How Much is a 1988 EZGO Golf Cart Worth?

Golf carts are increasingly becoming popular with their use extending beyond the golf course.  There has been an evolution over the past years in the golf cart industry with EZGO being among the top players in the industry. 1988 EZGO golf cart is a 2 passenger cart. There is a range of prices attached to this 1988 EZGO golf cart due to many factors as discussed in this article. Some of the factors that contribute to price variations include condition of golf cart whether it’s new or used, different competitor pricing and customization of the golf cart. There are advantages and disadvantages to consider for each of the factors highlighted above.

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New Vs. Used Golf Cart

The price of 1988 EZGO golf cart is dependent on whether the golf cart is new or used one. Generally new golf cart costs more than second hand golf carts. The carrying capacity also is a factor for pricing of the golf cart and generally golf carts with larger passenger capacity costs more than those with less other factors being constant. New 1988 EZGO golf cart costs around $6000 to $9000. The major advantage of purchasing a brand new golf cart is the warranty that comes with the golf cart and in case you experience any problem covered by the warranty you may have the dealer resolving the problem for you at no cost. Additionally there are no underlying problems as with used golf carts. On the other hand, used 1988 EZGO golf carts costs around $3500 to $5000 for a running second hand while non-running golf carts costs below $3500 depending on resuscitation required. When it comes to buying a used golf cart the major disadvantage is that there are usually no warranties for the cart and some problems may be underlying only to be discovered later after the purchase. This increases the maintenance costs for the product.

Used golf carts prices may also be influenced by factors like whether the cart is street legal or registered low speed vehicle. Purchasing of a registered golf cart has a bearing on the cost as well and is one of the factors that a prospective buyer has to consider. Also lifted 1988 EZGO golf carts costs more as compared to non-lifted golf carts due to advantages of lifted golf carts. The price different is around $1500 to $2000 more for lifted golf carts. All these features should be considered when purchasing used golf carts as they come with an extra cost.

It is important as a prospective buyer to have a clear bias on the intended use for your golf cart so that you buy the cart for the right purpose. Customized brand new and second hand golf carts may cost more depending on the level of customization required for brand new golf carts or customization done for the used cart.

Private Sellers vs. Dealers

This is also another determinant of golf cart price in the market. 1988 EZGO golf cart from private sellers may be $1000-$2000 less than those from dealers. This is due to the fact that usually private sellers do not do much work on the units preparing to sell as compared to dealers. Also dealers sell their products with warranty and many after sale services are offered. If these extra services are worth the extra money one may consider buying from dealers at that higher cost as compared to private sellers. Also if the buyer is sure of what he wants he can go for private sellers. You will find private sellers online like selling their golf carts at prices ranging from $3000. This is a small price compared to high end EZGO golf carts which costs up to $15000 at online shopping site.

Dealer Location

Sometimes golf cart prizes are simply affected by dealer or seller location. Generally 1988 EZGO golf cart prizes are cheap close to dealer than in locations where the product has to be shipped or transported over long distance. This is also another factor one has to consider when purchasing the golf cart. The further the buyer is from the seller the higher the transport cost and hence overall purchasing cost. This calls for the need for the buyer to do a thorough research on the available dealers and do a thorough analysis. You may find a cheaper golf cart with a buyer that is located far away such that the total product landing costs becomes greater than buying from a dealer whose cost is slightly higher but with a very insignificant transportation cost.

Payment Option

Different 1988 EZGO golf cart dealers offer various payment options for purchase of their product which also affects the price of the cart whether new or used. Such an example is online shopping site that offers monthly installments at 3% to 5% rate. The overall purchase price for monthly installments will rise to at least 50% more than a once off payment. For a buyer that cannot afford a once off purchase the options is the solution bearing in mind the total cost of purchase. Usually a deposit is required for hire purchasing and the balance is paid off at monthly installments for an agreed period at a fixed interest rate agreed. The other disadvantage of this option is in addition to higher purchase cost is that it is not readily available with all dealers.

The most important decision on the type of golf cart you need to purchase is to buy a cart that will be able to meet your needs at the best price possible. With a proper research on various online shopping sites and dealers your dream golf cart can always be found at the best price that meets your pocket. Always remember condition, age, and brand matters most when it comes to golf cart purchasing. Dealer where you are buying also is important and there are many reputable dealers in the market today. These guidelines provide a benchmark and golf cart pricing is not an exact science.