Star EV Golf Cart Problems

Star EV golf carts are high-performance, low-speed electric vehicles that are also street legal (they can also be driven on roads.) When scrolling through Star EV’s website you will be surprised by the variety and beauty of the golf carts. One being their latest golf cart the Star EV Sirius, which has taken the world by storm. The Star EV brand is one of the best golf cart manufacturers because as they say on their website, they are a ‘customer-centric’ company that looks to customers for inspiration for most of their golf cart designs. And although their golf carts are well-engineered and safe to say the least, the Star EV golf carts do have their fair share of problems.

Table of Contents

1. Golf Cart Is Slow At Top Speed

It is frustrating when you fully press down the pedal of your Star EV golf cart and all you get is turtle speed from the cart. This problem can be caused by an under charged battery on the Star EV. Sometimes when moving on bumpy or rough roads riddled with potholes, the connection cables (on the mater circuit of the car) will come out or be loosened. This problem can also be caused by the braking system on the Star EV golf cart, particularly when the brakes start dragging as a result of being too tight on the wheels.


  • To resolve the Star EV’s battery problem, it is crucial that you charge (fully charge) the golf cart before making any trips.
  • It is also crucial to make sure that the voltage of each battery is the correct one. The electrolyte level of the battery is also very important.
  • In most cases with a Star EV golf cart when you start experiencing battery problems, it most likely needs to be changed before you can use the golf cart again.
  • If the battery is not the issue but your car is moving slow when you press down the pedal then it is most likely the brakes, in which case you would have to adjust the braking system so that the wheels can freely spin.

2. Golf Cart Tires Wear Out Quickly

The tires on Star EV golf carts are just like regular car tires, the only difference really being their size. Golf cart tires are smaller in diameter. Tires can wear out because of different things, but most usually factors in the environment. Unfortunately tires, on Star EV golf carts can have the same problems. The tires are prone to wear and tear because of improper alignment (which means the four tires aren’t properly positioned such that they’re equally share the weight of the Star EV golf cart) this tends to wear out the tires quicker. The problem can also be a result of incorrect tire pressure on one or all of the tires, such that scrapes of rubber are scrapped off the tire.


  • The tires should always be in alignment with one another. You can know the exact specifications because they can be found in the user manual of your Star EV golf cart.
  • Tire air pressure is very important. Tires are what move and support (whilst it is moving) the Star EV golf cart. So it is important that before you go anywhere you check the tire pressure and fill the tires to the specified air pressure.

3. Golf Cart Isn’t Moving

This might seem like a minor type of problem, as though you would absolutely know what is causing the EV not to move. The usual first guess would be that the Star EV golf cart isn’t charged that is what’s causing the problem, although this is very likely to be correct it is not always the only cause of the problem. This can also be caused by wrong gear selection.

The Star EV golf carts are largely automatic vehicles with only two selections. An F for Forward and R for Reverse. In-between these selections is the neutral. The golf cart might not be in neutral when you start the golf cart that is why it isn’t moving. Another silly mistake that people make on their Star EV golf cart is to push on the pedal but with the golf cart’s key switch turned off. This problem can also be because of an engaged parking brake.


  • It is very important that the battery of the Star EV golf cart is charged.
  • Always make sure the golf cart is in neutral driving mode before starting it.
  • Place or turn the key switch on to ‘run’ position.
  • Always make sure that the parking brake is disengaged before moving or in this case attempting to move.

4. Golf Cart Lights Don’t Work

In the unlikely event that you have to drive the Star EV golf cart at night or misty, rainy weather, it would help if you could turn the lights on. But what if they don’t work and what could be causing that particular problem. Well a blown out fuse may be the cause of the problem or you have set the combination switch (all lights will be controlled by this switch) for the lights to ‘off’ setting.


  • Fortunately fuses can easily be replaced.
  • Always make sure that the combination switch for the lights is set to ‘on setting. It may also be a battery problem. In which case you would need to charge your Star EV golf carts.


Star EV golf carts have the most helpful dealers and agents. They not only put the customer first but they also take charge when one of their golf carts malfunctions.  They are honest and know the limits of their products, that’s what makes the Star EV brand so powerful amongst users and golfers alike. They might not have the best objective golf cart but they certainly do make good ones. They may not compete with the quality and reliability of the best names in the golf cart industry but what makes them stand out is not their golf carts but their humility as a company, still rooted in the traditions of 2003.