ICON Golf Cart Battery Issues

If you are experiencing battery issues with your ICON golf cart then simply checkout the article below as we highlight some of the common causes and solutions to the problem. It is worth highlighting that ICON golf carts are bought without any malfunctioning parts and most of the causes listed below are as a result of wear and tear of the golf cart.

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Causes and Solutions to ICON Golf Cart Battery Issues

Uncharged battery

This is one of the main causes of battery issues in ICON golf carts. ICON golf carts are electric golf carts and as such they are powered by a battery which should be charged regularly. If you haven’t been using the golf cart for a long period of time the battery will also become uncharged. In order to solve this ICON golf cart battery issue, make sure that your golf cart is fully charged before using it.

Absence of water in battery chambers

Another cause for ICON golf cart battery issues is absence of water in the battery chambers. If this happens you might need to replenish the water. If this does not help, the last option you have is to replace the entire battery.

Disconnected terminal wires

ICON golf carts are have terminal wires that help to transmit energy from the battery to the whole cart. If any of the wires is disconnected this can cause battery issues. In order to solve this ICON golf cart battery issue make sure that you connect all the terminal wires to the battery before starting the golf cart.

Corroded terminal wires

This is also another cause of ICON golf cart problem. The terminal wires which connect to the battery can easily corrode as a result of poor maintenance. Therefore, you have to make sure that you clean them regularly to avoid battery issues.

Damaged terminal wires

This is also another cause of battery issues in ICON golf carts. The terminals of an ICON golf cart can get damaged if they are not being well maintained or if they have been in existence for a long period of time. Therefore, the only way to solve this problem is to replace the terminal wires with new ones.

How to avoid ICON golf cart battery issues

The best way to avoid ICON golf cart battery issues is to regularly service you ICON golf cart. This helps to ensure that the battery is in good shape and any causes of battery issues are dealt with before they become intense. In order to service your ICON golf cart you can get in touch with any ICON dealer and they will help you out.

ICON golf cart battery issues -effects

The effects of having battery issues on your ICON golf cart is that the golf cart will not start, this is because the battery is responsible for powering the whole golf cart. Therefore, in this case the battery is the main component of the ICON golf cart and its poor functionality causes the golf cart not to function.

Should I leave my ICON golf cart plugged in all the time?

Unfortunately, you should not leave your ICON golf cart plugged in all the time. This is because the circuit breaker can trip at any time and this can damage the cells of your battery.

How long does an ICON golf cart battery last?

An ICON golf cart battery can last you for a distance of between 30 to 50 miles. Therefore, if you are thinking of using the icon golf cart on a road you should definitely do so. This is because this golf cart is designed in such a way that it can be used on the road. It has head lights, tail lights, side mirrors and a seat belt.

How do you know if your batteries are bad in golf cart?

If you want to know whether the batteries in your golf cart are bad try paying attention to when you are starting the golf cart. If your golf cart is taking longer than expected to start or switch on then this could be the first sign that your battery is bad. Secondly, you need to observe how long the battery is lasting in your golf cart. If the battery doesn’t power your golf cart for a long period of time and needs constant charging then it’s definitely bad. Lastly check the state of the battery, if it looks old or the terminals are corroded then your golf cart battery is bad and needs to be changed.

Does ICON make a good golf cart?

Yes, ICON makes good golf carts which are not only durable but sophisticated and classy. If you are looking to buy a good golf cart then you should definitely consider settling for an ICON golf cart.

What happens if you overcharge golf cart batteries?

If you overcharge a golf cart battery, the battery cells can get damaged. This can either cause your battery to stop working or it will have trouble retaining power.

What is the top speed of an ICON golf cart?

The top speed of an ICON golf cart is 25mph. It is actually ranked as one of the fastest electric golf carts on the market.

How much do ICON golf carts weigh?

The weight of ICON golf carts varies depending on the model that you purchase. The ICON i60F weighs 1 300 pounds whilst the i20 weighs 1 036 pounds. Therefore, you can always decide which model you prefer.

Where are ICON golf carts made?

ICON golf carts are made in Tampa, Florida however, most of the components come from China and other parts of Asia. If you purchase an ICON golf cart directly from ICON, they often give you a 2 year warranty such that if you encounter any problem with the golf cart you can contact them directly.


Battery issues are a common problem amongst golf carts however, this article has highlighted some of the causes and ways of troubleshooting the golf carts battery issues.