What To Do If Someone Eggs Your House

Having your house egged is one of the most frustrating experiences in life but, you always need to take action so that whoever did it will never repeat the same mistake again.  Below we discuss some of the important steps you need to take when someone eggs your house.

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What to do if someone eggs your house?

Call the police

If your house has been egged the first thing that you need to do is to call the police. This is because whoever did it should be held accountable even if they are kids. In most U.S states egging a house is considered illegal and it is an act of vandalism. Therefore, the perpetrators will be charged for the crime. So the next time your house gets egged make sure you call the police so that they launch an investigation into the matter.

Clean the outside of your house

Once you have called the police you need to start cleaning the outside of your house. This is because if the eggs begin to dry out on your property they will cause damage, so in order to avoid that you need to clean the eggs. If the eggs were thrown on your windows you should use baking soda, laundry detergent and water to clean the windows.  You should start by combining these 3 ingredients such that they form a thick paste which you will apply on the windows and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Later on you should use a hose to clear out everything on the window.

How to prevent people from egging your house

Install security cameras

If you are having trouble with people who are always egging your house then the first thing you need to do is to install security cameras outside your house. This is because thieves are scared of getting caught on camera so they wouldn’t dare to egg your house if you install security cameras. It is highly recommended that you install motion detecting security cameras so that when people egg your house they will get caught camera. So if you are looking for a way to prevent people from egging your house then you definitely need to install motion detecting security cameras.

Install motion detecting security lights

Installing motion detecting security lights is a great way of preventing people from egging your house. If the crime is committed at night the motion detecting lights will shine a bright light on the egger and if you have security cameras they will be able to clearly record the face of the criminal.

Put a sign

Putting up signs on your yard is a great way of preventing criminals from egging your house. Signs like beware of dogs or 24/7 surveillance will scare off criminals even if you have none of the things stated on your sign. So if you are really desperate to scare off people then you should consider purchasing a sign for your yard or alternatively you can make one yourself.

How to report a case of egging to the police

When your house has been egged you should call your local police station to report the crime however, do not use 9-1-1 as this is an emergency number. Your local police station will ask you questions about the egging incident for example what time the crime took place and whether or not you have seen the perpetrators. The police will also ask if you have surveillance cameras or witnesses who can back your story.  The police will then ask you to file in a report so that they can easily proceed with investigations. This shows that the police are actually the best people to report to when your house is egged. This is mainly because they will take necessary measures to ensure that the criminal is brought to books.

What happens when someone is found egging a house?

Egging is considered an act of vandalism in the U.S so if you are caught egging someone’s house you will be charged for that crime.  If you cause a lot of damage to the person’s property your penalty will be a bit stiffer. For example in New Your, when you egg a person’s house you can receive a sentence of up to 7 years and also pay a lot of fines. So if you are having squabbles with a neighbor, you should desist from egging their house or you could go to jail.

What is the charge for egging a house?

The charges for egging a house vary depending on the state in which you reside. If you are in a state where egging is illegal then you can be charged with either vandalism or nuisance. Your sentence will also be based on your age and also the type of damage you would have caused to the house.

Is it possible to sue someone for egging my house?

Egging someone’s house is considered illegal in most states so you can definitely sue someone if they egg your house. If you want to sue someone for egging your house you need to start by reporting the crime to the police so that they can launch an investigation. Whilst the police investigate the case you should look for a lawyer and once the criminal has been identified you can then sue the person for the crime committed to your house.

Can I sue someone for egging my car?

If your car has been egged you can definitely sue the perpetrator. This is because egging is a serious crime in most states in the U.S and the person will be charged with ether damage to property, vandalism or nuisance. Once the criminal is identified by the police you should sue them. You can also seek the help of an experienced lawyer so that it’s easier for you to press charges against the criminal.


Egging someone’s house is a serious offence that could lend you in jail. If your house has been egged you should always report to the police so that they can launch an investigation into the matter.