors. The PRGR launch monitor offers unrivaled accuracy, simplicity and functionality. It measures club speed, ball speed, smash factor, carry distance and the total distance travelled when hitting the golf ball. The PRGR launch monitor is very affordable, costing around $200 and offers a very quick set-up, with just the push of the on/off button, selecting the club then start hitting shots. It also offers improved wedge measurements especially on higher-lofted shots.

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PRGR Launch Monitor Build

The PRGR launch monitor is a cellphone sized, doppler radar-based launch monitor that displays information about each shot you hit.  It is operated by placing it a few feet behind the ball on the target line. This allows one to hit shot after shot and get immediate numbers about the range.  The LCD screen is also big enough to see while standing over the launch monitor. Even in bright sun light, it has sufficient contrast to make it easy to read. A tripod stand can also be used with the launch monitor for better accuracy. Information on each shot is stored and can be reviewed later on. The PRGR launch monitor also uses 4 AAA batteries for convenience. However, despite all these good qualities about the PRGR launch monitor it does however have some disadvantages discussed below.

1. Insufficient Information

The PRGR launch monitor does offer a good range of information about a golf ball shot, however it offers significantly lesser information than its competitors like the Flightscope Xi due to the smaller sensor. To solve this problem, ensure the launch monitor is placed a few feet behind the ball on the target line. They may also be need to carry and use a phone calculator in order to do some averaging on the values obtained.

2. Batteries Are Not Rechargeable

Another problem with the PRGR launch monitor is that it uses 4 AAA batteries which are not rechargeable hence ensure to always carry a spare pack of batteries for when they run out. The PRGR launch monitor may fail to turn on if the batteries are not positioned correctly. To solve this problem always ensure the batteries are placed correctly and in the right direction in order to avoid any problems with the batteries.

3. Missed Wedge Shots

One problem that plagues the PRGR launch monitor is with wedge readings. Due to its smaller sensor, the PRGR launch monitor tends to miss some wedge shots, especially when golfers launch the ball higher. One way to solve this problem is to stack the launch monitor higher or use a tripod. The HS-120A launch monitor also has difficulties reading wedges that are closer, for example distances that are about 40 yards or less depending on the setup hence ensure adequate distancing.  The PRGR launch monitor also does not connect to web-based devices like cell phones and the club may need to be manually adjusted hence this needs to be considered when purchasing the monitor. The PRGR launch monitor specifications may need to be changed in order to prevent the problem of measuring lower ball speeds and smash factor.

4. The PRGR  Launch Monitor Is Selective To Different Clubs

The PRGR launch monitor is selective when it comes to clubs hence there may be need to change clubs for better accuracy. Moving the PRGR launch monitor about 5 feet can bring more accuracy with the 7-iron and beyond. Choosing an extra iron as the setting will usually give better results. The PRGR launch monitor is selective with golf balls hence ensure to use good quality golf balls if available to solve this problem. Differences may arise between the estimated distance of flight and the actual distance travelled by the ball because the PRGR launch monitor cannot accurately estimate the distance of flight if the club is not set, hence ensure the club is set to solve this problem.

5. Environmental Limitations

One big problem with the PRGR launch monitor is that it is limited by its surroundings, for example it may not perform well in bad lighting and it needs enough distance behind and in front of the ball (typically about 3-5 feet in both directions). The PRGR launch monitor performs much better outdoors in a good lightning environment. When playing indoors, the color of the net and what’s behind the net can affect readouts as well, hence ensure these parameters are properly taken care of. Ensure the environment is not too busy for the sensor, for example a white net in the garage and many different things with different colors behind the net will cause problems in how the sensor tracks the ball. A black net, gray wall and proper lighting may be advisable to solve the problem.

6. Installation And Correct Positioning

On the PRGR launch monitor, measurements of club head speed are made in accordance with PRGR ’s own criteria and this can be problematic. Differences may arise between measurements taken with the PRGR launch monitor and other devices manufactured by other firms. Hence check that the PRGR launch monitor has been installed and positioned correctly to solve this problem. Measurements cannot be made using plastic balls or other balls designed for practice use only. To solve the problem, always use the required balls for more accurate measurements. To account for one’s own unique swing characteristics the PRGR launch monitor has to be turned up to 45 degrees in either direction in relation to the target line and elevated off the ground up to 5 inches.


In conclusion the PRGR launch monitor is the perfect solution for any golfer looking for simplicity and functionality at a cheap price. The PRGR launch monitor can accurately measure all the required parameters. Its set up is also very simple as it only needs to be placed at the required distance behind the golf ball. It also can measure, record and store information for several shots for later review. To ensure the PRGR launch monitor performs as intended ensure it is used correctly and replace the batteries when the need arises. Also ensure it is kept in a clean dry environment in order to ensure it always performs as intended.