Hill Billy Golf Trolley Problems (Solutions Included)

Most golf trolleys are expensive and complex however the Hill Billy golf trolley is both simplistic and easy to use. The trolley has all the essential golf trolley features that a golfer would want. The Hill Billy golf trolley is both cheaper and more maneuverable compared to other traditional golf carts. It is also quiet, responsive and much more compact. The use of the Hillbilly golf trolley also promotes health exercising as it facilitates walking across the golf course while the trolley takes on the heavy load of the golf bag. The operator does not need to expand energy caring a heavy trolley across the golf course.

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Hill Billy Golf Trolley Build

The Hill Billy golf trolley is an electric golf trolley that uses energy stored in the lithium-ion battery or lead acid battery to power the electric motor that drives the wheels. The trolley uses a stable three-wheel arrangement with the two rear wheels being the one that are coupled to the electric motor. The smaller front wheel is used to provide support, it also enables the trolley to be steered. This arrangement increases the trolley’s maneuverability especially in tighter turning situations. A collapsible handle is used with the trolley and it allows the operator to steer the Hill Billy trolley to where it is required. The electronic controls such as the speed dial are also located on the trolley handle. Despite the many advantages of the electric trolley, it does have a few disadvantages that will be discussed below.

1. Battery Sensitivity To Water

The lithium-ion battery used in the Hill Billy golf trolley reacts violently with water and can ignite or explode if submerged into water. In order to eliminate such a problem, the battery should never be submerged into water, even for cleaning purposes. It also shouldn’t be cleaned using pressure washers. When cleaning the battery use a lightly dampened cloth. If the Hill Billy golf trolley battery suffers water damage, it should be discarded from use in order to avoid any problems developing with the trolley. Place the battery outdoors in a non-combustible container covered in sand and well away from other flammable materials that can ignite and cause fires. If possible, forward the battery to proper recycling facilities. It is also a good practice not to expose the battery to rain, rather cover with an umbrella.

2. Battery Charging Challenges

The lithium-ion battery in the Hill Billy golf trolley should not be charged in temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius. To avoid any problems developing with the battery it should not be exposed to temperature below -5 degrees Celsius and above 40 degrees Celsius. The battery as well as the charger generates a lot of heat when charging hence place the charger on a hard flat heat resistant surface. The charger should not be wrapped and also ensure charging is carried out in a properly ventilated room that will allow the heat to dissipate and not cause problems with the battery or charger.

3. Electronic Wiring Faults

Never use the charger or battery if the leads, contacts or casings are damaged as this could result in explosions. To solve this problem always inspect all the connections before charging. Always use the compatible Hill Billy charger provided with the Hill Billy golf trolley, mismatching the battery charger could cause serious problems and burn sensitive electronics.

4. Long Battery Charge Times

The Hill Billy golf trolley battery takes very long time to charge, a minimum of 12 hours within 24 hours of use hence to solve this problem, the trolley battery should only be charged at night or immediately after playing that day’s round of golf. Leaving the battery discharged for long periods of time can also cause problems with the battery, it can reduce the life of the battery and the charger may fail to recharge it. The battery should be left on charge even when not in regular use to maintain optimum life and performance. If the battery is not in use for a long time up to 3 months ensure the battery is charged once a month to maintain battery capacity.

5. Under Performance Of Lead Acid Batteries

New lead-acid batteries used in the Hill Billy golf trolley can take up to 2-3 rounds of golf before fully activated hence to avoid any problems it is advisable to play only 9 holes on the first outing with the Hill Billy golf trolley. Never leave the battery connected to the trolley for prolonged periods when not in use as this will cause discharge problems with the battery and the charger will not be capable of recharging the battery.

6. Front Wheel Adjustment

If the front wheel alignment is compromised the trolley will track to the left or to the right. To solve this problem and reconfigure the Hill Billy golf trolley to run straight release the front wheel lever and rotate the adjustment roller. Rotate the adjustment roller up to make the trolley track more to the left and rotate down to make the trolley track more to the right. Once set, re-apply the lever to lock in position. This should address the problem.

7. Trolley Range Depreciation Over Time

Conditions such as long or exceptionally hilly courses, wet ground conditions and excessively heavy golf bags may reduce the range of the battery. Most lead acid batteries reach the end of their life in the second or third season and often without any apparent reason, hence the lithium battery option can be a better or alternatively ensure the battery is used appropriately to reduce chances of problems developing with the battery.

8. Axle Greasing

The Hill Billy golf trolley wheels occasionally need to be removed and have grease applied to the axle and moving parts so as to ensure smooth operation of the trolley and avoid problems like wear and tear. Also ensure dirt and dust do not accumulate as these could hinder the performance of the Hill Billy golf trolley.

9. Lack Of GPS Or a Remote-Control Handset

The Hill Billy golf trolley lacks GPS that would allow the golfer to navigate and get time real data info about the golf course they are using. The GPS is particularly important when the golfer is not familiar with the golf course. Another problem is lack of a remote-control handset that would allow the operator to control the Hill Billy golf trolley hands free. In order to ensure the trolley is used effectively the operator should keep their hands on the handles to control the trolley.