How Long Is a 6 Seat Golf Cart?

Golf carts are designed to be small and compact. This is important because you don’t need a really long or really wide golf cart, especially on the golf course as this can cause some difficult with maneuvering the golf cart, particularly on tight bends and curves. When designing the dimensions of a 6-seat golf cart it is important to find the balance. Balance between a golf cart that is functional, and that can carry a lot of cargo while being reasonably small enough to be maneuvered and steered on the golf course. The length of the golf cart is particularly important as it can determine where the golf cart can be driven, parked and how comfortable the passengers will be when riding the golf cart. Buying a 6-seat golf cart can be a considerable purchase as such it is of paramount importance to get a golf cart that suits all the needs of the operator. Most golf cart manufactures that manufacture 6 seat golf carts such as the Onward 6 Passenger golf cart have a length of 143inches (363.2 cm) for both the electric and gas-powered golf cart. Other dimensions also include 48.75inches (123.8 cm) for the width and 75inches (190.5cm) for the height. These dimensions allow the golf cart to carry 6 passengers comfortably in a relatively small golf cart.

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Average Golf Cart Dimensions

The average 6 seat SUV car length is about 193.6 inches long, and this is very long as compared to a golf cart that can also carry 6 people. The average 6 seat golf cart length is about 144 inches or 12 feet long. This is important because most golf cart manufactures can only modify the length of the golf cart and not much when it comes to other dimensions such as width and height. These dimensions are normally 48 inches for the width and 70 to 80 inches for the height although the height can vary depending on the custom lift kit.

Why Is The Length Of a Golf Cart Important

The length of a 6-seat golf cart is important because it determines a lot, especially about what the golf cart can do, where the golf cart is allowed to drive and how well it will drive. For some 6 seat golf carts the rear facing seats can be removed and the rear space used for other purposes. This too is determined by how long the 6-seat golf cart is. A 6-seat golf cart can often be very heavy for example the Yamaha Concierge 6 which has a dry weight of 788 Ibs and a curb weight of 1387 Ibs. All this weight can make the golf cart difficult to control, as such the length of the 6-seat golf cart is a crucial factor to consider. This could either improve the handling of the 6-seat golf cart or make it worse if the golf cart is too long.

Carrying The Golf Cart In Trailer

How long the 6-seat golf cart is, also determines whether or not the golf cart can easily be towed or transported in a trailer in the event of a breakdown. Hiring a truck with a longer trailer bed could be more expensive as such it makes sense to purchase a 6 six golf cart with the least length. How long the 6-seat golf cart is can also be a factor to consider especially if one owns an electric golf cart. Finding a charging and parking spot that enables one to easily park the 6-seat golf cart can be a big challenge at times. It may also be a good idea depending on one ‘s needs to purchase a gas powered 6-seat golf cart than an electric powered golf cart. This is because the gas-powered golf cart is much more powerful while at the same time the battery pack needed for a 6-seat golf cart might be expensive and heavy.

Advantages Of 6 Seat Golf Cart

Thanks to how long most 6 seat golf carts are, especially from brands like Yamaha, Ezgo and Club Car, these golf carts are usually very spacious and can carry a lot of cargo. The main advantage of the 6 seats in particular, is the ability to carry a lot of people on board. This makes activities such as navigating the neighborhood, exploring nature and golfing fun family activities. Due to their versatility, 6 seat golf carts can also make work extremely easy. The golf cart can be used around certain campuses allowing one to move a large quantity of items relatively easy. One advantage in particular of 6 seat golf carts is that they are cheaper than buying other modes of transport such as cars and LSV (Low Speed vehicles). 6 seat golf carts also rarely need insurance and licensing and this considerably reduces the cost of having a 6-seat golf cart over a very long period of time. Most 6 seat golf carts such as the Club car Onward 6 Passenger, are 143 inches long and the weigh is 1293 Ibs. These are acceptable dimensional and weight limits allowing one to carry a lot of people and cargo at a very cheap price as compared to cars.

Disadvantages Of a Six-Seat Golf Cart

The normal length of a 6-seat golf cart is 144 inches long, this is coupled with the 48 inches of width and 75 inches for the height. This can make parking difficult, particularity if one has a small garage. Golf cart dimensions can also be considerably bigger such as the Yamaha Concierge 6 which has a length of 161.4 inches long, a width of 47.2 inches and a height of 75.5 inches. This can make carrying the golf cart on a trailer especially when it has broken down more difficult as one would need a trailer that is long enough. The length of the 6-seat golf cart can also affect the handling of the golf cart making the golf cart harder to control especially on tight turns and rough terrains.


In conclusion the length of a 6-seat golf cart can both be a plus and a negative depending on the needs of the operator. The ability to carry 6 people on the golf course and any other area where the 6-seat golf cart is allowed is a huge plus for most people. The length of up to 143 inches long for a 6-seat golf cart such as the Onward 6 allows for greater room and the ability to carry more cargo. On the other hand, it is wise to consider that the length of the 6-seat golf cart can make it harder to park and carry on a trailer. It is wise therefore to compare all the cons and pros before purchasing the 6-seat golf cart in order to make a well-informed decision particularly about how long it is.