Ferris IS600Z Problems

Ferris has a variety of zero turn mowers that are available on the market but this article will mainly highlight the problems associated with the Ferris IS600Z mower. It is worth mentioning that the problems indicated in the article below are mainly influenced by wear and tear of the mower and all Ferris IS600Z mowers are sold without any defects.

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What is the Ferris IS600Z?

The Ferris IS600Z is a commercial zero-turn mower manufactured by the company Ferris. This lawn is powered by a 25 Gross HP Briggs and Stratton Professional Series Engine. The mower has a weight of 920lbs and a fuel tank capacity of 6 gallons. The Ferris IS600Z is efficient and reliable as compared to other lawn mowers which is why a number of people are buying it.

Ferris IS600Z Problems

NB: Ferris IS600Z mowers are sold without any defects and most of the problems listed below are caused by depreciation of the mower.

1. Starting problems

This is one of most difficulty Ferris IS600Z problem to solve. This is because they are a number of issues that can result in the engine failing to start. However, in order to solve this problem you need to start by checking if the fuel tank is full. This is because lack of fuel can force the engine to shut down. The next thing is to check the spark plug to see if it is still intact. Also check the wires that connect to the battery to see if they are not corroded or need replacement. The last thing you can do is to check the air filter and remove any dirt if it is clogged. This is because clogging prohibits the air filter from sending air to the engine.

2. Poor brake functionality

This is also another common Ferris IS600Z problem which is mainly caused by lose brake callipers or worn out brake callipers. Therefore, you can either adjust the brake callipers or replace them with new one. If you are unable to replace them yourself, it would be wise to seek the assistance of a professional mechanic.

3. Unevenly cuts grass

Another common problem with the Ferris IS600Z is that it tends to unevenly cut grass. This problem is mainly caused by blunt blades on the mower and as a result you have to ensure that the blades are sharpened before you start cutting the grass. If this option does not solve your problem you need to check for gouges or dents on your blades, there is a chance that they could be filled with debris or they might have been damaged by rocks during the mowing process. Lastly you should also level your Ferris IS600Z mower according to the specifications on the manual so that grass can be evenly cut.

4. Uncomfortable vibrations

Naturally the Ferris IS600Z is built using mechanisms that cause it to vibrate however, over time these vibrations become excessive and uncomfortable when you are mowing. The vibrations are usually caused by blades that are not angled properly. Therefore, you need to make sure that you angle your blades appropriately in order to avoid excessive vibrations. Furthermore, you should also check the bearing to ensure that it’s well balanced and steady to avoid vibrations.

5. Poor functionality of the hydro-gear system

The Ferris IS600Z mower is powered by a hydro-gear system which helps to improve efficiency, reliability and reduce the rate of wear and tear of the lawn mower engine. However, the hydro-gear system of the lawn mower has one downfall as it allows air to enter which then causes a break in connection during the mowing process. In order to solve this problem you need to clean the transmission system but, if you do not have the knowledge and skills its best that you seek assistance form a qualified repairer.

6. Faces trouble in cutting wet grass

Although the Ferris IS600Z is designed to cut wet and dry grass, cutting wet grass can pose as a future problem for this mower. In order to solve this problem you need to ensure that the blades are sharpened so that they can easily cut through the wet grass. The next thing is to slow down the engine and allow the blades enough time to cut the grass. You should not rush the process if you are looking to achieve satisfactory results.

7. Trouble turning wheels

This is also another common Ferris problem which is mainly caused by unbalanced wheels. So always make sure that the wheels on your mower are levelled and have enough pressure before starting the engine. Furthermore, always put enough steering oil to help with lubrication.

8. Engine failures

While the Ferris IS600Z mower is made using a sophisticated engine, it’s sad to note that the engine can face problems in the future. In order to solve these problems you need to ensure that the air filter is not clogged. The next thing to do is to reset the spark plug gap and hope that the engine will start. If these methods fail, try seeking assistance from a professional repairer.

How do you maintain a zero turn mower?

There are a few steps you need to take in order to maintain your zero turn mower. After every 25 hours you should clean the deck and check or replace mower blades if they are blunt. You should also lubricate the rider and mower every 25 hours so that it’s easier to operate when you want to use it.  Lastly after every 25 hours you should check tire pressure to ensure that it’s up to standard.  In order to maintain the mower battery of a zero turn mower you should clean it together with the cables so that they do not corrode. It is also recommended that after every 200 hours you should change hydraulic oil and filter so that the engine can function well.

How often should I grease my Ferris mower?

It is recommended that you grease your Ferris mower every 25 hours especially the rider and mower. This will help to ensure that the machine works perfectly.


The Ferris IS600Z might seem like a faulty mower but it is actually one of the best mowers on the market. The problems noted below will develop overtime especially if you do not maintain the mower very well.