Evolution Golf Cart Problems

Evolution Golf Cart Problems

If you have ever gone golf cart shopping then there is a good chance that you have come across the brand known as Evolution. This brand of golf carts has some modern specifications but, the question many people ask is are there any problems associated with Evolution golf carts. Below we discuss some of the evolution golf cart problems and also how you can solve them.

NB: Evolution golf carts are not sold with any malfunctioning parts or problems. The problems indicated below are as a result of wear and tear out experienced on the golf course.

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Faulty battery

One of the problems of having an Evolution golf cart is that it is susceptible to having a faulty battery. Although this problem is likely to occur after a few years or months depending on how often you use the Evolution golf cart you cannot run away from it. The battery of an Evolution golf cart is prone to corrosion over time, therefore, you might need to replace it as time goes on.

Faulty switch

Evolution gold carts have an option for you to switch between reversing and moving forward however, this switch is prone to corrosion so in the near future you might have problems with that switch. Although the switch is built to last longer that is not the case so you might need to take your Evolution golf cart to the repair store so that the switch maybe replace. However, this is mostly likely going to cost you a lot of money.

Solenoid problems

All Evolution golf carts have a solenoid which serves the purpose of acting as an electromagnet by providing the motor with power. When you are moving your evolution golf cart and you do not hear a clicking sound, there is a good chance that there is a problem with the solenoid and you need to have it replaced as soon as possible.

Faulty potentiometer

Another Evolution golf cart problem is a faulty potentiometer. The potentiometer is responsible for controlling the speed of the Evolution golf cart. If you start your Evolution golf cart and you are having trouble maintaining your speed or reaching your desired speed then there is definitely a problem with the potentiometer and you need to have it fixed.

Motor problems

Evolution gold carts sometimes experience problems with their motor. Although this problem can be fixed by simply clicking the reset button that is located close to the main power supply, sometimes this option does not work. In such cases you are then forced to take the Evolution golf cart to your nearest repair shop and have it fixed.

How to avoid Evolution golf cart problems

Service your Evolution golf cart regularly

This is the best option to avoid any problems discussed above. You should make sure you take your Evolution golf cart for services so that experts can fix any problems before it’s too late.  Having your Evolution golf cart checked on a regular basis will help to retain its performance on the golf cart. You will reduce golf cart problems by performing regular servicing.

Regularly check tire pressure

This is something that you can do on your own without involving experts. Always ensure that your golf cart has enough tire pressure. This will help to ensure that it moves faster on the golf course.

Keep battery charged

Since Evolution golf carts are electrically powered you need to ensure that your battery is always charged. This helps to improve the performance of your golf cart. There is nothing boring as having a golf cart that is stuck on the golf course simply because the battery has run low. In order to avoid such scenarios please always ensure that your evolution golf cart is fully charged.

Is Evolution a good golf cart brand?

Yes Evolution is a good and trusted golf cart brand. Evolution golf carts are durable and they can be used on and off the golf course for a number of purposes.  Evolution also has a good reputation of developing state of the art golf carts that actually compete on the market with big brands. So if you are thinking of buying an Evolution golf cart then you definitely need to go for it.

How fast is an Evolution golf cart?

An Evolution golf cart is faster that many golf carts on the market. It has a maximum speed of 25mph and has the ability of accelerating from 0 to 25mph with 5 seconds. Most brands of golf carts have an average speed of 20mph. Therefore if you are looking for a fast golf cart the Evolution is the best brand to buy.

How to make an Evolution golf cart go faster

If 25mph does not impress you then you can always replace its motor with high speed or torque upgraded electric motor. This is a bit expensive and can cost you up to $1000. If you are keen on making your Evolution golf cart faster then you can definitely opt for this idea.

Who owns Evolution gold carts?

Evolution golf carts are owned by Evolution Electric Vehicles. This company is based in California, United States. Evolution golf carts became popular in U.S after having been a hit in the Asian Pacific which is why a number of people are rushing to buy Evolution golf carts/

How much does an Evolution golf cart cost?

The price of an Evolution golf cart varies depending on where you are buying it from. However, from a general point of view, an Evolution golf cart can cost you about $9000 in excess. This is usually the cost of an Evolution cart Classic 2 pro. It is important to know that there are different models of the Evolution golf cart, there are the Evolution golf carts 4 pro, 4 plus and Carrier 6 plus and all these have different prices. You can also purchase a used Evolution golf cart online at a cheaper price but make sure you have proof that it was being well serviced or you risk facing the challenges indicated above.


Evolution golf carts are a good brand to buy even though they are susceptible to problems in future. They have modern features as compared to other golf carts and they are also durable.