Garmin Approach S60 Problems (Solutions Included)

Garmin is one of the most easily recognizable brands in the world because it’s electronic products are widespread and of a high quality. The Garmin Approach S60 doesn’t shy away from the premium quality of the Garmin brand. The Garmin Approach S60 is a golf watch that has most of the features golfers and brand enthusiasts alike have come to love from golf watches and so much more. The Garmin Approach S60 golf watch has the precision and accuracy of a laser rangefinder so your shots are as accurate and well calculated as can be. It will show you the entire flag hole and where everything on the golf course is located, all from a 1.2 inch touchscreen display, which is very impressive. Although the Garmin Approach S60 sounds amazing, it does incur some problems on the day-to-day.

Table of Contents

1. It Has Too Many Features

One of the Garmin Approach S60’s features is the ability to switch from a GPS golf watch mode to a completely new designed smartwatch mode. This completely changes the watch’s entire set up. This is just one part of this problem on the Garmin Approach S60. It has so many features on either mode of the watch that it can make it overwhelmingly hard to operate. So it might be complicated for some users.

To Do

  • When purchasing the Garmin Approach S60, it would be best to ‘approach’ it with a clear mind of what you would like it to do for you, whether help with golf or as a smartwatch, so that you only use one of the two modes.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Garmin Approach S60’s user manual so that you know exactly what to do and to do it the right way.

2. It Costs Quite A Lot

Because of the quality and brand name (plus all its spectacular capabilities), the Garmin Approach S60 is startling expensive for the type of watch it is. However this is not surprising, the only problem being that other users will not be able to purchase and use it as they may have strict budgets on how much they would be willing to spend on a watch.

To Do

  • There are plenty of smartwatches or golf watches that offer the same functionality the Garmin Approach S60 does at a much more reasonable price.
  • The Garmin Approach S60 is a high quality watch therefore it is only right that it is priced as high.

3. Doesn’t Give Elevation Measurements

Although the Garmin Approach S60 has the accuracy of a laser rangefinder, it certainly doesn’t function like one. Some other golf watches also have this feature. An elevation (or lie) on a golf course is the terrain and conditions surrounding a golf ball before it is struck. It is important to know thus information so as to know how far and in which direction you should strike the golf ball. The problem is that as far as the Garmin Approach S60 is concerned the entire golf course is plain (although it does show some obstacles like water bodies and sandpit.) It only indicates if the elevation is uphill or downhill.

To Do

  • This is a limitation (it is a feature that’s not available on the Garmin Approach S60 golf watch) for the watch and it is unfortunate.
  • However you may benefit to additionally purchase a laser rangefinder to help with this problem.

4. Charging Port Can Fail

This is one of the most important things that the Garmin Approach S60 has to do in order to be uses on occasion, it has to be charged. When this problem ensues the Garmin Approach S60 will not be able to charge because of an error with the cable or the connectors on both the golf watch and the cable. This then makes the watch unusable because of a low battery.

To Do

  • Do not use the Garmin Approach S60’s charger around water. If spillage occurs whilst you’re charging the watch then you should quickly wipe away the water on the charging cable and watch.
  • You can also blow away the water and/or debris that might make its way into the charger’s port.
  • Always make sure that the charger is connected securely to the Garmin Approach S60 so that the above problem does not occur.

5. Connection To PC Can Fail

Just like the above problem, the Garmin Approach S60 can fail to make a connection but this time with a computer (PC) via the cable. You may want to upload your statistics to the Garmin PC app on your computer as backup or better yet update the Garmin Approach S60 using the PC application.  The PC application is called Garmin Express.

To Do

  • When experiencing this very same problem be sure to first check that the cable connection is secured in tightly to the Garmin Approach S60.
  • Wiping the cable’s connector before connecting it to the Garmin Approach S60 will help a lot. This is because sweat and dust can accumulate over time depending on how often you use the Garmin Approach S60.
  • You can also try purchasing a new charging cable to absolve this issue.
  • Even cleaning the pins on the Garmin Approach S60 will help immensely, using a tooth pick or similarly sharp object to thoroughly remove dirt that may block the cable connector from transmitting electrical charge.
  • When using your phone to sync with the Garmin Approach S60, it is important to make sure that you first save the information or data you would like to review on the Garmin Approach S60 first.


Garmin is one of the leaders of smart GPS technology for average users, although their products are on the pricey side. But it turns out that the company has poor to no customer service at all for people who buy even their most expensive watches (the Garmin Approach S60 being one of them.) But it seems users keep running to their products which can only mean that they are not as bad as the problems they have make them seem.