4 Common Swing Caddie SC300 Problems

The Swing Caddie SC300 is known for being one of the most affordable launch monitors in the golfing world. The Swing Caddie SC300 has a mobile application dedicated to storing the data you would have collected using the Swing Caddie SC300. To use the launch monitor effectively, you place it behind you and the golf ball (at the exact same position and height.) When you take a shot on the golf ball, the Swing Caddie will measure the swing speed of your golf club, the ball’s speed, the smash factor, the carry and total yardage, the launch angle, the apex of maximum height the golf ball reaches and the spin rate of the golf ball if you just so happen to have the mobile application installed on your phone. The problem is then becomes a question that goes as follows, can a launch monitor that promises all of this amazing functionality deliver? Well let’s find out.

Table of Contents

1. Cannot Sense In Bright Sunlight

This is one of the Swing Caddie SC300’s biggest problems because you will often use it to measure your performance outside. But when under a beautiful and bright sunlight sometimes the launch monitor will cease to work because the sunlight’s rays block the Swing Caddie SC300’s sensor(s) from picking up on the ball’s bright white color.

To Do

  • You can use the Swing Caddie SC300 indoors with a net to block the ball from going any further or with an indoor simulator, so that you don’t have to go outdoors.
  • Do not place the Swing Caddie SC300 in such a way that it faces the sun directly, as this can be the leading factor of this problem.

2. Tiresome First Entry Process

The problem here is that before you can use the Swing Caddie SC300’s mobile app to watch your metrics in real time or monitor as you practice, you have to enter all the types of golf clubs you will be using. But sometimes to the detriment of the user or golfer, the mobile app doesn’t always do this and so that makes the Swing Caddie SC300 unusable. Because if you don’t enter your golf club data it cannot be as accurate as you would like it to be, you can rarely even use the device, as it requires this information to start-up.

To Do

  • The mobile app does not save the golf club data to the phone you will be using, which means everytime you open or start using the application again you will have to re-enter this data.
  • Always make sure that the mobile device you will be using and the Swing Caddie SC300 are in perfect connection distance, so as to not sever the connection.

3. Unreliable Battery

With the Swing Caddie SC300 being a practice launch monitor, users and golfers alike will need to use it none stop in order to get their form in order. But unfortunately with the Swing Caddie SC300, the battery has a limit and that becomes a problem of how long you can actually use the device before it blanks out. It comes with a 5000MAh lithium-ion battery which makes the launch monitor rechargeable, but on a full charge the battery can only take about ten golf ball shots and then it stops working or shuts down after that.

To Do

  • Always make sure when charging the battery for the first time to charge it fully, this should take about 6 hours maximum.
  • When charging the Swing Caddie SC300’s battery make sure to charge it according to the recommended time period.
  • It is important that you do not leave the charger plugged in overnight or over long periods of time. Immediately after fully charging the launch monitor make sure to unplug the charger.
  • During off season (when you aren’t using the golf launch monitor anymore for a long period of time) make sure to store the Swing Caddie SC300 with at least 40% – 50% charge and occasionally check the launch monitor’s battery level to keep it this way.
  • To preserve the battery’s lifespan, do not store away the Swing Caddie SC300 with either a 100% charge or a 0% charge. So that it doesn’t swell up or explode.

4. Unreliable Metrics

The main purpose and function of the Swing Caddie SC300 is to provide golfers and users with reliable metrics such as the golf ball speed and spin rate of the golf ball when you take a shot. This then helps golfers improve their game when competing or playing against competitors as the launch monitor is essentially a practicing device. But on most occasions the problem with the Swing Caddie SC300 is that it doesn’t always offer reliable data and metrics. Due to the device’s very reasonable price point in relation to what the Swing Caddie SC300 can do, it would be surprising if this problem weren’t the case.

To Do

  • Unfortunately this is the Swing Caddie SC300’s reality. Because it is so affordable, the compromises made to the functionality of the device are evident in almost every part.
  • If you would like a more reliable launch monitor you would have to save up a lot of money. And the higher the price point of a launch monitor then the greater its accuracy will be, although not always 100% of the time.


The Swing Caddie SC300 is often referred to as a toy by most users. This is because of the launch monitor’s plastic build, colourful (orange) LCD screen and unreliable sensor(s). But it is not a toy, it is in fact a solid device. Some users find it to be a great device for indoor golf practice, and in perfect weather conditions it is ideally functional outdoors as well. Under the right conditions the device works as if it is more on the premium side, giving users the confidence to boast about it as well. And at such an affordable price point maybe you might too, so it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.