How To Install a Radio in a EZGO Golf Cart [Step By Step Guide]

There are different golf cart models in the market. Generally golf carts come without many features including the radio and many times owners do modifications to install the radio on their carts. EZGO golf carts also come without pre-installed radio and as such owners who need to own one should install the radio unit and do minor modifications. There are considerations to be noted to properly do these installations. One has to pay attention to the material or component selection paying attention to power requirements for your radio unit. Also to be noted is the arrangement and citing of your radio unit and associated accessories on your EZGO golf cart.

Table of Contents

Plan Your Installation

The most important aspect in installation of radio on the EZGO golf cart is planning. Planning your installation helps to make sure that you avail all the required items before you begin your installation. Planning determines the components needed for instance the radio type bearing in mind that the radio unit will be exposed to outside environment, it captures the power requirements. Additionally, planning helps to identify the speakers needed and their sizes, the wiring length and sizes and convertor. Insulation tape and power drive tools are also required for the modification and securing of some of the components on your EZGO golf cart while performing the installation. Once done with your planning on component requirements proceed to procure the listed items and have them ready on your installation site.


With a proper plan, installation of radio on the EZGO golf cart can be one of the easiest thing to do. On your cart determine your favorite position for your radio. Some models would require you removing part of your cart so that your radio fits well without damaging the electrical parts of your golf cart. It is recommended to find assistance if not sure of how to remove sections to fit your radio. The size of the portion to be removed depends on the size of your radio and the same applies also for your speakers. The convertor may be mounted on any part where it can be secured using screws. In short cut out sections where you intend to fit your radio and speakers to the correct size of your components that allows tight fit. Tools like the reciprocating saw or equivalent can be useful for this job. While doing all these, make sure that your battery set is disconnected to avoid short circuits and damaging battery and other wires for your golf cart.


After carefully cutting out sections intended to position your radio on your EZGO golf cart, the next step is installation of component parts. These include your convertor, radio and speakers. Installation of these units shall be carefully done so that other golf cart existing functionalities are not compromised.

Convertor Installation

To install your convertor, check for a metallic component where the unit can be mounted and securely screwed to keep in firm in position during your cart movement. Make sure that your convertor input and output ports are in alignment to the input and output devices. Use power drive or screw driver to mount the invertor. In some cases wood has been found to be very useful for creating your components housing or platform and can be glued or secured easily onto the golf cart.

Radio Installation

Next component to be installed is the radio unit. With the radio section properly prepared as highlighted above, properly insert your radio unit so that the user interface is easily accessible on your operator side. Usually the radio is on the cart dash board besides the steering wheel. In some cases the radio unit can be installed with wiring to its terminals already in place so that incase the back radio terminals may not be easily accessible. Make sure your radio unit is firmly secured. Glue can be used to secure points on the radio so that it does not move when the cart is in motion or when button pressed. Alternatively stopper pins can be inserted to restrict motion of the radio unit.

Speakers Installation

As highlighted above, proper planning helps in radio installation for your EZGO golf cart. Radio speakers are usually inserted on the left and right sides of your cart depending on your preferred position. ON the prepared section, insert your speakers carefully and ensure they are secure. Speaker wires may be connected to the speaker before installation. For design with speaker covers there is no need for connecting wires as these can be connected easily and the unit covered. Speakers can be mounted on pre-machined bolt on speaker board to avoid unnecessary cutting of cart section. Make sure that all cut out sections are properly covered or required finishing done to keep the golf cart need and appealing.


This is the most crucial part of radio installation on your EZGO golf cart. It is recommended to consult competent person when doubting yourself in this installation. First of all make sure you run a ground wire from your radio to the bolt on your golf cart frame. It is very dangerous to install your radio without grounding the unit to the frame of the golf cart.

Connect your convertor to your battery pack terminal positive to positive and negative to negative terminals respectively. The wiring terminals from your radio unit are connected to the convertor which converts 48V DC battery supply to the required radio voltage for your stereo for battery powered golf carts. Next run your speaker wires to your stereo paying attention to terminals and wire colors. It is highly recommended to consult a technician for this job otherwise you will mess your radio components. It is important to make sure that all electrical connections are properly insulated and avoid very tight wires as these can easily break. Also it is important to make sure that cable do not freely or hang loosely on the cart, where possible cables should be twisted together and tied using cable ties.

After all the connections, you may test your stereo which should be working properly. As mentioned before, proper care should be practiced to avoid damage to your cart while performing these modifications to allow radio installation on your EZGO golf cart.