Neighbors Dog Charges Fence-Here Is What To Do

Is our neighbor’s dog charging your fence? Have you had enough of that rude behaviour? If yes, here are few suggestions that can help to ensure that the dog stops charging your fence.

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Talk with your neighbor

NB: this is the best option as it helps to maintain good relations between you and your neighbor.

If your neighbor’s dog charges your fence you should first talk to your neighbor about it. Indicate how that affects you and if you have any solutions up your sleeve, you can share them. Talking to your neighbor about it will help them realise their mistakes and also give them a chance to make things right.

Ask your neighbor to organise a playdate for you and the dog

This is a really good option so that you can get to know the dog a little better. The reason why your neighbor’s dog charges your fence could be because it is scared of you. The play date will help the dog to trust you better and you can even develop a strong bond. Having good relations with the dog will help to ensure that it respects your boundaries and there is a good chance that it will stop charging your fence.

Call the Police

NB: this method can build tension between you and your neighbor so you need to think things through.

If you had previously consulted your neighbor about how their dog charges your fence and they haven’t tried to address the issue you can always inform the police. They will investigate the issue and give your neighbor a warning.  However, involving the police in such issues can put your neighbor at risk of losing their dog which is why you need to think things through.

Contact animal control

Animal control is always available to also help out with such issues. Reporting anonymously to animal control will help them to launch an urgent investigation into the matter at hand.  Your neighbor might receive a warning or they might actually get advice on how to train the dog so that it does not charge your fence continuously.

Reasons why dog charges fence

Territorial behaviour

One of the reasons why your neighbor’s dog charges your fence is mainly because of its territorial nature. Dogs like being in charge so they like marking their territory. It could be that the dog charges the fence when it sees someone new entering your house or it notices another animal in your yard. So you need to be cognisant of all the factors that force the dog to charge you fence so that it’s easier to find tangible solutions.


Dogs are naturally active animals and when they are left unattended for a long time they can end up misbehaving by charging your fence. If your neighbor spends the majority of the time at work and leaves the dog unattended this could be one of the reasons why it keeps on charging your fence. So you need to find a way of encouraging your neighbor to address the issue of boredom before calling the police or animal control.


The other reasons why your neighbor’s dog charges your fence could be excitement. Dogs are naturally active and happy animals. So the dog might be trying to express its love to you which you might then misinterpret as noise. So it’s really important to understand why dogs charge fences before complaining and creating tension with your neighbor.

How to report an aggressive dog

If you notice any dog being aggressive towards someone you should contact the police or animal control. This is because the dog can actually cause serious harm to the human being.  If you do not know the owner of the dog, the dog might be taken into custody by animal control until the owner claims ownership of the dog.

How to scare off an aggressive dog

The best way to scare off a dog would be to hit it with a large object however, this can harm the dog. The other option would be to stop or ward off the aggressive dog so that it does not bite you.

How to stop a dog from attacking you

If you see an aggressive dog that it walking by itself the first thing that you need to do is to calm yourself down and not panic.  This is because dogs can sense fear so you need to make sure you are calm so that it does not bite you.  The next thing you need to take note of is that you should never look directly into a dog’s eyes. This is because dogs feel challenged when you lock eyes with them. The last thing to take note of is that you should never scream or run when you see a dog. This is because if you scream or run the dog will perceive you as a threat and in most instances it will run after you and bite you. So the next time you see a dog on the street, try by all means to use these tips.

Can I get fined if my dog attacks my neighbor?

If your dog attacks your neighbor in their yard there is a chance that you could get fined unless your neighbor does not press any charges. However, if your neighbor was attacked in your yard the case could go either way. In order to avoid getting fined, always put your dog on a leash or try to make sure that you give it as much attention as possible so that it does not stray away.


Talking to your neighbor when their dog charges your fence is the best solution which you can use, especially if you are looking at maintaining good relationships with your neighbor. Remember that there are various reasons as to why a dog might be charging your fence so there is no need to get too emotional about it unless it is causing serious damage to your fence or yard.