Evolution Golf Cart Problems : 10 Common Issues (Explained)

As a golf cart owner you may have had some common Evolution Golf Cart problems that can be frustrating and quite costly to fix. However with the right knowledge and tools you can easily troubleshoot and solve these issues on your own. In this article we will discuss some of the most common Evolution Golf Cart problems and their overall solutions.

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What Is An Evolution Golf Cart?

The Evolution Golf Cart is designed and manufactured by Evolution Industries. It is a heavy-duty electric off-road golf cart that offers the highest possible performance for all of your off-road needs. It is made to provide maximum power, efficiency, and durability in all kinds of terrains. With its large lithium ion battery packs, it can travel up to 25 miles on a single charge which allows you to cover long distances in a short amount of time. It is also equipped with an adjustable speed controller and what is known as a regenerative braking system that allows you to adjust your speed based on the terrain you will be on.

Evolution Golf Cart Problems

1. Starting Problems

It is no secret that if your golf cart cannot or will not start then it will not be of much use to you. Starting problems are usually the result of;

  • Faulty battery terminals
  • A dead or depleted battery
  • A faulty solenoid

Troubleshooting Starting Problems

  • Make sure the battery is fully charged and all terminals are securely connected to their appropriate cables. If there is corrosion on any of terminals then you need to use a wire brush to clean it off.
  • Once everything is clean and secure try to start up your cart again and see if that has resolved the issue.
  • A voltmeter allows you to measure the current in each cable connected to the battery as well as in each cable connected from your controller box. Make sure that all of these measurements are between 10-14 volts for a healthy battery and charging system.

2. Faulty Speed Control Problem

It’s hard to enjoy your golf cart ride if you’re unsure of the speed control. This Evolution Golf Cart problem can be due to;

  • A faulty foot pedal
  • A blown fuse
  • Faulty voltage reducer connections

Troubleshooting The Faulty Speed Control Problem

  • The foot pedal of the Evolution Golf Cart should feel firm and it should not be hard when pushing the pedal down. If there is resistance or a loose feeling then this could mean that there’s a problem that needs professional assistance.
  • Inspect the fuse box and make sure all connections are secure and that all fuses look normal. If any of them are damaged or loose then you need to replace them with new ones.
  • Make sure all wires are connected properly and no debris is blocking airflow around your motor controller.
  • If you still have issues with your speed control then it would be beneficial to consult an Evolution Golf Cart dealer or technician for further assistance.

3. Poor Running Engine Problem

If your engine is running badly or poorly and the noise it is making generally seems to come from the engine itself, it might be due to;

  • A low fuel level
  • Faulty or damaged spark plugs
  • Air leakage in the engine
  • A faulty carburetor

Troubleshooting The Poor Running Engine Problem

  • Make sure that your fuel tank has enough gasoline as this can also affect your engine’s performance. Make sure you use the correct type of gasoline for your Evolution Golf Cart by always checking your owner’s manual for details.
  • The spark plugs should be changed regularly according to the Evolution’s recommendations because bad spark plugs can cause a decrease in performance and misfiring which results in poor engine running.
  • Air or vacuum leaks are one of the most common causes of poor running in Evolution Golf Carts so you need to check all of your vacuum hoses for any signs of wear or cracks because these types of leaks will cause lower levels of engine performance and even stalling.
  • If all else fails then it might be time to replace the carburetor because this could also result in reduced power output stalling and other engine-related issues. For this you need to consult an experienced mechanic or refer to your owner’s manual for instructions on how to do this safely and correctly.

4. Charging System Issues

If your Evolution Golf Cart isn’t charging then you will inevitably end up with a dead or depleted battery. And this issue is usually caused by;

  • A faulty charging system
  • A faulty AC power source
  • A blown fuse or circuit breaker
  • Faulty wiring connections

Troubleshooting Charging System Issues

  • The first step is to take a multimeter and test the charging system with it.
  • Next you need to check the source voltage of your AC power source. This can be done using a multimeter and it should read between 110 and 130 volts when tested.
  • Also take a look at your circuit breaker and fuses. Make sure that each of these components is functioning correctly.
  • Finally you need to make sure that all wiring connections do not have any loose fittings or worn-out wiring.

5. Electrical Wiring Problems

Wiring problems with your Evolution Golf Cart can be tricky. This is due to the complexity of the wiring of the golf cart. These wiring problems include;

  • Damaged wires
  • Damaged switches
  • Bad or insufficient voltage
  • Corroded battery terminals

Troubleshooting Electrical Wiring Problems

To repair wiring issues, it is essential that you have experienced knowledge of how an electric golf cart like Evolution Golf Cart works and an understanding of the wiring system.

  • Make sure to check for shorts or fraying in the wires. Wires that appear to be worn out should be replaced immediately.
  • Test all switches, controls and fuses connected to the wiring system. If these components are not functioning properly they can cause electrical failure and they would need quick replacement.
  • If a circuit is not functioning properly then check the voltage to ensure it is in range with what is recommended by the manufacturer. If not then it has to be adjusted.
  • Inspect your battery cables and terminals for corrosion or loose connections. If corrosion is present then clean the terminals and tighten any loose connections before testing again.

