How Much is a 1978 Harley Davidson Golf Cart Worth?

Harley Davidson is an American motorcycle manufacturer and it also manufactures golf carts. Over the past years various golf cart models have been developed with varying features during each successive upgrade. The 1978 Harley Davidson golf cart features in the inventions ranging from 1963-1981 series characterized by dual cycle engine operation. Recent models have been upgraded to use quad cycle engine operation. The 1978 Harley Davidson golf cart has three wheels with sharper lines and vintage vibe. It consists of three seats with two in front and a medium bench at the back. There are many factors that influence the pricing of 1978 Harley Davidson golf cart. Price is mainly a function of market competition, model features and depreciation influenced by the condition of the cart. The factors that influence the cost of the golf cart or its worth shall be discussed in this article. The 1978 Harley Davidson golf cart is worth between US$2000 to US$4000.

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Condition of Cart

This is one of the most determinant factor for 1978 Harley Davidson golf cart pricing. The golf cart was introduced in 1978 and as such various models have been developed. This model would be a great choice for those that have a good taste for vintage carts. The pricing of the golf cart depends on the state of the cart. If the cart is not a brand new cart depreciation have to be accounted for. Like other automobiles, golf carts are one of the items that depreciates in value. Depreciation refers to the loss of value of an asset over time due to wear and tear. This greatly influences the worth of the golf cart. The worth of 1978 Harley Davidson golf cart is generally inversely proportional to the depreciation. The higher the depreciation the lower the cost. Usually buyers calculate the cost of repairs and modifications required and deduct this from their perceived value to benchmark the price of the cart. For brand new carts, the worth is different from used or second hand golf carts. Usually the pricing of second hand golf cart is dependent on the negotiation between parties involved. Classic 1978 Harley Davidson golf carts which have been restored to mint condition can cost more than US$10 000, because of the work that would have been done to restore them.

Model Features

Due to the vintage nature of 1978 Harley Davidson golf cart, there is a price tag attached to that. Only users who prefers vintage designs in comparison to the recently developed models will opt to buy this model. One of the pricing determinants are the features offered by the golf cart. Features include aesthetics, load or carrying capacity, drive methods and engine efficiency. These are the features that drive the worth of the cart. With proper seat covers and body paint, the cart can still be paid a good sum even in this age. Despite the cart not being able to offer a lot of utility space it’s still stylish. Generally the 1978 Harley Davidson golf cart costs between $2000 to $4000. This is fairly affordable in comparison to new models that offers a lot of utility space and excellent driving experience with enhanced aesthetic appearance.  It is advisable for any prospective owner of the golf cart to understand the features that comes with the golf cart and make informed buying decision.


When one moves around shopping for the 1978 Harley Davidson golf cart, different prices will be attached to the cart regardless of the unit being the same in everything. The major reason attached to the worth of the cart is due to dealer pricing. Various dealers price differently the same unit depending on the target market and location of the business. Also different dealers might experience variation in purchasing costs due to transportation. As a result if the cost is transferred to the user this influences the user perception on worth of the golf cart. Usually dealers close to the supplier or factory get the cart at a cheaper price due to less transport costs as compared to those dealers far away from factory that manufactures and supplies the golf carts. In short the worth of the cart is also a function of buyer’s location in relation to the supplier factory. The further it is to the factory the higher the purchase price. Some Harley Davidson golf cart dealers charge as high as US$4000 to US$7000. For correct and exact prizes it is recommended to visit any website and confirm prizes or visit any dealer. Additionally, the competition between dealers also tend to influence the worth of 1978 Harley Davidson golf cart. In areas where there is only one dealer, the prices may not be flexible due to absence of competition. In contrast if there are many dealers offering the same product, price competition may be experienced which influences the cost of the cart. Generally prizes are cheaper in market where suppliers are plenty creating an environment where supply is flooded compared to demand for the same product.

Payment Option

This refers to various options made available through various dealers. Depending on the market environment, various payment options may be made available including cash payments and installment payment options. Various payment options influence the overall worth of the golf cart. This is due to the interest attached particularly to lay bye form of payment. Usually an initial deposit is required with balance to be paid on monthly installments over a fixed time period usually over 12 or 24 months depending on the details of the purchase option. The overall worth of the golf cart is expensive compared to cash purchase. With loan financing, you can pay as low as $200 per month for a 1978 Harley Davidson golf cart worth $4000 over 2 years.  However, this option is not readily available with every dealer. This is the drawback of this flexible payment option in addition to being expensive.

The factors discussed above greatly influence the purchasing price or worth of 1978 Harley Davidson golf cart. There can be no single price attached to the unit as there are many factors that determine the worth of the golf cart. It is therefore recommended for prospective owners to do a survey for pricing and identify their options. Like highlighted, there is always a trade-off between prices or worth of the golf cart and the features they come with. Information related to Harley Davidson golf carts is readily available on the internet for further reading.