Polaris Titan Problems : 5 Known Issues (Explained)

When it comes to making quality vehicles and machinery, Polaris has definitely made a name for itself. However, even the best vehicles from the best brands are known to develop problems overtime. Below we look at some of the nost common Polaris titan problems and how you can easily resolve them.

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What Is Polaris Titan?

The Polaris Titan is a snowmobile that is manufactured by the company known as Polaris. This snowmobile can be used in extremely cold conditions and it has unmatched cargo carrying and towing abilities. The Polaris Titan snowmobile is very durable and reliable so you will definitely be getting value for your money.

Polaris Titan Problems

1. Engine Overheats

One of the most common problems which you may encounter with a Polaris Titan snowmobile is that the engine may start to overheat. This problems usually happens when any of the following things happen;

  • There might be low or bo engine coolant in the snowmobile.
  • There might not be any engine oil in your Polaris Titan.
  • The heat changer may be covered with debris or damaged.
  • Snowflap may be stuck in track.

Troubleshooting Engine Overheats Problem

When you notice that the engine of your Polaris Titan is overheating you can try the following techniques in order to resolve the issue;

  • Check engine coolant levels and replenish it if low.
  • Check engine oil levels and replenish if low.
  • Remove any debris from the heat changer and ensure that it is not damaged.
  • Check and ensure that the snowflap is not stuck in a track.

2. Engine Floods

The engine of a Polaris Titan can sometimes flood. This problem happens when the following things occur;

  • You may have over prime or over choked your engine whilst starting.

Troubleshooting Engine Floods Problem

If the engine of your Polaris Titan floods you should try the following methods inorder to resolve the problem;

  • Allow the excess fuel enough time to evaporate before starting the engine, this usually takes 20 minutes.
  • Remove the spark plugs and clean them till they are dry.

3. Dried Out Fuel Lines Or Carburettor

When you have a Polaris Titan snowmobile there is a chance that you will experience problems with the fuel lines or carburetor. This happens when the following things occur;

  • The snowmobile may not have been in use for a long period of time.
  • The combustion chamber may not be receiving fuel.
  • The carburettor may be damaged.

Troubleshooting Dried Out Fuel Lines Or Carburettor Problems

When you experience dried out fuel lines or carburetor problems with your Polaris Titan you should try the following techniques in order to resolve the problem;

  • Use a carburettor cleaner or starter clean to clean the fuel lines.
  • Fix or replace the carburettor if it is damaged.

4. Poor Performance

Another problem which you may encounter whilst using the Polaris Titan is that the snowmobile may start performing poorly whilst you are using it. This problem is usually caused by the following;

  • Low compression.
  • Worn out pistons rings.
  • A cranked seal.
  • A defective gasket seal.

Troubleshooting Poor Performance Problems

When your Polaris Titan starts perfoming poorly you should try the following methods in order to fix it.

  • Test the compression on all cyliners and ensure that it balances out.
  • Replace worn out piston rings with new ones.
  • Fix a cranked seal if there is one.
  • Replace a defective gasket seal with a new one.

5. Starting Problems

You may also experience starting problems with a Polaris Titan. This happens when any of the following factors are present;

  • There might be no fuel in your tank.
  • You may have not switched the snowmobile on.
  • There might be old fuel in your tank.
  • The battery may not be fully charged.
  • Battery may be dead.
  • There might be a faulty wiring connection.
  • Spark plug may be faulty.

Troubleshooting Starting Problems

If you are experiencing starting problems with your Polaris Titan you should try the following in order to resolve the issue;

  • Check fuel levels and replenish it if low.
  • Check qnd ensure that the snowmobile is switched on.
  • If there is old fuel in your tank you should drain it out and replace it with clean, fresh fuel.
  • Recharge the battery if it is not completely charged.
  • If battery is dead you need to have it replaced with a new one.
  • Check your wiring connections and ensure that everything is in the correct place.
  • Fix or replace a faulty spark plug.

Causes Of Polaris Titan Problems

Poor Maintenance

One of the main causes of Polaris Titan problems is poor maintenance of the snowmobile. If you are someone who does not regularly service or maintain your snowmobile there is a high probabilty that it will experience most of these problems. So if you would want your snowmobile to last you a lifetime you should definitely consider taking good care of it.

Wear And Tear

Another common cause of Polaris Titan snowmobile problems is wear and tear. These vehicles are highly susceptible to wear and tear and because of that it is imperative that you replace worn out parts with new ones should the need arise.

Excessive Use

If you use your Polaris Titan on a regular basis there is a good chance that it will develop most of these problems. Therefore, you should tey giving your snowmobile enough time to rest before using it.

What Is The Towing Capacity Of A Polaris Titan?

The towing Capacity of a Polaris Titan differs depending on the model you have purchased. However, the general towing capacity is 1200lbs.

Is Polaris Titan A Good Trail Sled?

Yes, the Polaris Titan has a good trail sled. So if you are looking for a good trail sled you should definitely consider getting yourself the Polaris Titan.


Polaris is known for making quality vehicles and the Polaris Titan is a good example. It is highly duarable and reliable and you will definitely be getting value for your money. If you are thinking of purchasing this snowmobile do not let the problems discussed above discoursge you from doing so.