Can I Put A Sign In My Yard About My Neighbor

Are you having troubles with your neighbor? Do you want to send out a message without confronting them? If so, you are probably wondering can I put up a sign in my yard about my neighbor. Below we discuss if this is possible.

Can I put a sign in my yard about my neighbor?

If you are having trouble with your neighbor and you do not like confronting them, then yes you can put a sign in your yard about your neighbor. However, if your community has a Homeowners Association then it can be deemed as illegal to put a sign in your yard about a neighbor. This is because most Homeowner Associations deem this act as a form of harassment so you can actually be fined for that. Therefore, you need to consult or research whether there is a Homeowners Association in your neighborhood before putting up a sign about your neighbor.

Rules to follow when putting a sign in your yard concerning your neighbor

When putting a sign in your yard about a neighbor, make sure that you do not put the name of your neighbor. Putting names can get you into big trouble so try by all means to be as discrete as possible but, whilst sending a message at the same time. Furthermore, when putting the sign make sure you place it on your private property. This helps to ensure that no one can take the sign off since it is in your property.

Can a neighbor sue me for putting up a sign about them in my yard?

If the sign does not mention any names then your neighbor cannot sue you for putting up a sign in your yard. The police will remind them that it is your private property and they should provide evidence that the sign is directed to them. However, if the sign you put up is offensive or could start rumours about your neighbor then there is a great chance that your neighbor can sue you for defamation of character.  Therefore, always make sure that the sign you are putting up in your yard will not force your neighbor to press charges against you.

How to deal with annoying neighbors

Instead of putting up signs in your yard concerning your neighbor there are better ways to settle a dispute. Firstly, you should consider talking to your neighbor. There is a good chance that your neighbor will listen to your concerns and try to resolve the issues that you might have against each other.  If you fail to reach a common ground with your neighbor you can always consult the Homeowners Association in your neighborhood, they are always willing to help out in such scenarios. If all the options fail then you can then resort to using other legal means of dealing with a neighbor. However, please note that it’s always good to avoid building tensions with your neighbor therefore, you might be better off  ignoring your neighbor even if their behaviour is disturbing to you.

What to do when you hate your neighbor

It’s common to feel annoyed by your neighbor especially when you previously had a feud with each other. Below are a few suggestions of what to do when you hate your neighbor.

Invite your neighbors over

This can be a good way of mending broken relationships. You can invite them over for lunch or even dinner depending on the flexibility of your schedule. When you invite them over, try to be the best host and you can also ask for forgiveness. This is a great way of mending the relationship that you previously had.

Offer a helping hand

If you notice that your neighbor is in need and things don’t seem quite right between the two of you then the best option will be to offer them a helping hand. This will help your neighbor to realise that the argument you previously had can be resolved and that you all need each other in your lives. Being the bigger person in this case will help to ensure that you start on good terms with your neighbor.

Aim for compromise

Sometimes, talking to neighbors does not yield positive results especially if the neighbor is naturally a bad person. Therefore, it’s important that you learn to reach a compromise with your neighbor. If you notice that your neighbor is hard headed, try by all means to ignore some of their behaviour towards you. This is a great way of avoiding tension with your neighbors.

What are some signs of a creepy neighbor?

If you are suspecting that your neighbor might be creepy then here are a few signs.

They know your entire routine

If your neighbor knows your entire routine for example the time you wake up, go to work and also come back that could be a sign that they are creepy. Chances are that they have been studying your daily routines. If you also notice them peeping through their window each time you are going or coming back from work then that proves that they are creepy.

They are always starring in your yard

There is nothing wrong with neighbors starring into your yard but, if it becomes a regular thing then you need to raise suspicions that you might have a creepy neighbor. If your neighbor is always watching you every time you are outside the house and it makes you feel uncomfortable, chances are that they a creepy neighbor.

They are concerned about your travel plans

If your neighbor asks you when you will be travelling next, there is a huge chance that they are a creepy neighbor especially if you never share such information with them. Creepy neighbors who usually ask these questions have the potential of breaking into your house when you are not around.


Putting up a sign in your yard about a neighbor is not a crime but, just make sure you do not mention any names. Remember to always try and solve disputes with your neighbor before taking the decision of putting up a sign.

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