Bushnell Phantom Problems : 4 Common Issues (Explained)

Golf has always been a sport that requires precision and accuracy, and in recent years, technology has made it even easier to improve the game of golf. One such device that has gained popularity among golf enthusiasts is the Bushnell Phantom GPS. It is a small handheld device that provides accurate yardage measurements and helps golfers navigate the golf course. But even with all the accuracy and precision technology in it, the Bushnell Phantom still has a couple of problems. And today we’ll be taking a look at what those problems are.

Table of Contents

1. Serious GPS Connectivity Issues

The GPS (Global Positioning System) function on the Bushnell Phantom is probably the single most important feature on the golf GPS and to use it you first need to connect your Bushnell Phantom to the GPS. This is what then helps navigate golf courses with ease, but users of the Bushnell Phantom have reported that it can be quite problematic to connect the Bushnell Phantom to a GPS signal. Without a GPS signal, you wouldn’t be able to access other features of the Bushnell Phantom as well like yardage measurements, the holes you’ve completed, etcetera.

What You Can Do

  • Ensure that you are in an open area with a clear line of sight to the sky and then restart the device and try again.
  • Also make sure to update the firmware (software) to the latest version. Software updates help keep the golf GPS functional.
  • Ensure that the device is fully charged because a GPS signal requires a lot of power to be stable, it will be transmitting and receiving a signal at the same time. And if you haven’t yet noticed, the Bushnell Phantom is a small golf GPS.
  • You can also try resetting the Bushnell Phantom to its factory settings. This returns the golf GPS to its default or normal settings which you might have changed unknowingly.
  • And always contact Bushnell customer support for further assistance if you have problems with your Bushnell device.

2. The Bushnell Phantom Can Have A Faulty Battery Life

A battery is the heart of any electronic gadget, it basically powers up the device. If there is any damage to the battery then the Bushnell Phantom will have problems functioning well or it will not start up at all. On top of that users have reported that the battery life of the Bushnell Phantom is subpar, meaning you may not complete all your holes on the golf course when using this golf GPS.

What You Can Do

  • To extend the battery life of the Bushnell Phantom, turn off the device when you’re not using it also try reducing the screen brightness and turn off any unnecessary features.
  • Use a high-quality charger and charging cable specifically from the Bushnell brand for the Bushnell Phantom.
  • Never charge the Bushnell Phantom in extreme (both hot and cold) temperatures.
  • If the Bushnell Phantom is not charging, then make sure you try a different charging cable and charger.

3. Trouble Updating Your Bushnell Phantom’s Firmware

Without a firmware (software) update the Bushnell Phantom may not function as well as it should, that is why it constantly needs these firmware updates but the updates also update the information about golf courses (perhaps the holes of the golf course have been reviewed) you may want to visit. The problem here is that you may lose a connection whilst you’re updating the Bushnell Phantom and so you may have to do it again, this can test the patience of may people.

What You Can Do

  • Make sure that when updating the Bushnell Phantom you connect it to your computer using a [working] USB cable.
  • Then download and install the Bushnell Golf app on your computer. Open the app and click on “Update Device Firmware.” Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the firmware update.
  • The above method makes it very easy for you to update the software of your Bushnell Phantom golf GPS to keep it working optimally and to also help solve most of the problems you may experience with it.

4. Trouble Seeing Your Bushnell Phantom’s Screen Display

Let’s be frank, you’re less likely to visit the golf course on a cloudy day (when the sun is covered up.) You are more likely to visit the golf course on a day with a lot of sunshine and that is part of why you will have this problem on the Bushnell Phantom. When the screen display is under direct sunlight, it may be hard for you to see the exact contents that appear on the golf GPS.

What You Can Do

  • You can clean the screen with a soft, dry cloth then increase the screen’s brightness and contrast levels accordingly.
  • Do not use the Bushnell Phantom under direct sunlight because it can be a problem to see what’s on the screen.
  • Make sure that your Bushnell Phantom is fully charged and has the latest firmware update before you leave your house as the aforementioned can cause this problem as well.

More You Can Do For Your Bushnell Phantom

  • To keep your Bushnell Phantom GPS in good condition, it’s important to clean and maintain it regularly.
  • Store the golf GPS in a dry, cool place when it is not in use. Your battery should be at least 80% charged when you do this.
  • Avoid dropping or shaking the device. Consider getting a protective case for your Bushnell Phantom as this can help extend the life of your golf GPS and ensure that it continues to provide accurate yardage most of your golfing escapades.


The Bushnell Phantom GPS is a valuable tool for many golfers looking to improve their game as with many Bushnell golfing gadgets, but it’s not without its flaws. That is probably why the Bushnell company released a Bushnell Phantom 2, probably because the first Bushnell Phantom was not as perfect as it could have been. However it is worth mentioning that the Bushnell Phantom, despite the many problems it has, is still quite functional and that’s the bottom line.