The Most Common Bushnell Pro XE Problems You Should Know

The Bushnell Pro XE is a top of the line laser rangefinder with amazing capabilities. Although it is designed particularly for golfers who want to make an accurate shot, the Bushnell Pro XE can also be used by hunters, mountain climbers and so many other people. It is a useful tool that has a wide array of users as it does its features. But as nice as the Bushnell Pro XE laser rangefinder sounds, it does have some problems here and there. Nevertheless the Bushnell Pro XE is Bushnell’s latest rangefinder that has technology that helps calculate with pinpoint accuracy; the measurement of distance from where you are on the golf course, to where you want to go. It also factors in temperature, elevation of slopes on the golf course, the height of a location from sea level and the atmospheric pressure of the surrounding area.

A staggering 98% of professional PGA Tour golfers use the Bushnell Pro XE laser rangefinder to accurately calculate range.

Table of Contents

1. It Is Expensive

For something that just helps you to see further with special lights and digits, the Bushnell Pro XE might seem a bit too pricey. But because it does way more than just magnify things that are at a distance, the laser rangefinder’s problem is that it is very expensive for some users. Coming in at at least $600 for a tool that can fit into your palm, some people may find it hard to commit that sum of money to something like a rangefinder.

To Do

  • The Bushnell Pro XE is not for everyone, especially beginners. It is for professionals who make living wages from the use of a rangefinder. Therefore anyone who would just be buying it for fun’s sake will regret it.
  • You’d be better off buying less expensive models of laser rangefinders.

2. Laser Isn’t Turning On

For the Bushnell Pro XE laser rangefinder to work it has to shoot a laser beam (barely visible) to the point or object where you’re looking or pointing it to. The laser then bounces from the faraway object or point to the Bushnell Pro XE’s receivers. That is how the Bushnell Pro XE laser rangefinder measures distance, with the laser being the most crucial component. The problem then becomes (when the laser isn’t turning on) that the Bushnell Pro XE cannot measure the distance and so other features on the rangefinder become dormant.

To Do

  • When this problem occurs on the Bushnell Pro XE, the first thing to do is to restart the laser rangefinder by pressing the power button. This will also reset the laser.
  • Another reason could be that the battery is dead or finished. In which case you would need to replace it.
  • The Bushnell Pro XE laser rangefinder is not a rechargeable device. If the battery dies you need to replace it with another one.

3. Screen Isn’t Illuminating

When you look through the lense of the Bushnell Pro XE laser rangefinder you have to be able to see the numbers or calculations which will be the measurements of all the factors you need to take into account when you’re about to take a shot. When this problem occurs you’re unable to do so, and this may lead to messing up shots (toe).

To Do

  • This is also a battery problem on the Bushnell Pro XE laser rangefinder, in which case you would need to replace the battery.
  • It is important and recommended that you only use 3 Volt high quality lithium batteries. Some batteries can drastically affect the functionality of a tool such as the Bushnell Pro XE laser rangefinder.

4. Not Locking Onto Objects

When the laser has bounced back from the object, the Bushnell Pro XE needs to lock onto it in order to calculate the distance to that object accuracy, when this problem occurs the Bushnell Pro XE laser rangefinder is not able to effectively calculate the distance and so becomes useless in that regard.

To Do

  • This problem can be a result of the Bushnell Pro XE not picking up the laser’s bounce back due to unfavorable weather conditions, or because the laser is not bouncing back but rather going through the object.
  • The laser has to be pointed to an object that will reflect (bounce) it back to the Bushnell Pro XE.
  • This can also be a battery issue. In which case you would have to replace it immediately.

5. It Is Powering Down

This problem sees the Bushnell Pro XE laser rangefinder powering down after you have turned it on. A very annoying problem since the reason you’d be turning it on in the first place would be to use the measurement features you can only use when the laser rangefinder is turned on. Otherwise you will only be using a monocle.

To Do

  • This problem is caused by a weak battery. Meaning the battery isn’t powerful enough to power the Bushnell Pro XE laser rangefinder and all its electronical components.
  • If you turn the Bushnell Pro XE laser rangefinder on and the same thing is happening it would be wise to try out another brand of batteries.
  • The battery should always be a 3 Volt lithium battery.

More To Do

  • Never try to disassemble your Bushnell Pro XE laser rangefinder, this can cause irreparable damage to your device and may void the warranty, given it is still under it.
  • Make sure when using the Bushnell Pro XE that nothing such as your fingers or hand is blocking the main front lense (objective lense.)


The Bushnell Pro XE is a wonderful gadget for golfers and other people who might find its features useful. But for a gadget that only tells the temperature, altitude, distance of a shot and all those other statistics that golfers need. An average person can purchase a smartphone for that, some of which are half the price of this particular laser rangefinder and can do a whole lot more on top of what the rangefinder can already do.