Problems With TaylorMade P790 (+ Solutions!)

If you want to make exceptional distance with easy launch on your golf ball then the TaylorMade P760 golf iron is what you need. It is a golf club made of forged construction and with a design that has stayed true to the original golf iron design. The TaylorMade P790 went as far as to win a gold medal on the 2022 Golf Digest Hot List, which is a very big deal. Golfers cannot seem to get enough of its looks and appeal to the modern golfer. Buy although praised for its modern appeal, the TaylorMade P790 iron does have a couple of problems that need to be addressed. One being its unconventional price point, no matter how good or well engineered a golf club is, it still has to have a realistic price point in order to gain mass appeal. The TaylorMade P790 golf iron however doesn’t adhere to this narrative.

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1. It’s Only A Golf Club

Therefore the TaylorMade P790 golf iron does not particularly excel in any area. Although it does deliver in a wide array of conditions on the golf course, it does not make your shots better. It is after all in the hands of the golfer. The TaylorMade P790 golf iron is packed with features like SpeedFoam Air, which also existed in previous iterations of the TaylorMade P790. It is a proprietary (belongs to TaylorMade) urethane foam that is very light in nature. It is injected into the forged construction’s hollow head or face. This technology is meant to save weight so that the TaylorMade P790 isn’t so heavy and it helps provide optimal launch. But the problem still stands, it is after all a golf club that’s only meant to hit the golf ball to a certain distance.

To Do

  • Beginner golfers assume that if they get their hands on a premium and costly golf club they will definitely become professionals. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The TaylorMade P790 golf iron is only a tool, the ability to produce accurate shots and amazing distances is largely due to the golfer’s acumen.
  • Practice makes perfect, not the tools.

2. Head/Face Caves In

This is a problem caused by the TaylorMade P790’s hollowed head construction. Because the hollow is then filled with a type of foam and not steel, when hitting a golf ball with powerful delivery over long periods of time, the head is bound to bend to the shape of the ball and that is exactly what happens. The head of the golf club caves in to the pressure and force exchanged between the golfer and the golf club. Although the TaylorMade P790 golf iron has a strong outer shell, it has a hollow and malleable inside.

To Do

  • If you’re playing golf and you have to hit the golf ball using the TaylorMade P790 golf iron then you have no way of solving this problem.
  • However some golf clubs do not have their heads filled with foam but instead they’re filled with steel, this then reinforces the strength and power of the golf club.

3. Marks On The Golf Iron

These are not marks or scuffs you would expect to see on the TaylorMade P790 because it is a golf club or because it is often hitting golf balls. These are problematic marks that occur during the manufacturing process and are never fully taken care of. The marks may not affect the quality of how the golf club operates but they certainly can throw you off when you take a closer look at your TaylorMade P790 because they look like damages on the golf club. So this is worth considering.

To Do

  • This may be a hit and miss problem to some but a problem nonetheless. These marks are present on most TaylorMade P790 golf irons and if it would throw you off guard then you’d rather not purchase it.

4. Coating Chips Off Easily

The coating on the TaylorMade P790 golf irons is what makes them look like they’re made of silver or other shiny metal. But this is just the colored style coating giving that effect, the TaylorMade P790 is in fact made of a less premium but strong metal called tungsten. And if you take a closer look at the writings on the head of the golf club you will see clearly that it is written Tungsten. Tungsten is not very shiny in its normal state, so to give it a shiny metal finish and look, it is coated with a color matte finish. The only problem is that this coating chips off easily because it is not so durable as users would like.

To Do

  • It is recommended that instead of getting the colored style finish on your golf club, you get the chrome style finish instead because chrome doesn’t chip off.
  • Keep your golf club away from direct sunlight as this can also speedy up the chipping off process.

5. Shaft Will Bend

This is a recurring problem on the TaylorMade P790 golf club/iron, the center of the shaft (the long metal bar or rod) has a tendency to bend. This problem can cause a lot of misses and sometimes even hurt the golfer because the shaft is an important part of the golf club, just as important as the head. However these golf clubs come with a varying array of options to choose from. That is to say you can choose the type of flex you want for your TaylorMade P790 iron. Flex is essentially how flexible the shaft will be as you’re taking shots.

To Do

  • Although this is bound to happen over time, it is very important to choose a TaylorMade P790 with adequate flex to avoid this problem.
  • Stiffer (or no flex) shafts are more likely to bend at the center over time compared to those that can flex.
  • You can use a mallet or hammer to gently tap on the bent part of the golf club to return it to its normal shape.


TaylorMade has a good customer service portal dedicated to helping golfers (amateur and professional) with all problems and issues related to the golf clubs (in this case the TaylorMade P790.) It would help a lot to get in contact with them to solve any other problems you might have with their golf club. The TaylorMade P790 is simply what it is. If you don’t want your golf club anymore and it is still under warranty, you can send it back to your dealer for a full refund.