Neighbor Keeps Calling Police On Me: What To Do?

Is your neighbor always calling the police on you? Are wondering what the reason could be or what to do?  Checkout the article below to understand what to do when your neighbor keeps calling the police on you.

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Neighbor keeps calling police on me: what to do?

Talk to your neighbor

If your neighbor keeps calling police on you, the best thing that you can do is to talk to your neighbor. Approach them at their house and request to speak to them.  Start by apologizing for your actions even if you are not very sure about the crime you committed which forced them to call the police on you. This helps to calm down their nerves because in their mind they would have actually prepared to scold you. The next thing which you can do is to then ask your neighbor what you did wrong. If your neighbor explains, you should apologize and find ways of reaching a common understanding.  Picking fights with neighbors is a bad thing so try by all means to reach a compromise with them.

Talk to the police

When the police approach your house the best thing that you can do is to talk to them so that you can understand why your neighbor called them. The police will most probably share all the details with you so that you can find ways of fixing the problem. In some instances the police can actually recommend solutions for the problems you are facing with your neighbor.

Record your interactions

This is actually the best thing to do if your neighbor keeps calling the police on you. This is because there is a chance that your neighbor will sue you for harassment if you confront them which is why you should keep a record of your interactions with your neighbor. You can record the conversations on your phone or install surveillance cameras on your house. This helps to ensure that your neighbor does not falsely accuse you of harassing them.  If they do you can just give the evidence to the police.

Understand the cause of the problem

The truth of the matter is that, your neighbor is calling the, police because you are doing something wrong, which means you need to clarify what that thing is and fix it. Arguing with neighbors is not a good way to solve problems which is why you need to sit down as adults and discuss the issue at hand. You should be willing to be the bigger man or else you risk receiving multiple lawsuits against you for that same problem.

Move out

If you are fed up of your neighbor calling the police on you then the best option is to move out. You cannot be stressed by someone for the rest of your life which is why moving out is a better option. Your mental health matters and you should not let anyone take that away from you.

Can you sue someone for calling the police on you for no reason?

Yes you can sue someone for calling the police on you for no reason but, you should have enough evidence to prove your case. Before suing someone for calling the police on you, start by asking yourself if it is worth it. This is because firing a lawsuit requires a lot of money and if you are not willing to part with a couple of hundred dollars then you should probably ignore it.  Furthermore, suing your neighbor is not always the best way of dealing with such issues. This is because it can actually cause a lot of tension between the two of you which is something bad.

Can the police reveal who called them?

In most cases, the police do not reveal who called them, so if you are planning on reporting a neighbor you can go ahead since the police are sworn to secrecy. If your neighbor finds out that you reported on them it could be that the police officer revealed it inadvertently or someone else might have overhead you reporting and then spread the message.  If you would like to keep your identity anonymous then its best you don’t mention your name and exact address to the police when you report.

How to get a neighbor to stop harassing you

If you feel that your neighbor is harassing you then here are a couple of things to do that will probably make them stop.

Talk to your neighbor

When your neighbor is harassing you especially by calling the police on you then the best option is to talk to them. Explain to them politely how this makes you feel uncomfortable. There is a good chance that your neighbor will understand where you are coming from.

Engage the landlord

If you are living on a rented property then notify your landlord about your neighbor’s behavior. He/she will intervene on the matter and find a suitable way of dealing with the matter.

Talk to the Homeowners Association

If there is a Homeowners Association in your neighborhood then the best option is to consult them and ask them to intervene in the issue between you and your neighbor. The Homeowners Association will help to try to solve and disputes you have with your neighbor so you should definitely engage them.

What to do if a neighbor threatens you?

If your neighbor threatens you, the best option that you have is to report to the police. Make sure you have a copy of the recording so that the police can listen to it.  The police can help you to file a restraining order against your neighbor or they can face stiffer penalties.


Having neighbors is a blessing but, when they start overstepping their boundaries by always calling the police on you, you should know how to defend yourself. It is worth mentioning that suing your neighbor should always be your last option since the process can tend to be expensive and controversial at the same time.