Suspicious Car Parked In Front of My House- What To Do?

Is there a suspicious car parked in front of your house? Are you confused about what you should do? Below is a detailed description of what you should do to stay safe and protect yourself.

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Suspicious car parked in front of my house-what to do?

Call the police

If you notice a suspicious car parked in front of your house, the first thing you need to do is to call the police immediately on 911. This is a way of notifying the police before anything bad happens. When you notify the police make sure that all your doors and windows are closed just in case something happens. Be sure to tell the police your exact location and also give them a detailed description of the car so that they have an idea of what to look out for when they send someone to your neighborhood. After calling the police you need to stay in your house, please do not try to go outside to check who is in the car. There is a chance that the suspicious car belongs to buglers and you could end up being mugged or even hurt.

Report online

If you are someone who is not up for doing verbal talks with the police then the best way would be to report the suspicious car online. To do this, simply search for your city’s website or police’s website and then then check if their email address is there. Write a well detailed email to the address that you find and also include a clear description of the car and where exactly it is parked. If you would like to remain anonymous to the police just indicate the name of your street and do not put your exact location. Once the police see your email, they will definitely send a team to investigate the case.

How to prevent suspicious cars from parking in front of your house

Install surveillance cameras

This is the best method of preventing suspicious cars from parking in front of your house. Your surveillance cameras should be set up in front of house and they should be able to detect any motion that maybe happening outside. Surveillance cameras help to keep thieves away since they will be scared of being caught on camera. So if you are tired of having suspicious cars parking in front of your house then you should consider installing surveillance cameras that have motion detector sensors.

What is considered a suspicious vehicle?

A suspicious car is any car that you are not familiar with. So if you are certain the car doesn’t to belong to any of your neighbors then you definitely need to call the police.  There is a chance that the car belongs to thieves so you need always been on the lookout. Some of the descriptions of a suspicious car include vans that have dark windows and creepy logos you may not be familiar with. Some suspicious cars can also be dilapidated cars that have rust and are poorly painted.

How long can a car park in front of my house?

The answer to this depends on the laws that have been set out by your city, so you need to visit your city’s website in order to get an exact answer. However, it is important to know that the road is treated as public property so you do not have the right to ask your neighbor to move their car but, if it is a suspicious car that has been parked for more than 72 hours then you can definitely call the police so that they may look into that issue.

Reasons why someone would park outside your house

While it might be scary to have an unfamiliar car parked in front of your house it is important to know that not everyone who parks in front of your house has hidden intentions. People park in front of people’s houses simply because they want time to collect their thoughts. Others park because they want to check their phones and with time they lose track of time and lastly others park in front of people’s houses because they want some alone time away from their family and friends. So before judging anyone, make sure that you think of all these reasons before calling the police.

How to report suspicious activity in neighborhood

The best way to report suspicious activity in your neighborhood is to contact the police. You can tip them off about the kind of suspicious activities happening in your area. If you would like to remain anonymous you should not mention your name and exact address but only indicate the name of the street so that the police can start their investigations. Another option would be to report the suspicious activities online. In order to do this simply check for the polices’ email address online. Write a detailed email to them explaining the suspicious activities that are happening in your neighborhood. Make sure you include the street name so that it’s easier for them to launch an investigation into the matter. If you would like to remain anonymous, ensure that you do not disclose your name or exact location.

What to do if you see an abandoned car

If there is an abandoned car in your neighborhood, the best option is to call 911. The police will ask you a set of questions just to determine where you are and what the car looks like. They will also run the number plates in their system so as to track the owner of the vehicle. If you would like to report as an anonymous caller do not mention your name.


Always report suspicious cars parked in front of your house. The police are always willing to assist in such scenarios and they can even send a team of officers to launch an investigation. Remember never to approach a suspicious car that is parked in front of your house or you could end up getting hurt.