6. Wearing Tires Issue

Sometimes your Evolution Golf Cart might start to experience issues with its tires. This can be caused by;

  • Wear and tear
  • A lack of proper maintenance
  • Bad tire pressure

Troubleshooting Worn Tires Issue

  • Check the air pressure in your tires. Tires that are not inflated with the right amount of tire pressure level can lead to premature tire wear and lower fuel economy.
  • Inspect your tires for signs of over-inflation or under-inflation. If you find that any of your tires are unevenly worn it could be an indication that either too much or too little air is present in that particular tire.
  • Inspect for any signs of misalignment. Misalignment can also cause excessive tire wear resulting in decreased fuel economy and performance. If you notice this issue with your Evolution Golf Cart then it might be wise to take it in for an alignment check by a certified Evolution Golf Cart mechanic before continuing use.

7. Solenoid Problem

The solenoid is responsible for connecting the battery to the motor, which powers the cart. Solenoid problems are common in golf carts and can be caused by;

  • Worn-out connectors
  • Corroded battery terminals
  • A faulty coil

Troubleshooting The Solenoid Problem

  • Check the battery’s voltage and if the voltage is low then it may be a sign that the solenoid is not transferring enough current to the motor.
  • If the voltage is normal then the problem may be with the solenoid itself. In this case you may need to replace the solenoid and the connectors to get your Evolution Golf Cart running smoothly again.
  • If the coil is worn or damaged then it will need to be replaced immediately as well.

8. Potentiometer Problem

The potentiometer is a critical component of any Evolution Golf Cart and it is responsible for controlling the acceleration and deceleration of the golf cart. Potentiometer problems are common in the Evolution golf cart and can be caused by a variety of like;

  • Worn-out contacts
  • Corroded terminals
  • A faulty resistor

Troubleshooting The Potentiometer Problem

  • Check to see that the contacts (engine contacts) are not worn or damaged. If they are them you may have to replace them immediately as it may drastically affect the performance of your Evolution Golf Cart.
  • If the battery terminals are corroded then you need to clean them with a wire brush thoroughly to get current flowing throughout the golf cart again.
  • Check the electrical components of the golf cart to make sure nothing has been short circuited or blown thus hindering functionality. Be sure to replace the resistor if it is damaged.
  • Enquire the help of a professional mechanic to fix this problem as it may be too complicated for most users of the Evolution Golf Cart.

9. Braking System Problem

A very common problem that Evolution Golf Cart owners face is brake issues. This type of problem is usually the result of;

  • Damaged or worn brake pads
  • Loose brake cables

Troubleshooting The Brake System Problems

  • If you notice that your Evolution golf cart is not stopping as quickly as it should then you may need to replace the brake pads.
  • You may also have to adjust the brake cables.
  • It is important to keep your brakes (because brakes are the number one safety measure of any drivable vehicle) in good condition to ensure your safety while driving.

10. Steering Problem

If you notice that your Evolution golf cart is veering to one side or the other then it is a sign that you may have a steering problem. This can be caused by;

  • A loose or worn steering mechanism

Troubleshooting The Steering Problem

  • You will need to tighten the steering mechanism or replace any worn parts. In which case you may need to get help from a qualified Evolution golf cart mechanic to fix this problem.

How To Avoid Evolution Golf Cart Problems

  • You should regularly check your Evolution Golf Cart for any signs of corrosion or rusting lime paint discoloration, blistering, or bubbling of the metal. And then take the proper measures.
  • You should always check the battery connections for any signs of residue, as this could cause a short circuit in the wiring system and create an electrical hazard.
  • You should also check the charge level in all batteries connected to your Evolution Golf Cart to ensure they are charged properly.
  • Depending on how often you use your Evolution Golf Cart these replacements may need to take place every few months or years.
  • If you find that any parts of your tires or rims are damaged, broken, or otherwise corroded due to age then you need to replace them immediately with new parts from an authorized Evolution Golf Cart dealer.

Is The Engine Of My Evolution Golf Cart Shooting Oil?

If you notice oil leaking from the engine, it could be a sign of a more serious problem such as engine wear. You can check all seals and gaskets around the engine  for any cracks or loose connections. If this does not solve the problem it could be a sign of internal engine damage.

Is The Battery Of My Evolution Golf Cart Running Low?

A low battery can be an early sign of a bigger issue such as corrosion or faulty wiring within your Evolution Golf Cart’s electrical system. Make sure to clean any corrosion off your battery’s terminals and ensure all wiring is tight and secure. You may need to replace affected parts or get some professional help if the issue persists.

Why Is My Evolution Golf Cart Not Turning On?

There are several potential reasons why your golf cart won’t start up, however one of the most common causes is a lack of electrical charge due to a faulty battery connection or a lack of power supply from your charging unit. You should check these things first before seeking help from a professional electrician who may need to repair any damaged wiring in order to restore power flow throughout your golf cart’s electrical system.

Why Is My Evolution Golf Cart Vibrating And Shaking Abnormally?

If your Evolution Golf Cart is vibrating or shaking whilst starting up or moving then it may be due to things like a dirty air or oil filter, low fuel, a faulty fuel injector or a loose fitting in the engine. You may need to check all of the aforementioned components to diagnose where the problem is coming from and then rightly solve the problem.


In summary owning an Evolution Golf Cart can be both a rewarding and a challenging experience. In this article we looked at common problems that might occur with the Evolution Golf Cart and how to troubleshoot them. From faulty wiring to voltage lacking batteries it is essential to remain patient take the time to diagnose the issues and make sure to use the right parts and tools when performing any repairs.